Zone code pac: pac

Zone CodeNameHave Coordinates?
111north of Cape Mudge - Chatham Point (Discovery Passage)
1111Sarah Pt - Brettell Pt
111101Kinghorn Island
111102Mink Island
1112Toba Inlet (Bretell Pt - Toba River)
1113Cortes Island and Marina Island (incl. Twin Islands)
11130001Manson Landing Provincial ParkYes
1114Redonda Island and East Redonda Island
11140001Redonda Isle - Christy IslandYes
1115Read Island and Raza Island (incl. Rendezvous Islands)
1116Quadra Island and Maurelle Island
111601Lower Quadra Island
11160101Grouse IslandYes
11160102Columbia ScuttleYes
11160103Steep IslandYes
11160104Copper CliffsYes
11160105Kathy's Chase (Maud Island)Yes
11160106Whisky PointNo - report
11160107Row and Be DamnedYes
11160108Middle of the RoadYes
11160109April Point WallYes
11160110Q. (Quathiaski) CoveYes
11160111May Island Ferry (Quadra Island)Yes
11160112Moulds BayYes
11160113Rebecca Spit Park Drew HarbourYes
11160114Rebecca Spit Park Sutil ChannelYes
11160115Lone TreeYes
11160116Lone Tree BayYes
11160117End of the RoadYes
1117Sonora Island and Stuart Island
1118Ramsey Arm and Bute Inlet
112North of Chatham Point - Telegraph Cove (Johnstone Strait)
112010Telegraph Cove
11201001Marg's WallYes
11201003Plumper Rock/WallYes
11201004Blah PassYes
11201005Bob's SpotYes
11201006Plumper PassYes
11201007Telegraph Cove (near marina)Yes
11201008Gumboot AlleyYes
1121Frederick Arm and Phillips Arm
1122East Thurlowe Island and West Thurlowe Island
1123Loughborough Inlet
1124Hardwicke Island and Helmcken Island
1125Forward Harbor and Topaze Harbor and Port Neville
1126Cracroft Island, East Cracroft Island, Minstrel Island
11260001Dad's GirlYes
1127Call Inlet
1128Knight Inlet
1129Harbledown Island and Turnour Island
113North of Telegraph Cove - Dillon Point
1131Malcolm Island and Cormorant Island and Pearse Islands
11310001NE PearseYes
11310002Haddington IslandYes
11310003BlowholeNo - report
11310004Walt's WallYes
11310005Stephenson ShadowYes
11310006Silver LiningYes
11310007Lizard PointYes
1132Swanson Island, Hanson and other Islands North of Johnstone Strait
11320001Stubbs IslandNo - report
1133Beaver Cove
1134Lewis Point - Ledge Point (incl Port McNeill)
11340001Beach CampNo - report
11340002Lewis PointYes
1135Ledge Point - False Hood
1136False Hood - Dillon Point
114north of Dillon Point - Gorotisa Point
114001Port McNeill
11400101Beach CampYes
11400102War Bonnet WallYes
114002Port Hardy
11400201Bear CoveYes
11400202Lou's HoleYes
11400203Outer NarrowsYes
11400204Johnson's PointYes
11400205South-West Masterman GrupNo - report
11400206Little Masterman IslandYes
11400207Five Fathom PinnacleYes
1141Broughton Island and North Broughton Island
1142Kinnaird Island and Watson Island
1143Mackenzie Sound and Grappler Sound
1144Drury Inlet
1145Compton Point - Blunden Harbor
114501Numas Islands
11450101Wild RideYes
1146north of Blunden Harbor - City Pt
114601Walker Group
11460102Sussex Reefs (Redfern Island)Yes
11460103Fantasy IslandYes
11460104Barry Islet (Ripple Passage)Yes
11460105Wet TeeYes
114602Millar Group
114603Storm Islands
114604Deserters Group
11460401Castle PointYes
11460402ToyboyNo - report
11460403Toyman GapNo - report
11460404Race IslandYes
11460405Castle GapYes
1147Bramham Island
114701Slingsby Channel
11470101Outer NarrowsYes
11470102Lou's HoleYes
11470103Johnson PointYes
1148Seymour Inlet
114801Nakwakto Rapids
11480101Turret RockYes
1149Nigei Island and Balaklava Island and Hurst Island
114901Bell Island
114902Heard Island
114903Gordon Islands
11490301Doyle Island (w. of Gordon Isl)No - report
114904Duncan Island
11490401Mouat RockNo - report
114905Hurst Island
11490501Hurst - BellYes
11490502God's Pocket Resort DockNo - report
11490503George Rock (Christie Passage)Yes
11490504Big WindYes
114906Balaklava Island
11490601SS ThemisYes
114907Nigei Island
11490701Port Alexander WallYes
11490702Clam CoveNo - report
11490703Hussar PointYes
11490704Snowball / Buttertart / Rock of LifeYes
11490705Shadwell PassageYes
11490706Bonzai Pt. (NE Browning Passage)Yes
11490707Browning WallYes
11490708Seven Tree IslandYes
11490709Lucan ShuteYes
11490710Frank's RockYes
11490711Triple Rock / Fishbowl / Rainbow Reef / Ruth's RocksYes
11490712Noname Wall (NE Browning Passage)Yes
11490713Please use 11490711 (was Triple Rock)No - report
11490714Snowfall (Browning Passage)Yes
11490715Hunt Rock (Gordon Channel)Yes
11490716Eagle Rock - Browning PassYes
11490717Hideaway Wall (North End)Yes
11490718Suwanee ReefYes
11490719Aquarium (Browning Pass)No - report
11490720North Wall / Northwest Passage WallYes
11490721Hussar Bay / Hoodie-Nudi BayYes
115n.of Gorotisa Pt - Frederiksen Pt
1151Shushartie Bay
11510001Dillon RockYes
11510002Shushartie Bay PilingsYes
12WESTERN VANCOUVER ISLAND (Fredericksen Pt - Cape Beale)
1201s. Frederiksen Pt - Cape Parkins
1202Quatsino Sound
120201Drake Island
120202Holberg Inlet
120203Rupert Inlet
120204Neroutsos Inlet
1203Kwakiuti Pt - Kyuquot
120301Brooks Bay
120302Klaskino Inlet
120303Klaskish Inlet
120304Checleset Bay
120305Nasparti Inlet
120306Ououkinsh Inlet
120307Malksope Inlet
1204s. of Kyuquot - Tatchu Pt.
120401Kyuquot Sound
120402Kyuquot Channel
120403Union Island
120404Hohoae Island
120405Moketas Island
120406Kashuti Inlet
120407Tahsish Inlet
1205s. of Tatchu Pt. - Bajo Pt. (Nootka Isl)
120501Catala Island
120502Esperanza Inlet
12050201Garden Point - Esperanza InletYes
120503Espinosa Inlet
12050301The Gardens - Espinoza InletYes
120504Leballos Inlet
120505Nuchatlitz Inlet
120506Ferrer Pt. - Bajo Pt. (Nootka Isl.)
1206s. of Bajo Pt. - Estevan Pt.
120601Bajo Pt. - Yuquot
120602Nootka Sound
120603Bligh Isl & surrounding isls.
120604Tahsis Inlet
12060401Mozino PointYes
12060402Boulder AlleyYes
12060403Shark PointYes
12060404The ZooYes
12060405Maquinna Resort DockYes
12060406Tahsis Government Dock / Public DockYes
12060407Bull of the WoodsYes
12060408McBride BayYes
120605Strange Isl. & Bodega Isl.
