October 31, 2023 - REEF is seeking to hire three new full-time positions to join our dedicated team in 2024 -  a REEF Campus Coordinator, a REEF Education Coordinator, and a Campus Director. The positions are based at the REEF Campus in Key Largo, Florida. Applications for the Coordinator positions will be reviewed starting November 15, 2023, and the Director position applications will be reviewed starting November 27, 2023. All will remain open until filled.

The new staff members will work as part of a collaborative and distributed team, and must be detail-oriented, organized, and take initiative to ensure projects are managed effectively. REEF is looking for individuals with a passion for ocean conservation and making a difference, who are interested in taking the next step in their career and growing within the organization. It is an exciting time at REEF, and there is a lot of opportunity for career growth and increased leadership roles in the coming years.

How to apply for the Coordinator positions? Interested applicants should complete the short application form online here:
www.REEF.org/job-application. As part of the application form, please upload a single electronic file, with 1) a cover letter, 2) resume/CV, 3) answers to application questions, and 4) the names and contact information for up to three references. 

How to apply for the Director position?  Visit https://www.REEF.org/jobs/director to learrn more.

Position Descriptions

REEF Campus Coordinator | REEF Education Coordinator | REEF Campus Director

Position Term, Compensation, Work Environment

The positions offer an annual salary commensurate with experience. REEF offers a competitive and generous benefits package. Benefits include a contribution towards health insurance, 20 annual days of accrued paid time off (with increases over time), an option for flex-time work weeks, and 8 holiday days per year. US and international travel may be required (travel expenses covered by REEF), as well as weekend, holiday, and after-hours work. Both positions are based at the REEF Campus in Key Largo, FL.

*note we are also hiring a REEF Campus Director. Visit this page to learn more.


    REEF Campus Coordinator

    The REEF Campus Coordinator will play a pivotal role in our organization, responsible for not only the smooth day-to-day operations of the REEF Campus but also contributing to the organization’s overall success by overseeing donor and member appreciation, processing financial transactions, and fostering a positive work culture. 

    Core Responsibilities

    The staff member will work across many aspects of this grassroots, busy, and impactful non-profit organization. Tasks will be dynamic throughout the year. Priority focuses of this position include: 1) Campus Operations, 2) Donor, Member, and Program Support, and 3) the Marine Conservation Internship Program.

    This role requires a unique blend of operational tasks expertise, customer service, and a commitment to REEF’s mission. The staff member will oversee the REEF Store (online and physical storefront at the REEF Campus), manage financial transactions, assist with sponsorships and partnerships for in-person events and REEF Campus programming, and oversee the general working environment of the REEF Campus. They will provide member support through donor thank you letters, email and phone communications, and packaging and sending supplies to program participants. There will also be opportunities to assist with education and field activities as interest and time allows.

    The Campus Coordinator will have a direct role in overseeing the REEF Marine Conservation Internship and Fellowship program, providing mentorship and oversight for a program that provides transformative experiences for early-career ocean advocates, educators, and researchers, ensuring an impactful experience for the participants as well as providing an effective service for the organization.

    In addition to these established programs and tasks, the Campus Coordinator will work with the full REEF team in planning and coordination to support REEF’s new Marine Conservation Center, which will be opening on the REEF Campus in 2025


    REEF Education Coordinator

    The Education Coordinator must be an excellent communicator and team player, working among a distributed and diverse team with varied work styles and experience. This position requires someone who is energetic, highly organized, strategic, and collaborative, with a track record of effective informal education, program scheduling, and mentorship. The staff member must enjoy working and leading groups of varied ages and backgrounds, be excited to share the magic of the oceans, and lead through a deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    Core Responsibilities

    The staff member will work in the realm of education and outreach across many aspects of this grassroots, busy, and impactful non-profit organization. Tasks will be dynamic throughout the year. Priority focuses of this position include: 1) Ocean Explorers Programs and 2) Public events and outreach.

