Share your passion for ocean conservation and citizen science by becoming a REEF Ocean Ambassador. Ambassadors are dedicated REEF members who actively engage and inspire others to protect marine environments through REEF’s citizen science programs. Ocean Ambassadors make a lasting impact by connecting people in their communities to ocean conservation. REEF provides Ambassadors with support, resources, and recognition for their involvement. Together, we’re creating a brighter future for the oceans. 

How do I become an Ocean Ambassador? | Why become an Ocean Ambassador? | What do I receive as an Ocean Ambassador? | Ocean Ambassador Opportunities

Are you interested in getting your organization involved with Ocean Ambassadors? Check out our Conservation Partner program, designed for organizations who are enthusiastic about sharing REEF's marine conservation work with others. 


How do I join the Ocean Ambassador Program?

Ocean Ambassadors regularly participate in one or more REEF programs and engage with the public through Ocean Ambassador Opportunities, including outreach activities, teaching classes or workshops, hosting events like Fishinar viewings, organizing fundraisers, and more. Check out the list of Ocean Ambassador Opportunities below for ideas! Most importantly, Ocean Ambassadors help connect individuals who want to learn about the ocean and become involved with REEF. 

If you are interested in making a difference as an Ocean Ambassador, please click here to apply today, and a REEF staff will reach out to you. For any questions, please email

Why become an Ocean Ambassador?

As a REEF Ocean Ambassador, you will receive:

Ocean Ambassador Opportunities

Ocean Ambassador Opportunities are activities that ambassadors participate in to support marine conservation through REEF programs.


Volunteer Fish Survey Project

Invasive Species Program

Ocean Explorers Education Program