6/18/2024 8:00pm EDT
Jonathan Lavan

Fish Geek Extraordinaire, Jonathan Lavan, will take you on a trip around the world to marvel at the clever disguises of these hidden marine creatures.

Bargibanti's Pygmy Seahorse photo by Jonathan Lavan

General / Other Taxa
7/31/2024 8:00pm EDT
Stacey Henderson

The Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean region holds plenty of surprises for fishwatchers. Catch one of our first Fishinars about this new region.

European Parrotfish photo by Carol Cox

Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean
9/24/2024 8:00pm EDT
Amy Lee

Hang out in the sand with these burrow-dwelling gobies and their shrimp friends! Amy will highlight some of the common shrimpgobies of the Indo-Pacific and how to identify them.

Gorgeous Shrimpgoby photo by Amy Lee

South Pacific / Indo Pacific / Indian Ocean / Red Sea