120606Tlupana Inlet
120607Zuciarte Channel
120608Muchalat Inlet
120609Gore Island
1207s. of Estevan Pt. - Tofino
120701Hesquiat Harbor
120702Stewardson Inlet
120703Sydney Inlet
120704Flores Island
120705Shelter Inlet
120706Millar Channel
120707Herbert Inlet
120708Clayoquot Sound
120709Bartlett Island
120710Vargas Island
120711Cypress Bay
120712Bedwell Sound
120713Warn Bay
120714Fortune Channel
120715Meares Island
12071501Dunlap Island (NE side)Yes
1208s. of Tofino - Ucluelet
120801Browning Passage
120802Grice Bay
120803Tofino Inlet
120804s. of Tofino - Wickaninnish Bay
120805s. of Wickaninnish Bay - Florencia Bay
120806Florencia Bay - Ucluelet
1209Ucluelet - Cape Beale
12090007Hong Kong Express Wreck (Barclay Sound)Yes
120901Ucluelet Inlet
12090101Eagle Rock (near Ucluelet)Yes
12090102Food Island (Stewart Bay, Ucluelet Brit Col.)No - report
12090103Buoy Y46 (Stewart Bay, Ucluelet)No - report
12090104Janson IslandYes
120902Loudoun Channel
12090201Beg IslandYes
12090202Sykes Reef (Chrow Isle)Yes
120903Macoah Passage
120904Toquart Bay
120905Pipestem Inlet
120906Imperial Eagle Channel
12090601Kyen PointYes
12090602Mahk ReefYes
12090603Bull RocksYes
12090604Renate's ReefYes
12090605Baeria Rocks Provincial Reserve - North IsletYes
12090606Baeria Rocks Provincial Reserve - South IsletYes
12090607Janit ReefYes
12090608Hornby RockYes
12090609Folger's PinnacleYes
120907Deer Group Islands
12090701Ohiat IslandYes
12090702Blackfish Rocks (Helby Isl)Yes
12090703Cia Rocks (Diana Isl)Yes
12090704Wizard RocksYes
12090705Ed King Site 1 (Ed King Isl)Yes
12090706Sanford ReefYes
12090707Satellite Reef (Barkley Sound)Yes
12090708Helby IslandYes
12090709Fleming Island 1Yes
12090710Fleming Island 2Yes
12090711Christie ReefNo - report
12090712Robbers PassageYes
12090713Adamson's ArchYes
12090714Don's PeakYes
120908Trevor Channel
12090801Sea Pool RocksYes
12090802Scott's Bay (s. of Bamfield Inlet)Yes
12090803Brady's Beach EastNo - report
12090805Aguilar PointYes
12090806Dixon Point W of Bamfield InletYes
12090807Goby Town East (mouth of Bamfield Inlet)Yes
12090808BMSC N Dock (Bamfield Marine Science Centre)Yes
12090809Mutine ReefYes
12090810Barnacle BashYes
12090811Danvers IslandYes
12090812Keeshan PointYes
12090813Dixon IslandYes
12090814Wayne's WorldYes
12090815Hosie IsletsYes
12090816Nanat Island WallYes
12090817Execution RockYes
12090818Pisaster Rock Yes
120909Tzartus Island
12090901Diplock IslYes
12090902Tyler RockYes
12090903Stud IsletsYes
12090904Rendezvous House Reef (SW of dock) Yes
12090905Tealia Terrace (Rendezvous House Reef North of dock)Yes
12090906Ringtop ReefYes
12090907Plan B (off NW Tzartus Island)Yes
120910Seddall Island
12091001Pill Point WallYes
12091002Chup Point (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091003Friend Island Rocks (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091004Twin Peaks (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091005Hook Point (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091006Crosse Point (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091008Lacoabalone Alley (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091009Seddall Island WallYes
12091010Weibe Rock (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091011Bay Near Chupp PointYes
12091012Boyson IsletYes
12091013Urchin BayYes
12091014The Point / Riley's ReefYes
12091015Jingle RockYes
12091016Shark AlleyYes
12091017Pill Point LightYes
12091018Plumose CastleYes
120911Alberni Inlet
12091101China CreekYes
12091102China Creek Ship WreckYes
120912Uchucklesit Inlet
12092Broken Group Islands (Barkley Sound)
120921Brabant, Hand, Pinkerton Isls.
12092101Hand 1Yes
12092102Hand 2Yes
12092103Brabant LightYes
120922Prideaux, Nettle, Reek Isls.
12092201Prideaux Isl.Yes
12092202Nettle Isl.Yes
12092204Rocky Islet (btw Gibraltar & Nettle Isls.)Yes
12092205Hank's PointYes
12092206Hank's Point East (btw Nettle Isl & Green Rocks)Yes
12092207Jen Jewell (North of Prideaux Island)Yes
120923Jarvis, Jacques, Gibraltar, Dempster Isls.
12092301Sitka CabinYes
12092302Reef off Dempster Isl.Yes
12092303Onion Isl.Yes
12092304Tip of Jarvis Isl.Yes
12092305Island Harbor (south of Jaques Is.)Yes
12092306Barnacle GardenYes
120924Dodd, Willis, Turtle & surrounding Isls.
12092401Reef btw Mullins & Turtle Isls.Yes
12092402Turtle Isl.Yes
12092403Reef off Hankin Isl.Yes
12092404Willis IslandYes
120925Turret, Lovett, & surrounding Isls.
12092501Thiepval ChannelYes
12092502Reef off Turret Isl.Yes
12092503Turret SWYes
12092504Turret Island SouthYes
12092505Wreck of the ThiepvalYes
120926Clarke, Benson, Owens Isls.
120927Cooper, Batley, Wouwer, Cambian Isls.
12092701Wouwer Island, South sideYes
120928Effinham, Gilbert, Bauk, Austin Isls.
12092801Effingham BayYes
120929Howell, Dicebox, Cree Isls.
12092901Dicebox Isl.Yes
12092902Pinnacle RockYes
12092903Wreck of the Van LeanYes
12092904Eagle's Landing PinnacleYes
131Upper Strait
1311Hernando Island and Savary Island
13110001Milenatch Island Site 1Yes
13110002Milenatch Island Site 2Yes
13110003Milenatch Island Site 3Yes
1312Cape Mudge - Cape Lazo
13120001Singing SandsNo - report
1313Sarah Point - Greif Point
131301Sarah Point - Turner Bay
131302Powell Islets
131303Townley Islands
131304Copeland Islands
131305Turner Bay - Lund (peninsula)
131306Hurtado Point - Atrevida Rock
131307S.Atrevida - N Powell River
13130701Wreck of the CapilanoYes
131308Powell River
13130801Malahat WreckNo - report
13130802Atrevida ReefYes
13130803Mystery ReefYes
13130804Wreck of the AdventurerNo - report
131309S Powell River Breakwater - Greif Point
131310Harwood Island
13131001Wreck of Shamrock (Vivian Island)Yes
1314Desolation Sound
131401Okeover Inlet
13140101Okeover Gov't Dock & BreakwaterNo - report
13140102Okeover BluffsYes
131402Lancelot Inlet
132S. Cape Lazo - Qualicum Beach
1321Lasqueti Island
13210001Sheer Island NorthYes
13210002Circle IsletYes
13210003Bull Island WallYes
13210004Sleeping Seal PointYes
13210005Spring BayNo - report
1322Denman Island
13220001Chrome IslandYes
13220002Eagle Rock - Denman IslandYes
13220003Dinner Plate - Denman IslandYes
13220004Wolf eel AlleyNo - report
13220005Repulse PointYes
1323Hornby Island
13230001Ford Cove Reef (outside harbour near store)Yes
13230002Flora Islets East / Float #2Yes
13230003Flora Islets West / Float #1Yes
13230004Norris Rocks NorthYes
13230005Toby IsletYes
13230006Maude ReefYes
13230007Nash BankYes
13230008Rock City Reef / 2 Fathom RockNo - report
13230009Barney's ReefYes
13230010Norris Rocks SouthYes
13230011Flora's BacksideYes
13230012Maude Reef Kelp PlantationYes
13230013Norris Rocks EastYes
13230014Ford Cove inside harbourYes
13230015Flora Islets Float #1.5Yes
13230016Savoie ReefYes
13230017Reef west of Downes PointYes
13230018Downes Point SouthYes
133S. Qualicum Beach - Nanaimo
133001Nanaimo Bay
13300101Saskatchewan WreckYes
13300102Dodd NarrowsNo - report
13300103Cape Breton WreckYes
13300104Four Fathom ReefYes
13300105Keel CoveYes
13300106Rivtow Lion (Depature Bay, Nanaimo)Yes
1331Ballenas Islands
1332Blunden Point - Hammond Bay
13320001Neck PointYes
13320002Finn BeachYes
1333Nanoose Harbor
1334Wallis Point - Dorcas Point and islands
13340001Seducer's BeachYes
13340002Amelia Island SouthwestYes
13340003Dolphin BeachYes
13340004Tyee Cove / Blueback Community ParkYes
13340005Abandonment Pinnacle (btw Ada & Southey Isls)Yes
13340006Rudder Rock (Winchelsea Isl)Yes
13340007Oak PointYes
1335Dorcas Point N - Madrona Point (Northwest Bay)
13350001Madrona Point (Main/Big Wall)Yes
13350002Cottam PointYes
13350003The JibYes
13350004Wall BeachYes
13350005Beachcomber ParkYes
13350006Madrona Point (Small/Little Wall)Yes
13350007Madrona Beach / The Maze (sand/rock area before wall)Yes
1336 N Madrona Point  - Qualicum Beach
134S. Nanaimo - Victoria
1341Gulf Islands
134101Gabriola Island
13410101Orlebar PointYes
13410102Dodd Narrows (Between VI and Mudge Island)Yes
13410103Gabriola PassageYes
13410104West Snake IslandYes
13410105Law PointYes
13410106Breakwater IslandYes
13410107North Snake IslandYes
13410108Acorn ReefYes
13410109Carlos IslandYes
13410110Gabriola BluffsYes
13410111Xihwa Reef Boeing 737 ChemainusYes
13410112Round Island PinnacleYes
134102Valdes Island
13410202Hole-in-the-Wall Valdes IslandYes
13410203Five Finger PinnacleYes
13410204Vernaci PointYes
134103Galiano Island
13410301Trincomali ChannelNo - report
13410302Bold Bluff PointNo - report
13410303Linklater RoadYes
13410304Mathews Point Active PassYes
