Zone code 3: Papua New Guinea


Zone CodeNameHave Coordinates?
31Milne Bay Province
3101Milne Bay
31010001China StraitNo - report
31010002MuscootaNo - report
31010003Sullivan's PatchesNo - report
31010004Banana BommieNo - report
31010005Hibwa ReefNo - report
31010006Tunnel ReefNo - report
31010007Trish's BommieNo - report
31010008Heinecke HeavenNo - report
31010009Boirama ReefNo - report
31010010Whale ReefNo - report
31010011Giants at HomeNo - report
31010012Peer's ReefNo - report
31010013Boia Boia Waga IslandNo - report
31010014Black and SilverNo - report
31010015Cherie'sNo - report
31010016Cobb's CliffNo - report
31010017Wahoo ReefNo - report
31010018Kathy's CornerNo - report
31010019Basilisk PointNo - report
31010020Deacon's ReefNo - report
31010021Dinah's BeachNo - report
31010022Betha's BommieNo - report
3102Eastern D'Entrecasteaux Region
31020001Lipson ShoalNo - report
31020002BunamaNo - report
31020003Calypso ReefNo - report
31020004Jennifer's ReefNo - report
31020005Barbarian ReefNo - report
31020006Balaban's BommieNo - report
31020007Observation PointNo - report
31020008Ayer's RockNo - report
31020009Dobu BubblebathNo - report
31020010Double Tower- SanaroaNo - report
31020011Sonia ShoalNo - report
31020012Rhino ReefNo - report
31020013Valley ReefNo - report
31020014Wong's Reef No - report
31020015Mary Jane (MJ) ReefNo - report
31020016Hickson's ReefNo - report
31020017Farrington ShoalNo - report
31020018End PassNo - report
31020019Humann's Colour BookNo - report
31020020Amphlett FansNo - report
3103Western D'Entrecasteaux Region
31030001Mapamoiwa AnchorageNo - report
31030002Mapamoiwa ReefNo - report
31030003Charlie's TowerNo - report
31030004Trotman ShoalsNo - report
31030005Knight PatchesNo - report
31030006Camel ReefNo - report
31030007Triple Tower BommieNo - report
31030008Cecilia's ReefNo - report
31030009Peer's PatchesNo - report
31030010See and Sea PassesNo - report
31030011Anne Lea ReefNo - report
31030012Keast ReefNo - report
31030013B17 Bomber Aircraft/BlackjackNo - report
31030014Ipoteto Bay/Ridge (Ipoteto Island)No - report
3104Louisiade Archipelago and Egum Atoll
31040001Doubilet ReefNo - report
31040002Waterman RidgeNo - report
31040003P38 Lightening AircraftNo - report
31040004Jeremy's ReefNo - report
31040005President Grant- Uluma ReefNo - report
31040006Southwest Point- Uluma ReefNo - report
31040007Daisy's DropoffNo - report
31040008Skull CaveNo - report
31040009Zero FighterNo - report
31040010Renard IslandsNo - report
31040011Chasm ReefNo - report
31040012Snake Passage (Yuma PassageNo - report
31040013North PassNo - report
31040014Lori's CaveNo - report
31040015Fish CityNo - report
31040016Stringer OpeningNo - report
31040017Egum RockNo - report
31040018Hollis ReefNo - report
31040019Northwest PassNo - report
32Port Moresby Eastward
3201Port Moresby
32010001Basilisk Passage and the FingerNo - report
32010002New Marine #7No - report
32010003Owen StanleysNo - report
32010004Fisherman's Island (Daugo Island)No - report
32010005LagamaraNo - report
32010006Bava 98No - report
3202Bootless Inlet
32020001Lion IslandNo - report
32020002Boston Havoc A20 AircraftNo - report
32020003Big Drop- Sunken BarrierNo - report
32020004Pai IINo - report
32020005The End BommieNo - report
32020006Pacific GasNo - report
32020007Barrier Reef- Bootless Inlet to Round PointNo - report
3203Eastern Fields
32030001Jay's ReefNo - report
32030002Craig's UltimateNo - report
32030003Carl's UltimateNo - report
33Tufi and Lae
33010001Stewart ReefNo - report
33010002Paul's ReefNo - report
33010003Tony's BommieNo - report
33010004Cyclone ReefNo - report
33010005Veale ReefNo - report
33010006S'JacobNo - report
33020001Tenyo MaruNo - report
33020002Halfway ReefNo - report
33020003Yokohama MaruNo - report
33020004The Beacon- SalamauaNo - report
33020005AquariumNo - report
33020006Sheila's ReefNo - report
33020007Benalla BanksNo - report
33020008Kotoko MaruNo - report
33020009Shepparton ShoalsNo - report
33020010Tami IslandsNo - report
33020011Siassi IslandsNo - report
34Bismarck Archipelago
3401New Britain
340101West New Britain (inc. Walindi and Kimbe Bay)
34010101Hanging Gardens No - report
34010102Numundo Reef (Bob's Knob)No - report
34010103Schumann IslandNo - report
34010104Restorf IslandNo - report
34010105Joy's ReefNo - report
34010106Christine's ReefNo - report