    The staff member will work with REEF’s education and outreach team to lead activities such as Ocean Explorers Programs, invasive lionfish workshops, public seminars, and other outreach and tabling events. They will also assist with the planning and execution of the annual Florida Keys Lionfish Derby & Festival. In addition to these established programs, the Education Coordinator will work with the Education & Outreach Program Manager and other REEF staff to develop new projects, initiatives, and educational activities to support the development and implementation of new education and outreach programming at REEF’s new Marine Conservation Center, which will be opening on the REEF Campus in 2025.

    For all education program areas, the Education Coordinator will:

    • Assist with tracking and participation, and provide reports for various grants.
    • Implement and/or create program evaluation tools for participants and group leaders to ensure continued growth and success of REEF Campus programs.
    • Contribute to the development of programs that aim to exceed the highest standards of accessibility and cultivate a sense of belonging among diverse constituents, both the REEF Campus and in communities.
    • Create a safe, inclusive and rewarding program for every participant.
    • Seek out and develop partnerships to expand REEF's participation in new outreach and education opportunities, with a focus on increasing diversity and representation in communities served.

    Minimum Requirements and Desired Attributes

    • Experience working with non-profit operations, facilities, education, and/or overseeing volunteer / mentorship / internship programs, or similar related experience preferred.
    • Proficiency with desktop computers and office software, including Excel and Word, and other platforms such as Asana, Slack, Canvas, and Adobe.
    • Positive attitude and high aptitude for working as a self-starter in a fast-paced, non-profit organization is a must. The successful applicant will have strong organizational skills and an ability to follow through on tasks, and be able to work in a diverse and collaborative team across multiple disciplines.
    • Must be a well-organized professional who can take on multiple roles enthusiastically and contribute where there is a need.
    • Good judgment, accuracy and the ability to work gracefully under pressure with shifting priorities.
    • Reliable transportation and current valid driver’s license.
    • U.S. citizenship or foreign citizen’s U.S. work permit appropriate for the work.
    • A strong interest in ocean life, marine conservation, citizen science, and diving is a plus.


    About REEF and the REEF Campus

    REEF is a nonprofit grassroots organization that brings together people from across disciplines, professions, and perspectives to address the significant challenges facing our blue planet. REEF is dedicated to inspiring curiosity and connection with the oceans, all while empowering individuals to make a difference. Through education and hands-on experiences that increase ocean literacy, citizen science, and research collaborations, REEF is making an impact. Founded over 30 years ago, REEF protects marine environments worldwide through an inter-disciplinary approach.

    REEF’s mission is to protect biodiversity and ocean life. A major facet of that mission is celebrating the importance of diversity. The ocean is home to some of the most diverse habitats on the planet. Marine species and habitats find strength in this diversity and are dependent on it to thrive. Diversity is one of nature’s greatest strengths, and it should be ours as well. As individuals and as an organization, we must explore our role in addressing barriers that limit diversity amongst REEF staff, board, interns, and participants, as well as the broader areas of diving, science, and conservation. This starts with investigating how REEF, as a community of ocean enthusiasts, can use our platform to build a better world, and support actions to make scuba diving and science communities accessible and inclusive.

    REEF is committed to building the core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion into all aspects of our organization.

    While REEF’s programs are global in nature, its roots are in South Florida. The REEF Campus in Key Largo encompasses an historic homestead, and includes the organization’s headquarters, which is housed in the oldest building in the Upper Keys, a small Interpretive Center classroom built in 2017, and a Native Plants trail. The REEF Campus has become established as a central hub for visitors and the local community alike to gather, learn, and be inspired.

    In 2023, REEF is taking a bold step to expand its Campus through the addition of a Marine Conservation Center. The 4300 square-feet, two-story facility will be open and free to the public, and will include flexible learning and exploration spaces, a visitor gallery, and large seminar space. The Center will provide immersive experiences while serving as a hub for scientific research, education, and conservation. Expected opening date is Summer 2025.

    REEF is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

    Questions about these positions? Email jobs@REEF.org