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If you are new to REEF Ocean Explorers Programs, please fill out this interest form so we can gather more information regarding your group. If you are a returning group to REEF Ocean Explorers Programs, e-mail explorers@REEF.org or call us at 305-852-0030 to begin planning your program. A deposit will be required to confirm your program reservation. Your program dates will not be secured until a deposit is placed. Deposit details and policies are outlined in the pages linked below. Please note that if reserving multiple program spaces, you agree to be financially responsible for all spaces booked, and each program space is considered a separate reservation and is subject to the cancellation and refund policy detailed below.

Liability Form

Each group participant must sign a REEF liability form if participating in a field excursion (SCUBA, snorkel, kayak, etc.). Participants under 18 must have a Parent/Guardian review and sign the REEF liability form.

Additionally, groups participating in Invasive Lionfish collecting and handling must sign a Lionfish Biology and Venomology Understanding of Risk form

Travel & Dive Insurance 

REEF strongly recommends that each Ocean Explorers Program group or participant carry adequate travel and/or dive insurance to protect themselves in advance against any unforeseen circumstances that may occur with travel. Any liabilities for program interruptions, cancellations, or general travel disputes will be the responsibility of the group/participant. Please read the information on your travel and/or dive insurance policy for a complete understanding of coverage. 

Program Terms

Student groups with participants under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult chaperone. The teachers/adult chaperones accompanying the group are directly responsible for students at all times, including during free time and meals and in the overnight lodging. 

If a program includes scuba diving, all participants must be at least Open Water Scuba Certified before arrival. 

Scuba tanks and weights will be provided for each participant. All other scuba equipment is the responsibility of the participant unless stated otherwise. 

REEF staff will work with the field activity and excursion operators to plan a schedule that best meets the needs and objectives of the group. However, the dive operator crew and boat captain(s) ultimately make all decisions regarding dive sites and schedules. A trip may have to be diverted in cases of weather conditions if the dive operation feels that there is a safety risk. 

No refunds can be issued for unused portions of any Explorers package, including but not limited to ground transportation, dives, nitrox, and meals, regardless of the reason(s) it was not used. 

Ocean Explorers Programs require a minimum number of participants. Program prices are subject to change or cancellation if the number of participants changes from the original agreement. In the event of a program cancellation, REEF and/or any of our program booking partners are not responsible for airline tickets purchased for travel or other expenses that occurred before the program. 

COVID-19 Considerations (rev. 8/18/23)

REEF seeks to do all we can to ensure the health and safety of REEF members, staff, partners, and the residents of the communities we visit on REEF Ocean Explorers programs.

REEF program participants must follow and comply with COVID-19 health and safety measurements required by the program's host country, the excursions and lodging vendor(s), and the participant’s departure/home country. This could include providing proof of negative test, additional testing in the country or at the host location, proof of vaccination, or varying quarantine or other requirements for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated participants. Each participant is responsible for ensuring they understand and can comply with all local requirements. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

If you plan on traveling long distances or overseas, we recommend you pack masks. While the TSA no longer requires masks during air travel, we strongly encourage everyone to wear them to minimize risk while transiting airports, immigration, etc. We recommend that all REEF participants do a home COVID test before beginning travel to the destination and also carry additional home tests with them in case they feel ill during travel. And finally, we ask that all participants take extra precautions in the days/weeks leading up to the REEF program to minimize exposure risk.

Be prepared for your plans to change. Ensure your travel insurance covers COVID-related situations (most now do). No travel is risk-free during COVID. Countries may further restrict travel or bring in new rules at short notice, for example, due to a new COVID-19 variant. If you test positive for COVID-19, you may need to stay where you are until you test negative. You may also need to seek treatment there. Plan and make sure you: can access money, understand what your insurance will cover, can make arrangements to extend your stay, and be away for longer than planned.

REEF staff will send pre-program emails that may include information, guidance, and instructions on the procedures needed to travel to an international destination for a REEF program. Please be aware that REEF is not a travel agent. We are doing our best to interpret the information provided by our program vendor(s) and the host country’s government COVID webpages. We encourage everyone to do their own research, interpretation, and due diligence.

All REEF participants must follow all COVID-19 health and safety measurements required by any program's host country and vendor, regardless of vaccination status. This could include providing proof of vaccination, varying quarantine, or other requirements for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated participants. Each participant is responsible for ensuring they understand and can comply with all local requirements. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Rates and Payment Policies

Discovery Program Rates

Expedition Rates