13410305Race Point Porlier PassYes
13410306Dionisio Point ReefYes
13410307Octopus Wall Porlier PassNo - report
13410308Alcala Wall Porlier PassYes
13410309Spanish Hills Wall (Galiano Island)No - report
13410310Madrona LodgeYes
13410311Ballingall Islets (off Galiano Island)Yes
13410312Boscowitz Rock, Porlier PassYes
13410313Bayne's Point - Porlier PassYes
13410314Collinson Point - Active Pass Galiano Island)Yes
13410315Virago Pt Wall (Porlier Pass)Yes
13410316Conservancy Cove - GalianoYes
13410317Retreat Island (Galiano Trincomali)Yes
134104Thetis/Kuper (Penelakut) Islands
13410401Escape ReefYes
13410402North ReefYes
13410403Hall Island West (between Kuper / Penelakut and Galiano)Yes
13410404Ragged Island ReefYes
13410405North Cove Reef Yes
13410406Tent Island WallYes
13410407Tent Island RocksYes
13410408Mowgli IslandYes
13410409Hall Island SouthYes
13410410Escape RidgeYes
13410411North Secretary Island NEYes
13410412Active Point (Penelakut Island)Yes
13410413Hudson Island Reef NorthYes
134105Mayne Island
13410501Enterprise ReefYes
13410502Mayne RCA (Rockfish Conservation Area)Yes
134106Saturna Island
13410601Tumbo Island South WallYes
134107Saltspring Island
13410701Trincomali ChannelYes
13410703Beaver Point (Saltspring Island)Yes
13410704Vesuvius RocksYes
13410705Panther Wreck and Reef (Wallace Island)Yes
13410706Channel Islands (east of Saltspring) Yes
13410707Vesuvius NorthYes
13410708Russell Island NE PinnacleYes
13410709El-Bea Pinnacle (Saltspring Island)Yes
13410710Erskine PointYes
134108Pender Islands
13410801Tilly PointYes
13410802North Pender Island CliffsYes
134109Prevost Island
13410901Selby PointYes
13410902Red Islet off Prevost IslandNo - report
13411001Sidney HotelYes
13411002Roberts BayYes
13411003Sidney Reef BallsYes
13411004HMCS Mackenzie (Gooch Isl)Yes
13411005Graham's Wall (Domville Island)Yes
13411006Arachne ReefYes
13411007Mandarte IslandYes
13411101MV G.B. Church (Portland Isl)Yes
134112 Newcastle Island
13411201Clarke RockYes
13411202Jesse IslandYes
13411203Rivton Island WreckYes
134113DeCourcy Group
13411301Ruxton Pass WallYes
1342S. Nanaimo - Coffin Point
13420001Elephant HeadYes
13420002Nare's RockYes
1343Ladysmith Harbor - Grave Point
13430001Evening Cove / Elliot BayYes
13430002Bare Pinnacle (near Chemainus)Yes
13430003Wolf Eel Reef (near 737)Yes
13430004Bare Point WallYes
13430005Willy Island Reef, Stuart ChannelYes
13430006Kin Beach / Chemainus BargesYes
1344Sansum Narrows (incl Maple Bay)
13440001Maple Bay Gov. Dock & ReefYes
13440002Bold Bluff PointYes
13440003Burial IsletYes
13440004Separation Point EastYes
13440006Fishfarm WallYes
13440007Octopus PointYes
13440008North End Sansum NarrowsNo - report
13440009Nudibranch WallYes
13440010Arbutus HolesYes
13440011Grave PointYes
13440012Musgrave PointYes
13440013Arbutus PointYes
13440014Bold Bluff WallYes
13440015Power Line (Sansum Narrows)Yes
13440016Paddy Mile Stone (Maple Bay)Yes
13440017Tamar's ReefYes
1345Cowichan Bay - Cherry Point
134501Bay area
13450101Skinner PointYes
1346Saanich Inlet
13460001Henderson PointYes
13460002Repulse RockYes
13460003Todd Inlet EntranceYes
13460004Sawluctus IslandYes
13460005Elbow PointYes
13460006McKenzie Bight Site 2Yes
13460007Willis Point (shore dive)Yes
13460008McKenzie Bight Site 1Yes
13460009McKenzie Bight Site 3Yes
13460010McKenzie Bight Site 4Yes
13460011Deep Cove Barge WreckYes
13460012Braemar RoadYes
13460013Senanus Sponge ReefYes
13460014Christmas PointYes
13460015Tanner RockYes
13460016Verdier PointYes
13460017Bamberton Cement WorksYes
13460018McCurdy PointYes
13460019Wain RockYes
13460020Mckenzie Bight Site 5Yes
13460021Tozier RockYes
13460022Sluggett PointYes
13460023Sheppard PointYes
13460024Patey RockYes
13460025Daphne IsletYes
13460026Deep Cove Reef / Setchell PointYes
13460027Deep Cove Deep SiteYes
13460028Senanus Island SW SideYes
13460029Willis Point (Boat Dive)Yes
13460030Yarrow PointYes
13460031Dyers RocksYes
13460032Tsartlip LaunchYes
13460033Mystery PinnacleYes
1347Moses Point - Cadboro Point
13470001Arbutus IslandYes
13470002Ten Mile PointYes
13470003James Isl Wharf at Turgoose Pt.Yes
13470004Spring BayYes
13470005Amity DriveYes
13470006Telegraph CoveYes
13470007Gyro Park Cadboro BayYes
13470008Moses PointYes
13470009Gordon Head / Glencoe CoveYes
13470010Shute ReefYes
135Malaspina Strait
1351Texada Island
13510001Partington PointYes
13510002Grilse PointNo - report
13510003Anderson IslandYes
13510004Mt. Dyck WallNo - report
13510005Sheer Island (near Texada Island)No - report
1352Greif Point - Scotch Fir Pt
13520001Grief PointNo - report
1353Jervis Inlet
13530001Octopus City Saltery Bay ParkYes
13530101Mermaid Cove (Saltery Bay)Yes
13530102Jervis South WiresYes
135302Hotham Sound
135303Prince of Wales Reach
135304Princess Royal Reach
135305Queens Reach and Princess Louisa Inlet
1354Nelson Island (strait side)and Hardy Island
13540001Nelson RockNo - report
1355Agamemnon Bay Area (Fearney Point - Francis Point)
135501Pender Harbour
13550101Ball PointNo - report
13550102Martin CoveYes
135502Beaver Island
13550201Francis PointYes
1356Agamemnon Channel
13560001Northeast WiresYes
13560002Sydney ChannelYes
13560003Fearney BluffsYes
13560004SS Aliford Wreck (Nelson Island)Yes
13560005Powerlines - Agamemnon ChannelYes
13560006Captains Island, Marker LightsYes
1357Francis Point - Wilbraham Point
1359Sechelt Inlet - Gower Point
135901Porpoise Bay, Tuwanek Area
13590101Tuwanek BeachYes
13590102Kim's ReefYes
13590103Tuwanek PointYes
13590104Stal WallYes
13590105Sakinaw RockNo - report
13590106Piper PointNo - report
13590107Snake BayYes
135901084 Mile ShoalNo - report
13590109Stag WallYes
13590110Lamb Islets West SideYes
135902Secret Cove, Halfmoon Bay, Trail Bay, Davis Bay
13590201Coopers Green (Halfmoon Bay)Yes
13590202Ole's CoveYes
13590204Davis Bay PierYes
135903Narrows Inlet
13590301Tzoonie NarrowsYes
135904Salmon Inlet
13590401Scuttled ChaudiereYes
135905Skookumchuck Narrows
13590501Sutton IsletsYes
13590502Miller's RockYes
13590503Egmont PointYes
13590504Swede's ReefYes
13590505Nemo's LeapYes
13590506North Sutton Island South ChannelYes
13590507South Sutton Island North Channel (Greenlight)Yes
13590508Bathgate RockYes
13590509Skookumchuck RapidsYes
13590510Observation Wall - Skookumchuck RapidsYes
13590511Jervis PointYes
13590512North Sutton Island Main ChannelYes
13590513Strongwater Retreat DockYes
13590514Back Eddy (near Egmont Marina)Yes
13590515Jaggy CrackNo - report
136Howe Sound
13600001Caulfield Cove (Howe Sound)Yes
1361Bowyer Island
13610001Cloud Nine (Bowyer Island)Yes
13610101North Bowyer BuoyNo - report
13610102South Bowyer BuoyNo - report
13610103East Wall Bowyer IslandNo - report
1362Gambier Island
13620001Pam RocksYes
13620002Alexandra and Gambier Island (Howe Sound)Yes
13620003Carmelo Point (Gambier Island)Yes
13620004Halkett Wall (Gambier Island Howe Sound)Yes
13620005HMCS Annapolis Wreck / Halkett BayYes
13620006Grace Islets off Gambier IslandYes
13620007Mariner's RestYes
13620008Port GravesYes
1363Bowen Island
13630001Millers LandingYes
13630003Snug CoveYes
13630004Mount Gardner DockYes
13630005Seymour Bay South IsletYes
13630006Passage IslandYes
13630007Cates Bay - Howe SoundYes
13630008Mannion Bay - Deep Bay Howe SoundYes
13630009Bowen Bay - Howe SoundYes
13630010Collingwood Channel Day Beacon/Mini Reef Master/West Bowen MarkerYes
13630011Ferndale (SSW side of Hutt Island)Yes
13630012Worlcombe Island (east side)Yes
13630013Bowen Island - South shoreYes
13630014Dorman Bay / PointYes
13630015Finisterre Island / Hood PointYes
13630016SW Passage Island ReefYes
13630017Popham Island West Gap ReefYes
13630018Popham Island SouthYes
13630019Worlcombe Island West ReefYes
1364Anvil Island
13640001East Defence Island (Defense)Yes
13640002Christie Islet Howe SoundYes
13640003Dragon's Den (Anvil Island)Yes
13640004Britannia Beach Mystery Wrecks Yes
1365Pt Atkinson - Squamish
136501Horseshoe Bay - South Porteau Cove
13650101Whytecliff ParkYes
13650102Ansel PointYes
13650103Lookout PointNo - report
13650104Brunswick BeachYes
13650105Larsen BayNo - report
13650106Copper CoveYes
13650107Batchelor Bay (Bachelor)Yes
13650108Lighthouse Park (Pt. Atkinson)Yes
13650109Kelvin GroveYes
13650110Lion's Bay MarinaYes
136502Porteau Cove Bay - Squamish
13650201Porteau Cove BayYes
13650202Furry CreekNo - report
13650203Porteau - 2008 rockslide areaYes
1366Squamish - Gower Pt
1367Keats Island
13670001Eastbourne WallNo - report
1368Pasley Island (and associated Isls.)
