Zone code 9103: Maine


Zone CodeNameHave Coordinates?
91030101Nubble Light, YorkYes
91030102Kettle Cove, Cape ElizabethYes
91030103Swedes Cove, Appledore IslandYes
91030104Seal Cove, Duck IslandYes
91030106Fort Foster Scuba BeachYes
91030107Cape Neddick BeachYes
91030108Fisherman's Cove, WellsYes
91030109Crescent Beach, WellsYes
91030110Casino Square, WellsYes
91030111Middle Beach, KennebunkYes
91030112Colony Beach, KennebunkportYes
91030113St. Ann's Beach, KennebunkportYes
91030114Wreck of the Wandby, KennebunkportYes
91030115Fortunes Rocks Beach, BiddefordYes
91030116Fletchers Neck, BiddefordYes
91030117East Point, BiddefordYes
910301182 Lights / Two Lights, Cape ElizabethYes
91030119Pond Cove, Cape ElizabethYes
91030120Ships Cove / Portland Head Light, Ft. Williams ParkYes
91030121East End BeachYes
91030122Walkers PointYes
91030123Mingo RockYes
910302n. of Portland - Rockland
91030201Card Cove, HarpswellYes
91030202Cedar Beach, Bailey Island, near HarpswellYes
91030203Rachel Carson Salt PondYes
91030204Ragged IslandYes
91030205The Giant Stairs - Bailey IslandYes
91030206NE Corner Monhegan IslandYes
910302076 Miles south of Monhegan IslandYes
91030208Land's End - Bailey IslandYes
91030209Grimes Cove (Ocean Point - East Boothbay)Yes
91030210Sandy Cove (near Christmas Cove)Yes
910303n. of Rockland - Ellsworth
910304n. of Ellsworth - Jonesport
91030401Rolling Island BeachYes
91030402Winter Harbor Marine CenterYes
91030403Mark Island OverlookYes
91030404Boulder City (Ironbound Island)Yes
91030405Flatland (Grindstone Neck)Yes
91030406Blueberry HillYes
91030407Gray Street BeachYes
910305Mt. Desert Island
91030501John Williams BoatyardYes
910306n. of Jonesport - Quoddy Head SP
910307n. of Quoddy Head SP - St. Stephen
91030701Custom/Dawson St. Beach (Eastport)Yes
91030702Municipal Pier Sullivan St. (Eastport)Yes
91030703Treat Island (Eastport)Yes
91030705Dog Island (Eastport)Yes
91030706Old Ferry Landing / Sea Street / Sardine PierYes
91030707Eastport Ferry Landing / Chowder HouseYes
91030708Wreck of the Mary H. Diebold (Eastport)No - report
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