34010107Kristy Jayne's ReefNo - report
34010108Vanessa's ReefYes
34010109Susan's ReefNo - report
34010110Inglis ShoalYes
34010111South Ema ReefNo - report
34010112North Ema ReefNo - report
34010113Cape HeussnerNo - report
34010114South Bay Reef - Cecilie's WallNo - report
34010115Bradford ShoalYes
34010116Kimbe Island BommieNo - report
34010117Kimbe IslandNo - report
34010118Otto's ReefYes
34010119Paluma ReefNo - report
34010120The ArchYes
34010121Lama ShoalNo - report
34010122Father's ArchYes
34010123Fairway ReefNo - report
34010124Ann Sophies ReefNo - report
34010125Joelle's ReefNo - report
34010126Wirey BayYes
34010127Tuare's ReefYes
34010128Goru Arches (Garove Island)Yes
34010129Dicky's Place (Garove Island)Yes
34010130Dicky's Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010131Krackafat Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010132The Crater (Garove Island)Yes
34010133Barney's Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010134Ake's Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010135Alice's MoundYes
34010136Shaggy RidgeYes
34010137Jackie's KnobYes
34010138Killibob's KnobYes
34010139Meil's ReefYes
34010140Norman's KnobYes
34010141Jayne's GullyYes
34010142Leslie's KnobYes
340102Rabaul's Wrecks
34010201Pete's BiplaneNo - report
34010202George's WreckNo - report
34010203Mitsu Maru and Sugar CharlieNo - report
34010204Manko MaruNo - report
34010205Yamayuri MaruNo - report
34010206Italy MaruNo - report
34010207Hakkai MaruNo - report
34010208Iwate MaruNo - report
34010209Zero FighterNo - report
34010210Takubar WreckNo - report
340103Rabaul's Reefs
34010301Midway ReefYes
34010302Kulau Lodge Beach WrecksNo - report
34010303BP WharfNo - report
34010304West PointNo - report
34010305The GrottoNo - report
34010306Garden of FansNo - report
34010307Sumarine BaseNo - report
34010308St. George's Channel SeamountNo - report
34010309Little Pigeon and MalisNo - report
34010310Rebecca's CornerNo - report
34010311Rainbow ReefNo - report
34010312Heaven's GateNo - report
34010313Japanese World War II TanksNo - report
34010314Reimer's GardenNo - report
34010315Bangkok PassNo - report
3402New Ireland
34020001Kaplaman ReefNo - report
34020002Echuca PatchNo - report
34020003Turtle ReefNo - report
34020004Valerie's ReefNo - report
34020005Big Fish ReefNo - report
34020006Japanese Mini-Submarine and ShipwreckNo - report
34020007Chahpman's ReefNo - report
34020008Taun ReefNo - report
34020009Eagle Ray PassNo - report
34020010Byron StraitNo - report
34020011Malacanthus PatchNo - report
34020012"Kate" Dive-BomberNo - report
34020013Steffen StraitNo - report
34020014Albatross PassNo - report
34020015Dyaul PointNo - report
34020016Baldwin's Bridge (Cape George)No - report
3403Other Bismark Archipelago Islands
34030001West Pass Carteret IslandsNo - report
34030002Entrance to Green Island LagoonNo - report
34030003Salat Strait Feni IslandsNo - report
34030004Channel Reef Tabar IslandsNo - report
35Madang and North Coast
3501Madang and the North Coast Road
35010001The WaterholeNo - report
35010002BostonNo - report
35010003The QuarryNo - report
35010004Wongat Island and Henry LeithNo - report
35010005Mitchell B25 AircraftNo - report
35010006Rasch PassageNo - report
35010007Coral QueenNo - report
35010008Barracuda PointNo - report
35010009Magic PasageNo - report
35010010Planet RockNo - report
35010011Crown Island South ReefNo - report
35010012Bagabag IslandNo - report
3502Hansa Bay
35020001Daivit Wreck (and Others)No - report
35020002Sushi MaruNo - report
35020003Laing IslandNo - report
35020004Encounter ReefNo - report
3601Manus Island; The Western Isles; and Wuvulu
36010001Kaniet IslandNo - report
36010002Sae IslandNo - report
36010003Northwest Entrance Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010004Alacrity Harbor Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010005Southeast Entrance Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010006Manta Pass Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010007Leabon Island Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010008Heina Island Ninigo IslandsNo - report
36010009Pelleluhu Passage Ninigo IslandsNo - report
36010010Tiata Reef Ninigo IslandsNo - report
36010011Ndrova IslandNo - report
36010012Southwest Point of WuvuluNo - report
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