13680001Worlcombe Island MarkerNo - report
1369Burrard Inlet
136901Indian Arm
13690101Whiskey CoveYes
13690102Cates ParkYes
13690103Belcarra BayYes
13690104Buntzen Plant NorthYes
13690105Wreck of the VT-100Yes
13690106Jug IslandYes
13690107Grey RocksYes
13690108Twin IslandsYes
13690109Tupper RockYes
13690110Port Moody InletYes
13690111Croker Island South tipYes
13690112Croker Island North tipYes
13690113Woodlands / Lone Rock Pt.Yes
13690114Johnson's BayYes
13690115Western Dispatcher / Bedwell Bay Yes
13690116Best Point Yes
1401West of Discovery Island and Cadboro Point - Albert Head (incl Victoria)
14010001Ogden Point Breakwater (Lighthouse)Yes
14010002Albert HeadYes
14010003Griffin Island (near Discovery Isl)Yes
14010004Royal Roads SpitYes
14010005South Reef (Discovery Isl)Yes
14010006Cadboro PointYes
14010007Ogden Point Breakwater Site 4Yes
14010008Ogden Point Breakwater Site 3Yes
14010009Ogden Point LighthouseYes
14010010Ogden Point Breakwater Site 5Yes
14010011Clover PointYes
14010012Saxe Point ParkYes
14010013Fleming Bay BreakwaterYes
14010014Ogden Point Breakwater Site 2Yes
14010015Ogden Point Breakwater Site 1Yes
14010016McNeill BayYes
14010017Brotchie Ledge / Wreck of the San PedroYes
14010018S.F. Tolmie Wreck (Harrison Island)Yes
14010019Albert Head Lagoon (not in lagoon)Yes
1402West of Albert Head - Christopher Point
14020001Great Race RockYes
14020002West Race Wall & RocksYes
14020004Rosedale RocksYes
1403West of Christopher Point - Possession Point
14030001Swordfish IslandYes
14030002775 West Coast Road (Strait Juan de Fuca)Yes
14030003Otter Point EastYes
14030004Secretary Island (Possession Point, East Sooke)Yes
14030005Bedford Islands (Metchosin)Yes
14030006Beechy HeadYes
1404Sooke Inlet, Harbor, Basin
1405Otter Point - San Juan Point
14050001Sombrio Beach (Juan de Fuca Strait)Yes
1406Port San Juan - Clo-oose
1407Nitinat Inlet - Cape Beale
15Queen Charlotte Sound
16Hecate Strait
17Queen Charlotte Islands
1701Graham Island
1702Moresby Island
18Dixon Entrance
19Chatham Sound & Browns Passage
1901Porcher Isl
1902Stephens Isl
1903Kennedy Isl
1904DeHorsey Isl
1905Smith Isl
1906Kaien Isl (Prince Rupert)
19060001Rushbrooke Trail Slide SiteYes
19060002Bay NE of Galloway RapidsYes
19060003Prince Rupert HarbourYes
19060004Prince Rupert Harbour (S end Wolfe Island)Yes
19060005Vigalent Island (Prince Rupert Sound)Yes
19060006Pinnacle Hakai PassYes
19060007Clavella Wall (Hakai Pass)Yes
19060008Drum Rock WreckYes
1907Digby Isl
19070001Kerr Rocks (Digby Island)No - report
1908Tsimpsean Peninsula
1909Chatham Sound proper
19090001Lucy IslandYes
1910Brown Passage proper
19100001Rock south of Osborne IslYes
19100002Osborne Isl (Tree Nob Group)Yes
1911Dundas-Melville Group
1912Zayas Isl
1913Tugwell Island
19130000Tugwell IslandNo - report
19130001Dawes Rock (Tugwell Island)Yes
21000001Lighthouse Marine Park, Point RobertsYes
21000002Lily Point, Point RobertsYes
2110Lummi Island
211001Eliza Island
21100101Eliza RockYes
2111Chuckanut Bay
21110001Chuckanut IslandYes
21110002Chuckanut RockNo - report
2112Bellingham Bay
21120001Taylor Avenue DockYes
2113Vendovi Island
2210Orcas Island
22100001Point Lawrence / Lawrence PointYes
22100002Bell Island - WestYes
22100003Peapod Rocks NYes
22100004Peapod Rocks SYes
22100005NW Crane IslandYes
22100006Bell Island - EastYes
22100007Tommy's DropoffYes
22100008East SoundYes
22100009Bird Rocks (East Sound)Yes
22100010Rosario Wall (East Sound)Yes
22100011Harney Toad / Cable Crossing (Harney Channel)Yes
22100012Cliff Island EastYes
22100013Yellow Island - NorthYes
22100014Double Island (east)Yes
22100015Yellow Island -northeastYes
22100016Yellow Island - SouthYes
22100017Yellow Island -WestYes
22100018Shirt-tail ReefYes
22100019Low Island - NorthYes
22100020Caldwell Point (Orca Island)Yes
22100021Bayhead Marina (Orcas Island)Yes
22100022Aussie Wall (SanJuan Islands, West Sound Orcas Island)No - report
22100023SE Crane IslandYes
22100024Parker ReefYes
22100025Nob Island ReefYes
22100026Joe's PinnacleYes
22100027Doe BayYes
22100028Lydia ShoalYes
22100029Mercedes RockYes
22100030West Beach ResortYes
22100031Yellow Island West OuterYes
22100032Deer Harbor DocksYes
22100033Severson Eelgrass meadowYes
2211Shaw Island
22110001Broken Point - EastYes
22110002Broken Point - WestYes
22110003Victoria's SecretYes
22110004Sir Walters Wall (Pt. George)Yes
22110005Near Point GeorgeYes
22110006Picnic Cove (eelgrass survey)Yes
22110007Hick's WallYes
22110008Bahrych BayYes
22110009South Point, Shaw IslandYes
22110010East Bay off Broken PointYes
2212Lopez Island
22120001Charles IslandYes
22120002Long IslandYes
22120003Humphrey Head JettyYes
22120004Richardson DockYes
22120005Long Island Wall / Strawberry Wall / Dawn's BottomYes
22120006Frost Island - East SideYes
22120007Long Island South SideNo - report
22120008Barlow BayYes
22120009Long Island North Wall / Pirates Cove WallYes
22120010Reef Net RocksYes
22120011Watmough HeadYes
22120012Iceberg PointYes
22120013Swirl Island / Swirl RockYes
22120014Bethke BumpYes
22120015Marker 4 PinnacleYes
22120016Whale RocksYes
22120017Hunter BayYes
22120018Colville Island NorthYes
22120019Carlson Kelp BedsYes
22120020Shark ReefYes
22120021Lumpsucker LaneYes
22120022Davidson RockYes
22120023Shoal Bay (eelgrass survey)Yes
22120024Outside Fisherman Bay (eelgrass survey)Yes
22120025Inside Fisherman Bay (eelgrass survey)Yes
22120026Agate Beach County ParkYes
22120027Fisherman Bay (north end)Yes
22120028Secar RockYes
22120029Deadman's WallYes
22120030Castle IslandYes
22120031Colville Reef (west of island)Yes
22120032Lopez PassYes
22120033Reef North of Swirl RockYes
2213Blakely Island
22130001SW Obstruction IslandYes
22130002Peavine PassYes
22130003Blakely Island WallNo - report
22130004Pete's PinnacleYes
22130005Black Rock Yes
2214San Juan Island (including Henry)
22140001Pile PointYes
22140002Lime Kiln LighthouseYes
22140003Kellet BluffNo - report
22140004North Turn RockYes
22140005Turn IslandYes
22140006San Juan County ParkYes
22140007Eagle CoveYes
22140008Breakfast Rock / Dinner Rock (Griffin Bay)Yes
22140009Larry's Lair / Glass HouseYes
22140010Small Pox BayNo - report
22140011Eagle PointYes
22140012Kellett Reserve WestYes
22140013Kellett Open BayYes
22140014Reuben Tarte ParkYes
22140015Deadman BayYes
22140016UW Wall / Friday Harbor Reserve incl. Pt. CautionYes
22140017Please use 22240003 Lawson's BluffYes
22140018O'Neal Island - southsideYes
22140019O'Neal Island - NW sideYes
22140020Willow IslandYes
22140021Goose Island - cattle pass - off San Juan IslandYes
22140022Hat Island - West WallNo - report
22140023Huckelberry Island - East WallNo - report
22140024Edwards PointNo - report
22140025Willow Island - NorthsideNo - report
22140026Friday Harbor Lab Harbor and DocksNo - report
22140027Pema's HouseYes
22140028Reef PointYes
22140029Christmas ReefYes
22140030Brunch Reef (Griffin Bay)Yes
22140031Seiner WreckYes
22140032Harbor RockYes
