In 2011, with support from the Disney Conservation Fund, REEF began working on the creation and implementation of a curriculum designed for elementary and high school students to accompany the Grouper Moon Project. The curriculum focuses on bringing Nassau Grouper into Cayman elementary and high school classrooms through lesson plans and live-feed videos that will connect classrooms with scientists in the field. 

The culmination of this effort is a series of lesson plans, educator guides, and activities appropriate for both elementary and high school students, in the Cayman Islands and beyond. We are pleased to provide access to these resources. Please contact Grouper Moon Educator, Todd Bohannon at, with any questions and to let us know you are using these resources.

Visit the Grouper Moon Program Educator's Resource Page for links to other great resources to connect students with this project.


Grouper Moon Education Program Overview
Grouper Moon Education Scope and Sequence Teacher Guide
Pre-Activity 1 - "Extreme Coral Reef" Text and Questions Part 1 and 2 

Pre-Activity 2 - "A spin through the grouper life-cycle" - Instructions

Pre-Activity 2 Game Board - "Cooper the Grouper's Life-cycle"

Activity 1 - "Grouper Race for Survival"

Activity 2: "Changing Seas Documentary"

Activity 3: "Grouper Moon by Cynthia Shaw Read Aloud"

Activity 4 - "Human Food Web and Keystone Species Activity" - Instructions

Food Web - Organism Cards

Animal Classification - Reference Chart

Activity 5: "Guess Who" Game - Instructions

Guess Who - Game Board

Guess Who - Game Cards

Guess Who - Marine Life Flashcards

Activity 6: "Grouper Moon-O Game" - Instructions

Grouper Moon-O - Positive Impact Cards

Grouper Moon-O - Negative Impact Cards

Extension Activity: "Grouper Moon by Cynthia Shaw Reader's Theater"

"You Are What You Eat" (for high school)
Middle School Field Guide
High School Field Guide



Nassau Grouper Life-cycle Poster
Treasures in the Sea
BREEF Nassau Grouper Guide for Schools


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