REEF's Golden Hamlet Club

While each and every one of REEF's 10,000+ volunteers who have conducted a survey as part of the Volunteer Fish Survey Project are participating in diving that counts, there is a small group of surveyors who have taken their passion for fish and critter watching to the next level.

REEF's Golden Hamlet Club is a highly dedicated group of surveyors who have conducted 1,000+ surveys! To commemorate this significant benchmark, Golden Hamlet Club members’ names are engraved on a plaque displayed at REEF Headquarters in Key Largo. Click on the photos below to learn more about each member of the Golden Hamlet Club. 

Meet the Golden Hamlet Club

Linda Baker

Lad Akins

Peter Leahy

Judie Clee

Linda Schillinger

Linda Ridley

Bruce Purdy

Dave Grenda

Franklin Neal

Mike Phelan 

Dee Scarr

Lillian Kenney


Sheryl Shea


Rob McCall


Janet Eyre

Doug Harder

Georgia Arrow

Janna Nichols

Pat Richardson

Patti Chandler

Kim White

 Tracey Griffin

Christy Semmens

Pam Wade

MJ Farr

Don Gordon

Kathie Comerford

Tom Nicodemus

Rhoda Green