22140033Jackie's KnotYes
22140034Turn Rock - South SideYes
22140035Jackson Beach Park PilingsYes
22140036Jackson Beach Park West EndYes
22140037South BeachYes
22140038Jackson’s Beach Argyle Lagoon Eelgrass meadowYes
22140039Battleship Island EastYes
2215Stuart & Spieden Isls. (incl Jones and Flattop)
22150001Gull RockYes
22150002Flattop Island SouthYes
22150003Flattop Island Marine ReserveYes
22150004Green Point (Spieden Isl)Yes
22150005Turn PointYes
22150006Spieden BluffYes
22150007Charles Point Prevost HBR (Stuart Island)No - report
22150008Satellite Island, North WallYes
22150009Andrea's DebutYes
22150010Jones Island North CoveYes
22150011Sentinel Island - NW sideYes
22150012Danger ShoalYes
22150013Gossip IslandNo - report
22150014Sentinel Island - NE sideYes
22150015Sentinel Island - SE cornerYes
22150016Rock NW of Jones Island Marine ParkYes
22150017Johns Island NW sideYes
22150018Ripple Island NE sideYes
2216Waldron Island
22160001Bare IslandYes
22160002White RockYes
22160003Skipjack Island SouthYes
22160004Danger RockYes
22160005Point DisneyYes
22160006Cowlitz Bay (Waldron Island)Yes
2217Sinclair Island
22170001Sinclair Island South / Octopus WallYes
2219Cypress Island
22190001Strawberry Island / GobsmackedYes
22190002Little Cone Island, SW sideYes
22190003Eagle CliffYes
22190004Cypress Reef (N End)Yes
22190005Cypress HeadYes
22190006Pelican WallYes
22190008NW Big Cone IslandYes
22190009Little Cone Island, North sideYes
2220Guemes Island
22200001Mel's Wall - East Wall - Guemes IslandNo - report
22200003Hungover HeadYes
22200004Saddlebag Island, West sideYes
2221Fidalgo Island (including Allan and Burrows)
22210101March PointYes
22210102Burrows ChannelYes
22210103Green Point (WA Park, Fidalgo Is.)Yes
22210104POA Pier 1 and 2Yes
22210105Use 22210207 (was NW Island)No - report
22210107Burrows Island, NE cornerYes
22210108Skyline Marina WallYes
22210109Wyman's MarinaYes
222102Rosario Beach
22210201Urchin RocksYes
22210202North CliffNo - report
22210203Rosario Beach - general areaNo - report
22210204Sares HeadYes
22210205Rosario Beach FlatsNo - report
22210206Bowman Bay Rock - Deception Pass State ParkYes
22210207Northwest Island (off Rosario Beach)Yes
22210208Triton Wall (near Sares Head)Yes
222103Allan Island
22210301Allan Island North SideYes
22210302Williamson Rocks (off Allan Island)Yes
22210303Dennis ShoalYes
22210304Young Island SE InletYes
22220001James Island North SideYes
22220002Cannonball Quarry in Thatcher PassYes
22220003James Island East SideYes
22220004Bird Rocks, South EndYes
2223Samish Island
22230001Samish BayYes
2224Sucia and Matia Islands
22240001Sucia Islands NorthYes
22240002Ewing CoveYes
22240003Lawson's Bluff - Sucia IslandYes
22240004Kelsey's Wall (Ewing Island North Side)Yes
22240005Around corner from Matia Island DockYes
22240006Puffin IslandYes
2225Patos Island
22250001Boundary Pass BuoyYes
22250002King Crab Hole - Patos IslandYes
231Termination Point - Oak Head (Toandos Penninsula)
23100001The SistersYes
23100002Paradise ReefNo - report
23100003Kitsap Memorial State ParkYes
232Dabob Bay
23200001Pulali Point East WallYes
23200002Pulali Point West WallYes
23200003The Pinnacle (Seamount)Yes
23200004Seal RockYes
23200005Point Whitney Shellfish LabYes
23200006Black PointYes
23200007Pleasant Harbor MarinaYes
23200008Pulali Point South Fingers / WallYes
23200009Pleasant Harbor WDFW Boat RampYes
23200010Pleasant Harbor State Park MoorageYes
23200011Black Point North Tip (Boston Point)Yes
23200012Broken Leg RocksYes
2320001385 StairsYes
233Quatsap Pt. and Misery Pt. - Potlatch State Park
23301Quatsap Pt. and Misery Pt - Eldon
23301002Quatsap PointYes
23301003Rosie's Ravine (deep wall)Yes
23301004Goby Garden (shallow wall)Yes
23301005Triton CoveYes
23301006The Knuckle / Flagpole Point East - (deep)Yes
23301007Mike's Beach ResortYes
23301008Elephant WallYes
23301009Arrowhead (Hood Canal)Yes
23301010Misery Point NorthYes
23301011Misery Point SouthYes
23301012Flagpole Point West (shallow)Yes
23301013Wreck of the F/V Skookum, Seabeck BayYes
23301014Hidden Cove PointYes
23301015Scenic Beach State ParkYes
23303Eldon - Lilliwaup
23303001Jorsted Creek AreaYes
23304Lilliwaup - Potlatch State Park
23304001Octopus HoleYes
23304002HoodsportNo - report
23304004Use 23400006 (Was Potlatch State Park)Yes
23304005Sund Rock North Wall Marine PreserveYes
23304006Sund Rock (south wall)Yes
23304007Whip GardenYes
23304008Glen Ayr MotelYes
23304009Cloud Nine / Dewatto WallYes
23304010Sunrise MotelYes
23304011Little Dewatto Bay - south sideYes
234Potlatch State Park - Lynch Cove (s. end of Canal)
23400001Twanoh State ParkYes
23400002Use 23301012 (was Flagpole Point West)No - report
23400003Olympic Vista (Hood Canal East of Union)Yes
23400004Simply CionaYes
23400005Ayers PointYes
23400006Potlatch State ParkYes
2401Skagit Bay
2402Whidbey Island
24020001Keystone State Park JettyYes
24020002Fort Ebey State ParkNo - report
24020003Possession Point FingersYes
24020004Possession Point Ferry WreckYes
24020005Langley Tire ReefYes
24020006Keystone State Park PilingsYes
24020007Deception Pass State ParkYes
24020008Gedney/Hat Island BarYes
24020009Admiralty Beach / Driftwood Park Coupeville Tire ReefYes
24020010North Wall Deception Pass (S. side Pass/Canoe island)Yes
24020011Strawberry Island Deception Pass State ParkYes
24020012Ben Ure Island (North Side)Yes
24020013South Camp CaseyYes
24020014Double Bluff / Big FishYes
24020015Rolling Hills Pier - Penn CoveYes
24020016Glendale - Whidbey IslandYes
24020017Possession Beach Waterfront ParkYes
24020018Deception Island, West sideYes
24020019Keystone area between Jetty and PilingsYes
24020020Admiralty BeachYes
24020021Driftwood Park / Admiralty Beach 2 (by cement blockhouse)Yes
24020023Keystone General - no site specifiedYes
2403Camano Island State Park
24030001Onamac PointYes
24030002Lowell PointYes
24030003Camano Island Boat Ramp AreaYes
24030004Cama Beach State ParkYes
24030005North Beach, Camano Island State ParkYes
2404Port Susan and Possession Sound
24040001Mukilteo State ParkYes
24040002Mukilteo Fuel PierYes
24040003Mukilteo T - DockYes
24040004Mukilteo Tire ReefsYes
24040005Kayak Point Regional County Park CoveYes
24040006Kayak Point Regional County Park North BeachYes
24040007Boeing Pier / Dock (north of Mukilteo)Yes
2405Minor and Smith Islands
24050001SW Side Kelp Forest (Smith)Yes
251001Edmonds UW Park
25100100Edmonds UW Park (no site specified)Yes
25100101Dry Dock, Edmonds UWPYes
25100102Enhancements, Edmonds UWPYes
25100103Cathedrals, Edmonds UWPYes
25100104Tube Henge, Edmonds UWPYes
25100105Zig Zag, Edmonds UWPYes
25100106Hiccup, Edmonds UWPYes
25100108North End, Edmonds UWPYes
25100109The Jetty, Edmonds UWPYes
251002Outside Edmonds
25100201Oil DockYes
25100202100 ft. Rock (Meadowdale)Yes
25100203Edmonds Fishing PierYes
25100204Edmonds South BreakwaterYes
25100205Sunset Bay Beach CampYes
2511Edwards Pt. - Meadow Pt.
