Waterproof Survey Paper


These convenient waterproof check sheets are used with your slate to record your fish sightings during a survey dive. It provides a permanent record of each survey and makes transferring your survey data to the online data entry or scanform easy. Sheets are double sided - two dives per sheet (TWA, SAS, NE, TEP, HAW, SOP), four dives per sheet (CAL, PNW). We also offer paper specifically designed for Fiji (a sub-region of SOP), in both regular REEF survey paper size (6"x17") and large format size (11"x17") to fit custom slates ($1.25 ea).

Coverage areas

Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA): Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico

South Atlantic States (SAS): North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

Northeast US & Canada (NE): Virginia - Newfoundland (lists both fish and invertebrates)

California (CAL): Northern and Southern California (lists both fish and invertebrates)

Pacific Northwest (PNW): Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia (lists both fish and invertebrates)

Tropical Eastern Pacific (TEP): Gulf of California to the Galapagos Islands

Hawaii (HAW): Hawaiian Islands

South Pacific (SOP): generically works for Fiji (note there is also specific paper for Fiji), Tonga, French Polynesia, the Line Islands, and the Cook Islands

Fiji (sub-region of SOP): Fiji (**available in two sizes, the regular REEF uw paper size 6"x17", and large-format 11"x17")

Samoan Archipelago (sub-region of SOP): American Samoa and Samoa

Price: $0.75
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