Grouper Moon

Cynthia Shaw

Set against Grouper Moon, the annual Nassau grouper spawning aggregation, this delightful story comes complete with action, adventure, romance and accurate science. The plot follows Cooper, an affable Nassau grouper baffled by a strange feeling in his bones calling him to a far-off place; and Renny, an island boy reluctant to share his favorite coral reef with tourists. As Renny is drawn into the world of the endangered Nassau grouper, he discovers how looking beyond his own concerns can help the fish. Along with wonderful descriptions of life on a coral reef, Grouper Moon provides a palatable introduction to the real conservation issues of fishery management and island development. Enjoyable entertainment and learning for ecologically-minded readers of all ages, 10 & up. (RL-5.3).

The book's title was the inspriation for the name of REEF's marine conservation program, the Grouper Moon Project,

Thanks to a generous donation from the author, 100% of your purchase of this book goes towards REEF's Nassau grouper research.