25110001Boeing Creek ReefYes
261Seattle - Point Defiance
2611Bainbridge Island
26110001Norranders Reef / Rockaway BeachYes
26110002Orchard RocksYes
26110003Blakely RockYes
26110004Blakely HarborYes
26110005Point WhiteYes
26110006Metridium WallYes
26110007Point White Dock (Crystal Springs Pier)Yes
26110008SE Pier of SR 305 BridgeYes
26110009Devil's BoulderYes
26110010Fort Ward State ParkYes
26110011NW Orchard Rocks (PMSC2)Yes
26110012The CribsNo - report
26110013South Wing PointYes
26110014Fay Bainbridge State ParkYes
26110015Toe Jam RocksYes
26110016Battle Point NorthYes
26110017Likers PointYes
26110018Seattle Aquarium Pier 59Yes
26110019Agate PassNo - report
26110020Shangrila (Blakely Rock East)Yes
26110021China Wall (Blakely Wall East)No - report
26110022The Boss Wreck (Blakely Harbor)Yes
26110023Bainbridge ReefYes
2612Vashon Island
26120001Dalco WallYes
26120002Maury Island Regional Park PierYes
26120003Bottle Garden (Tramp Harbor)Yes
26120004Sandy Shores PierYes
26120005Ed Munro Seahurst Park (Please use 26140015)Yes
26120006KVI TowerYes
26120007Barges (Glacier Gravel Pt)Yes
26120008Portage Vashon (Maury Island south of Bottle Gardens)Yes
26120009Dockton ParkYes
26120010Blake Island ReefYes
26120011The MurphYes
26120012Dockton 5Yes
26120013Quartermaster WreckYes
26120014Tramp Harbor Fishing PierYes
2613West Seattle Area
26130001Alki PipelineYes
26130002Alki Artificial/Fishing ReefYes
26130003Des Moines Sunken Boat (please use 26140016)Yes
26130004Seacrest Park Cove 2 (Alki)Yes
26130005Statue of Liberty (Alki Beach)Yes
26130006Brace Point SouthYes
26130007Seacrest Park Cove 3 (Alki)Yes
26130008Alki Junk YardYes
26130009Seacrest Park Cove 1 (Alki)Yes
26130010North Lincoln ParkYes
2613001153rd Avenue SW CSO aka AlkiYes
26130012Lowman Beach (Murray Pumpstation)Yes
26130013Jack's BlockNo - report
26130014North end of Don Armeni boat ramp parkYes
26130016Don Armeni Boat Ramp SouthYes
2614Burien - Tacoma Area
26140001Les Davis Pier Artificial ReefYes
26140002Narrows Bridge, East sideYes
26140003Saltwater State ParkYes
26140004Three Tree Point NorthYes
26140005Dash Point Fishing PierYes
26140006Old Town DockYes
26140007Redondo M.S.C. Pier (MaST)Yes
26140008Owen BeachYes
26140009Ruston Way - Commencement BayNo - report
26140010Lobster Shop WallYes
26140011Dall's IslandYes
26140012Redondo Floating BreakwaterYes
26140013Tacoma Pooper Pipe / Marine Park PipelineYes
26140014Harbor Lights / Dickman MillYes
26140015Seahurst ParkYes
26140016Des Moines Sunken BoatYes
26140018Three Tree Point SouthYes
26140019Katie DownsYes
26140020Silver CloudYes
26140021Cummings Park Pilings Yes
26140022Redondo Beach (South of Boat Ramp)Yes
26140023Chinese Reconciliation ParkYes
2615King Co line (north) to S. Elliot Bay
261501N. King Co. line to Medow Pt/Shilshole Bay
26150101Richmond Beach Marine ParkYes
26150102Carkeek ParkYes
261502Shilshole Bay
26150201Golden GardensNo - report
26150202Shilshole Marina North Jetty 2nd LightNo - report
26150203Shilshole Northern Entrance/Seaview Avenue PierYes
26150204Shilshole Marina South Jetty 3rd LightYes
26150205Wreck of the OmarYes
26150206North Discovery Park Kelp BedYes
26150207Dauntless WreckYes
26150208Vertical BargeYes
26150209Horizontal BargeYes
26150210Shilshole Bay - Outside BreakwaterYes
261503West Point Lighthouse to Duwamish Head (incl. Elliot Bay)
26150301Seattle Aquarium Pier 59No - report
26150302Magnolia Barges 4 Mile RockYes
26150303Magnolia Jetty (Smith Cove)Yes
262Point Defiance - Olympia
2621Pt. Defiance - Nisqually River
26210001Pt. Defiance North WallYes
26210002Pt. Defiance West WallYes
26210003Narrows Bridge (West End)Yes
26210004Day Island WallYes
26210005Titlow BeachYes
26210007Sunnyside Beach (Steilacoom)Yes
26210008Milepost 8 (The Narrows)No - report
26210009Saltar's Point (Steilacoom)Yes
26210010Toliva ShoalYes
26210011Solo Point BeachYes
2622Nisqually River - Copper Point (W. Budd Inlet)
26220001Tolmie BargesYes
2701Hood Head - Dungeness Bay
270101Port Townsend
27010101Fort Worden State Park Artificial ReefYes
27010102Union WharfYes
27010103Marine Science Center Wharf (Fort Worden State Park)Yes
27010104North BeachYes
27010105Point Hudson JettyYes
27010106Old Alcohol Plant Marina (Port Hadlock)No - report
27010107Comet WreckYes
27010108Ranger WreckYes
27010110Point Wilson Kelp Beds (NW side of point)Yes
27010111Monroe Street Boat RampYes
270102Marrowstone Island and Indian Island
27010201Fort Flagler Artificial ReefYes
27010202Alaska Reefer WreckYes
270103Discovery Bay
27010301Ed's FaultYes
27010302Warhawk WreckYes
27010303Gardiner Boat LaunchYes
270104Port Ludlow Area
27010401Klas RockYes
27010402Mats Mats QuarryYes
270105Sequim Bay
27010501Port Williams Boat RampYes
27010502Sequim Bay State Park DockYes
2702Dungeness Bay - Kydaka Point
270201Dungeness Bay - Pillar Pt (incl. Pt. Angeles)
27020101Salt Creek Westmost Stairs (Tongue Point)Yes
27020102Salt Creek Middle West Stairs (Tongue Point)Yes
27020103Salt Creek Middle East Stairs (Tongue Point)No - report
27020104Salt Creek Eastmost Stairs (Tongue Point)Yes
27020105Ediz Hook ParkYes
27020106Ediz Hook Cell TowerYes
27020107Freshwater BayYes
27020108Crescent BeachYes
27020109Jamestown Eel Grass BedYes
27020110Diamond Knot WreckYes
27020111Port Angeles Yacht ClubYes
27020112Ediz Hook Log DumpYes
27020113Martha FossYes
27020114Dungeness CraneYes
27020115Port Angeles City PierYes
27020116Bachelor RockYes
27020117Bill's CoveYes
270202Pillar Pt - Kydaka Pt. (incl. Clallum Bay)
27020201Eagle PointNo - report
27020202Sekiu Rocks Reef (west of Jetty)Yes
27020203Sekiu Jetty (the actual jetty)Yes
27020204Coho Resort JettyYes
27020205Red Shack - Clallam BayYes
2703Kydaka Point - Cape Flattery
270301Cape Flattery - Koitlah Pt (OCNMS boundary)
27030101Koitlah PointYes
27030102Warm House BeachYes
27030103Chibahdehl RocksYes
27030104Puffin Pt (between Chibendahl and Slant Rocks)Yes
27030105Slant RockYes
27030106Mushroom RockYes
27030107Box Canyon (West of Mushroom Rock)Yes
27030108Tatoosh (Tatooche) Island SouthYes
27030109Ole's HoleYes
27030110Tatoosh (Tatooche) Island EastYes
27030111Kydikabbit PointYes
27030112Janna's JoyYes
27030113Four Fathoms Near Duncan RockYes
27030114Gnome Zone - West Tatoosh IslandYes
27030116Steve's CavesYes
270302Kydaka Point (124 21.5W) - E. of Koitlah Pt (Neah Bay)
27030201Hoko River Reef (west of Kydaka Pt)No - report
27030202Pinnacle Rock (MM 4)Yes
27030203Third Beach Reef / FingersYes
27030204Andalusia Wreck (Bow), Bullman BayYes
27030205Andalusia Wreck (Stern), Bullman BayYes
27030206South Finger Reef (The Fingers), Waadah IslandYes
27030207Duncan RockYes
27030208North Finger Reef (The Fingers), Waadah IslandYes
27030209Deep East Fingers (Waadah Raceway), Waadah IslandYes
27030210Neah Bay Marina Dock (aka Makah)Yes
27030211Waadah Island FingersYes
