Zone code 1: Northern Australia


Zone CodeNameHave Coordinates?
11Great Barrier Reef
1101Cape Grenville GBR Sector
1102Princess Charlotte Bay GBR Sector
1103Cooktown/Lizard Island GBR Sector
11030001Carter ReefNo - report
11030002No Name ReefNo - report
11030003Cod HoleNo - report
11030004Lizard IslandNo - report
11030005Steve's BommieYes
11030006Near Steve's Bommie (Ribbon Reef)Yes
11030007Summer Bay (Ribbon Reef 3)Yes
11030008Lighthouse Bommie (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030009Gotham City (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030010Coral Kingdom (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030011Snake Pit (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
1104Cairns GBR Sector
11040001Coral Gardens (Flynn Reef)Yes
11040002Gordon's Mooring (Flynn Reef)Yes
11040003Tracy's Bommie (Flynn Reef)Yes
11040004Fish Bowl (Hastings Reef)Yes
11040005Breaking Patches (Michalmas Reef)Yes
1105Innisfail GBR Sector
1106Townsville and Cape Upstart GBR Sectors
110601Townsville Sector
110602Cape Upstart Sector
1107Whitsunday GBR Sector
1108Pompey GBR Sector
1109Swain GBR Sector
1110Capricorn Bunker Sector
111001Capricorn Group
11100101Blue Pools (Heron Reef)Yes
11100102Coral Grotto (Heron Reef)Yes
11100103Heron Bommie (Heron Reef)Yes
11100104Coral Cascades (Heron Reef)Yes
11100105Hole in the Wall (Heron Reef)Yes
111002Bunker Group
12Coral Sea
1201Osprey Reef
12010001North HornNo - report
12010002PavonaNo - report
12010003Coral CastlesNo - report
12010004Entrance Osprey ReefNo - report
12010005False EntranceNo - report
12010006Rapid HornNo - report
12010007SE Corner Osprey ReefNo - report
12010008East Wall Osprey ReefNo - report
1202Bougainville Reef
1203Holmes Reef
13North Coast Australia
1301Torres Strait
14Australian Island Territories
1401Christmas Island
1402Cocos Keeling Islands
1403Ashmore and Cartier Islands
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