Waterproof Survey Paper


These convenient waterproof check sheets are used with your slate to record your fish sightings during a survey dive. It provides a permanent record of each survey and makes transferring your survey data to the online data entry or scanform easy. Sheets are double sided - two dives per sheet (TWA, SAS, TEP, HAW, Fiji/SOP, CIP, EAM), four dives per sheet (CAL, PNW, NE). These are formatted to the standard REEF Survey paper size (6"x17"), and will fit on both the standard yellow REEF slate and the white deluxe slate.

New in 2014 - two types of TWA (Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas) paper: The traditional paper that lists the most frequently sighted species (133 spp) and plenty of space for write-ins and sketches. And new- a longer list of species (205 spp) with minimal extra space. This "longer" format paper is suitable for experienced surveyors who are hoping to minimize the number of write-ins. Both TWA papers are regular size (6"x17") and fit on the standard (yellow) REEF slate (slate available here).

We also offer large format paper (11"x17") for certain areas in the tropical Pacific ($1.50 ea). These paper list a more extensive list of species found in the area, are suitable for experienced surveors in these regions. These paper are formated to fit a custom slate (slate available here) or a standard clipboard. Large-format paper is currently available for: Fiji/South Pacific and several regions/ecotypes of Central Indo-Pacifc (Indonesia, Philippines, Solomon Isl, Australia, etc).

If you have questions about the various uw survey paper formats, please contact christy@REEF.org.

REEF Survey Slate types can be found here: www.REEF.org/catalog/58

Coverage areas

Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA): Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico (**available in two formats- regular and longer list, see above for explanation)

South Atlantic States (SAS): North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

Northeast US & Canada (NE): Virginia - Newfoundland (lists both fish and invertebrates)

California (CAL): Northern and Southern California (lists both fish and invertebrates)

Pacific Northwest (PNW): Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia (lists both fish and invertebrates)

Tropical Eastern Pacific (TEP): Gulf of California to the Galapagos Islands

Hawaii (HAW): Hawaiian Islands

Fiji and the wider South Pacific (SOP): Fiji, Tonga, French Polynesia, the Line Islands, and the Cook Islands (**available in two sizes, the regular REEF uw paper size 6"x17", and large-format 11"x17")

Samoan Archipelago (sub-region of SOP): American Samoa and Samoa

Central Indo-Pacific (CIP): "Short" aka regular REEF uw paper size 6"x17, suitable for getting started with surveying in the general CIP region incl. Indonesia, Philippines, GBR Australia

Central Indo-Pacific (CIP): Raja Ampat / Indonesia- Large Format Paper 11"x17"

Central Indo-Pacific (CIP): Muck/Alternative Habitats- Large Format Paper 11"x17"

Central Indo-Pacific (CIP): Banda Sea- Large Format Paper 11"x17"

Central Indo-Pacific (CIP): Philippines- Large Format Paper 11"x17"

Central Indo-Pacific (CIP): Micronesia (Palau and Yap)- Large Format Paper 11"x17"

Azores Islands (EAM): English (can also be used in the wider Eastern Atlantic - Canaries, Maderia, Cape Verde)

Azores Islands (EAM): Portuguese (can also be used in the wider Eastern Atlantic - Canaries, Maderia, Cape Verde)

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