27030212Sandy area S. of Deep East Fingers reef, Waadah IslandYes
27030213Kelp Reef E.of Green can buoy, near Second BeachYes
27030214Rockhead (Neah Bay Jetty outside)Yes
281Kitsap Peninsula (Port Gamble - Gig Harbor (includes Poulsbo and Bremerton))
2810Kitsap Peninsula (Port Gamble - Gig Harbor (includes Poulsbo and Bremerton))
28100002Wautauga BeachYes
28100003Orchard Point Artificial ReefYes
28100004Point Richmond Minesweeper WreckYes
28100005Sunrise Beach County ParkYes
28100006Bremerton MarinaYes
28100007Point Washington NarrowsYes
28100008Harper Ferry Dock (Yukon Harbor)Yes
28100010Manchester State ParkYes
28100011Point Glover / Point Glover FingersYes
28100012Pt. Richmond BeachYes
28100013Illahee State Park (Kitsap Penninsula, WA)Yes
28100014Watermans Wall (11 Mile Point/ Lighthouse)Yes
28100015Warren Avenue Bridge, BremertonYes
28100016Manette Bridge, BremertonYes
28100017West of Pt. Glover - Rich PassageYes
28100018Sullivan Point WallYes
28100019The Tides Tavern (Gig Harbor)Yes
28100020East Gig Harbor Public Boat RampYes
28100021Sulphur SpringsYes
28100022Tracyton Boat LaunchYes
28100023Waterman BeachYes
28100024Ilahee Tire Reef (Ilahee Town Dock)Yes
28100025Wynn Jones ParkYes
28100026Jefferson Point MinesweeperYes
282Gig Harbor - Devil's Head (Key Peninsula)
2821Fox Island
28210001Toy Point (Fox Island)Yes
28210002Z's Reef / Zees Reef (Fox Island)Yes
28210003West Wall Fox IslandYes
28210004Kopachuck Artificial Reef (Carr Inlet)Yes
28210005Fox Island BridgeYes
28210006East Wall Fox IslandYes
28210007Fox Island historic ferry terminalYes
28210008Tanglewood IslandYes
283Devil's Head (Key Peninsula) - Shelton
28300001Longbranch MarinaNo - report
2831Case Inlet,
28310001Wreck at Taylor Bay (Case Inlet)Yes
28310002Steamboat Island Wall (Squaxin Passage)Yes
2901Cape Flattery - Cape Alava
29010001Skagway RocksYes
29010002Fuca PillarYes
29010003Strawberry RockNo - report
29010004Rock SE of Fuca PillarYes
29010005Rock SW of Fuca PillarYes
2902Cape Alava - Teahwhit Head
2903Teahwhit Head - Copalis River (OCNMS boundary)
29030001Copalis PinnaclesYes
2904Copalis River - Cape Disappointment (WA/OR border)
3101Fort Stevens -Seaside
3102Tillamook Head - Cape Falcon
31020001Tillamook HeadYes
31020002Tillamook LighthouseYes
3103Manzanita - Tillamook Bay
310301Tillamook Bay
31030101Barview Park (North Jetty)Yes
31030102Three GracesYes
31030103Hobsonville PointYes
31030104Port of Garibaldi DocksYes
3104Cape Mears - Cape Lookout
310401Cape Mears
31040101Pyramid RockYes
31040201Three Arch RocksYes
31040301Netarts BayYes
3105S. of Cape Lookout -Cascade Heads
31050001Whalen IslandYes
31050002Cape Lookout wallsYes
310501Pacific City
31050101Haystack RockYes
31050102Haystack PinnacleNo - report
3106S. of Cascade Heads -Depoe Bay
310601Lincoln City
31060101Tacklebuster ReefYes
31060102Siletz Reef PinnaclesYes
310602Depoe Bay
31060201Government PointYes
31060202North ReefYes
31060203Flat Rock (South Reef)Yes
31060204John's PinnacleNo - report
31060205Whale Cove (South of Depoe Bay)Yes
310603South of Depoe Bay
31060301Rocky Creek - Otter Crest Loop BridgeYes
3107Cape Foulweather -Yaquina Head
31070101North of Gull RockYes
310702Otter Rock Marine Reserve
31070201Gull Rock, east sideYes
31070202Otter RockYes
3201Newport - Waldport
320101Yaquina Bay
32010101North Jetty, Yaquina BayYes
32010102WECOMA DockYes
32010103Crab Dock, Yaquina BayYes
32010104The FingersYes
32010105South Jetty West of Turnaround, Yaquina BayYes
32010106Outside South Jetty, Yaquina BayYes
32010107North and South PinnaclesYes
32010109Johnson RockYes
32010110Kawika's South Reef (S. to Pinnacles)Yes
32010111Yaquina ReefYes
32010112Embarcadero MarinaYes
32010113South Beach MarinaYes
32010114Eel Grass Bed - Center Slough LNG TankYes
32010115Yaquina Bridge pilingsYes
32010116River Bend boat wreckYes
32010117Rogue Brewery DockYes
3202Waldport - Sea Lion Caves
32020101Yaquina John Point / Waldport SW WallYes
32020102Abyssal Plain (near Sea Lion Cave)Yes
32020103Alsea Bay Crab HoleYes
32020104Waldport North Shore Old Boat RampYes
3203Sutton Creek - Reedsport
320301Siuslaw River
32030101North Jetty, Fish LadderYes
32030102South Jetty, Crab DockYes
3204Winchester Bay - North Bend
320401Winchester Bay
32040101Crab DockYes
32040102Half Moon BayYes
32040103(inside) The TriangleYes
32040104South Jetty (Umpqua Coast Guard Tower)Yes
32040105Triangle South Jetty (ocean side)Yes
32040106Deep Hole off North Jetty, Umpqua RiverYes
32040107North Jetty Umpqua RiverYes
3301Empire - Bandon
33010001North Jetty, CharlestonYes
33010002Charleston BridgeYes
33010003Simpson ReefYes
33010004Baltimore ReefNo - report
33010005Empire DocksYes
33010006Pigeon PointYes
33010007Norton Cove / Norton GulchYes
33010008The CribsYes
33010009Charleston Small Boat HarborYes
33010010Charleston Commercial Boat HarborYes
33010011Sunset BayYes
33010012Randy's ReefYes
33010015OIMB BeachYes
33010016Sunset PinnacleYes
33010017South Slough Light #1 Yes
33010113South Jetty (Charleston)Yes
33010114Coquille LighthouseYes
3302Coquille Point - Cape Blanco
3401Orford Reef - Gold Beach
340101Port Orford
34010101Tichenor Rock and The CovesYes
34010102Orford ReefYes
34010103Island RockYes
34010104Redfish RocksYes
34010105The Dock and Jetty Pt. OrfordYes
34010106The Sisters Rocks (South of Port Orford near Arizona Beach)Yes
34010107ESDS PinnacleYes
3402Cape Sebastian - California Border
34020001Whale's HeadYes
34020002Twin RocksYes
34020003Chetco PointYes
34020004Macklyn Cove Yes
4101S Cape Ferrelo - Point St. George
41010001St George Reef LighthouseYes
4102Crescent City - Patricks Point
4103Trinidad Head - N Cape Mendicino
4104S Cape Mendicino - N Punta Gorda
41040001South Cape Mendeicino Fort BraggNo - report
4105S Punta Gorda - N Point Belgada
4106S Point Delgada - N Point Cabrillo
4107S Point Cabrillo - N Point Arena
41070001Mendicino HeadlandsNo - report
41070002Russian Gulch State ParkNo - report
41070003Van Damme ReefYes
41070004Arena RockYes
4108S Point Arena - Salmon Creek
410801Salt Point State Park
41080101Salt PointYes
41080102Gerstle CoveYes
41080103Still Water CoveNo - report
41080104Casper Cove (between Salt Point and Gualala)Yes
41080105Vantage Road (north of sea ranch)No - report
41080106Windemere Point (Sonoma County)Yes
41080107Ocean Cove (Sonoma County)Yes
41080108Fort Ross (Sonoma County)Yes
41080109Timber CoveYes
4109Bodega Bay - N Point Reyes
4110S Point Reyes - N San Francisco Bay
41100001Drake's Estero (Schooner Bay)No - report
4111Farallon Islands
41110001Ruby Tuesday - Fanny ShoalNo - report
41110002Noonday Rock - Fanny ShoalNo - report
41110003Alan's High Spot - Fanny ShoalYes
41110004Fair to Middling - Middle FarallonYes
4112San Francisco Bay
41120001Blackie's PastureYes
4113S San Francisco Bay - N Davenport
4114S Davenport - Point Lobos Reserve
411401Del Monte Beach area
