While each and every one of REEF's volunteers who have conducted a survey as part of the Volunteer Fish Survey Project are participating in diving that counts, there is a small group of surveyors who have gone above and beyond the usual.

We have created the Juvenile Hamlet Award for these surveyors who have conducted 500+ surveys! To commemorate this significant benchmark, we list here members’ names who have accomplished this milestone.

Karen Bogart
Will Ribbens
Cindy Molitor
Kat Fenner
Jackie Myers
Tammy Coble
Kawika  Chetron
Robert  Doyle
Kent  Harder
Amy  Lee
Laurel  Fulton
Carol  Grant
Kris  Wilk
Theresa  Whiteside
Itziar  Aretxaga Mendez
Herb  Gruenhagen
Alice  Ribbens
Rick  Long
Erik  Neugaard
Richard  Baker
Barbara  Anderson
Pamela  Hillegas
Deena  Reppen
Terry  Hillegas

Gregg  Cline
Joe  Thomas
Susan  Thompson
Doug  Biffard
Valerie  Lyttle
Jean  Kirkpatrick
Kathleen  Malasky
Marta  Zahalak
John  Wolfe
Carol  Cline
Lynn  Fulks
Cathy  Coughlin
Tracy  Siani
Callie  Mack
Darlene  Gehringer
Peter  Fox
Jason D.  Feick
Sue  Manning
Fred  Hartner
Doug  Miller
Norris  Boone
Bobbi  Kerridge
Janet  Camp
Neil  Ericsson
Sara  Cowles
Stephen J  Vinitsky

Jessica  Armacost
Phyllis  Blackburn
Kara  Curry
Randall  Tyle
Paul  Bonatz
Joseph  Mangiafico
Marta H.  Bonatz
Carol  Cox
Ed  Gullekson
Brice  Semmens
Leslie  Whaylen
Todd  Cliff
Don  Judy
Claude  Nichols
Kenny  Tidwell
Joyce  Schulke
Jonathan  Lavan
David  Kerridge
Rob  McCall  *GH
Bruce  Purdy  *GH
Dennis  Bensen  *GH
Patricia  Chandler  *GH
Thomas  Nicodemus  *GH
Judie  Clee  *GH
Georgia  Arrow  *GH
Linda  Ridley-Wise  *GH
Judith  Cucco  *GH
Christy  Semmens  *GH
Kreg  Martin  *GH
Rhoda  Green  *GH
Kathie  Comerford  *GH
Chuck  Curry  *GH
Pam  Wade  *GH
Sheryl  Shea  *GH
Laddie  Akins  *GH
Cassandra  Neal  *GH
Linda  Schillinger  *GH
Janna  Nichols  *GH
Michael  Phelan  *GH
Tracey  Griffin  *GH
Dee  Scarr  *GH
Kim  White  *GH
MJ  Farr  *GH
Don  Gordon  *GH
Patricia  Richardson  *GH
Douglas  Harder  *GH
Linda  Baker  *GH
Lillian  Kenney  *GH
Franklin  Neal  *GH
Janet  Eyre  *GH
Peter  Leahy  *GH
Dave  Grenda  *GH

(*GH = Our Golden Hamlet Club Award is given to those who have gone on to conduct 1000+ surveys)

List last updated on 11/11/2021
If you know you have achieved Juvenile Hamlet status and you are not on the list, please reach out to us at data@REEF.org and we'll get you added