41140112Sailboat & APC Amtrack WrecksYes
41140113Wharf 2 (incl wharf wall and pilings)Yes
41140114MarinaNo - report
41140115Monterey Beach Hotel/Hole in the WallYes
41140116Shale BedsYes
41140117Del Monte Beach at Casa Verde/Beach Way (shore dive)Yes
41140118Tioga AvenueYes
41140119K Dock Monterey HarborYes
411402Breakwater - Pt Pinos
4114021San Carlos Beach area
41140212Sewer/Cannery Pipe (west end)Yes
41140213Metridium FieldsYes
41140214Mid San Carlos Beach/Shallow ReefsYes
41140215Barge Wreck at San CarlosYes
41140216Anchor Farm at San CarlosYes
41140217New Anchor Farm (after cruise ship)No - report
41140218Mating AmtracksYes
4114022Cannery Row Street area
41140221Hidden Beach/Monterey Plaza HotelYes
41140222Cannery PipesNo - report
41140223McAbee Beach shore diveYes
41140224Outter McAbee/Sammet Spire/Margaritaville (boat dive)Yes
4114023Monterey Bay Aquarium
41140231Aquarium PipeYes
41140232Aquarium ReefYes
41140233Mile BuoyYes
4114024Hopkins Marine Station
41140241Inside Hopkins ReserveYes
41140242Hopkins Deep ReefYes
41140243Sand Near Hopkins Deep ReefNo - report
4114025Lover's Point area
41140251Lover's Cove Main BeachYes
41140252Lover's Point Rocks/Lovers 2Yes
41140253Outer Lovers/White Wall (boat dive)Yes
41140254Bat Ray ReefNo - report
41140255Third Beach at LoversYes
41140256Lover's Loop - 3rd Beach to/fr Main BeachNo - report
4114026Otter Cove/Pacific Grove Area
41140261Eric's PinnacleYes
41140262Siren StreetYes
41140264Otter Cove offshore (boat dive)Yes
41140265Otter Cove Beach (shore dive)Yes
411402665th StreetYes
41140268Three Kings - Pacific GroveYes
41140269Stairs at Beach StreetNo - report
4114027Coral Street area
41140271Coral Street CoveYes
41140272Inner Chase ReefYes
41140273Outer Chase ReefYes
4114028Pt. Pinos area
41140281Pt. PinosYes
41140282Sewers - East Side of Pt. PinosYes
41140283West Side of Pt. PinosYes
41140284Mola MountainYes
411403S. of Pt. Pinos - N Cypress Pt.
4114031Moss Cove area
41140311Coast Guard WreckNo - report
4114032Point Joe area
41140321Celia WreckNo - report
41140322St Paul WreckNo - report
41140323Point JoeYes
4114033Cypress Point area
41140331Fanshell Pinnacle (off Cypress Pt.)Yes
41140332Ship WrecksNo - report
41140333Cypress Point RocksNo - report
41140334North CypressYes
41140335West Cypress PointYes
41140336Local's LedgeYes
4114034Spanish Bay area
411404S Cypress Point - Pescadero Point
4114041S Cypress Point
41140411Lone Cypress TreeYes
41140412Inner Ocean Pinnacles (Off Castle House)Yes
41140413Outer Ocean Pinnacles (Off Castle House)Yes
41140414Castle House (along Lingcod Reef)Yes
41140415Black Dog RidgeYes
41140416East PinnacleYes
41140417Forgotten PinnacleYes
41140418Pink House (Lingcod Reef b/t Lone Cypress & Castle House)Yes
41140419Lunaticos AnnexYes
411405Pescadero Point - Carmel River State Beach
4114051Pescadero Point area
41140511N. Pescadero Reef / Brice's Bump / Stillwater CoveYes
41140512Pescadero Reef / Dali's WallYes
41140513Please use 41140523 - Ocean Ave (Carmel Beach City Park)No - report
41140514Copper Roof House (Carmel Beach City Park)Yes
41140515Butterfly House shore diveYes
41140516Outer Butterfly House (boat dive)Yes
41140517Pescadero Wash Rocks / Pinnacles / Fire RockYes
41140518Outer Copper Roof House (boat dive)Yes
4114052Carmel River State Beach
41140521Stewart's PointYes
41140522Carmel MeadowsNo - report
41140523Carmel City Beach Shale Bed / CRABS/ Carmel Reef and Beds of ShaleYes
41140524Northern Reef off Ribera RoadYes
41140525Southern Reef off Ribera RoadYes
41140526Red School House (N and outside of Pt. Lobos MR)Yes
4114053Monastery Beach
41140531North MonasteryYes
41140532South MonasteryYes
41140533Mono Lobo WallYes
411406Pt Lobos State Reserve
4114061Whaler's Cove
41140611Pt. Lobos Cannery PointYes
41140612Outer Whaler's Cove (Middle Reef)Yes
41140613Coal Chute PointYes
41140614Granite Point WallYes
41140615Bird RocksYes
41140616Thumbs UpYes
41140617Whalers Cove (Inner Cove)No - report
4114062Bluefish Cove
41140621Inner Bluefish CoveYes
41140622Guillemont RockNo - report
41140623Bluefish Cove PinnaclesYes
4114063Outer Pinnacle
41140631Outer Bluefish Pinnacles (Great Pinnacle)Yes
41140632Marco's PinnacleYes
4114064Sea Lion Rocks to China Cove
41140641Weston (restricted area)Yes
4114065Outer Pinnacle to Sea Lion Rocks
41140651Deep E3Yes
41140652E3No - report
41140653Beto's ReefYes
41140654The Road to Twin PeaksYes
41140655Dave's RidgeYes
41140700Moss Landing area (Monterey Canyon Head)No - report
41140701Moss LandingYes
4115S Point Lobos Reserve - N Point Sur
411501Yankee Point
41150101Yankee Point PinnaclesYes
41150102Que Paso PinnacleYes
41150106PTP (Pinnacle of Tremendous Proportion)Yes
41150107Machu PicchuYes
411502Garapata State Beach Park
41150201Mile Marker 67No - report
41150202Moby Ling CoveNo - report
41150203Four PointYes
41150204Sobranes PointNo - report
41150205Malpasos Creek MLPAYes
41150206Malpasos Creek South (outside of MLPA)Yes
411503Sobranes Pt - N Pt Sur
41150301Lobos RocksYes
41150302Granite CanyonNo - report
41150303Little River SurNo - report
41150305Diablo PinnaclesYes
41150306Las Piedras PinnacleYes
411504N Pt Sur
41150401Ventura Wreck/RocksYes
41150501Orca PinnacleYes
4116S Point Sur - N Point Estero
41160001Kawika's KoneYes
41160002Sur 19Yes
4117S Point Estero - N Point Buchon
41170001Spooner's Cove at Montana de Oro (boat dive)Yes
41170002Cayucos Reef (boat)Yes
41170003Morro BayYes
41170004Morro Bay North T-DockYes
41170005Target Rock / Morro Rock (Morro Bay)Yes
41170006Spooner Cove Shore DiveYes
4118S Point Buchon - N Point Sal
41180001Pt. Buchon (about 1. mile south of)Yes
4119S Point Sal - N Point Conception
411901San Louis Obisbo County
411902Santa Barbara County
4119021Point Arguello
41190211Arguello Boat HouseYes
4119022Jalama Beach County Park
411903Boat House Vandenburg AF Base
4201S Point Conception - N Point Heuneme
4201023Point Conception
42010231SM-1 WreckYes
4201024s. Pt. Conception - Santa Barbara
42010241Refugio State BeachYes
42010242St. Augustine Reef/AugiesYes
42010244Campus PointYes
42010245Gaviota State Park BeachYes
42010246Haskell's BeachYes
42010247Hammond's Beach (w side of Fernald Point)No - report
42010248Sands Beach - Coal Oil Point (west side)Yes
42010249Coal Oil Point (East Side)Yes
4201025Santa Barbara
42010251Arroyo Burro Beach / Hendry's BeachYes
42010252Mesa LaneNo - report
42010253Santa Cruz Street (Thousand Steps)No - report
42010254Leadbetter BeachNo - report
42010255Biltmore StepsNo - report
42010256Naples ReefYes
42010257Goleta Sewer PipelineNo - report
42010258Rincon PointYes
42010259Yucca's Del Playa Steps (W of Isla Vista)Yes
42010261Platform Holly (3 miles offshore)Yes
420103Ventura County.
42010301Deer Creek Rd.Yes
42010302La JenelleYes
42010303Bird IslandYes
4202Northern Channel Islands
420201San Miguel
42020101Crook PointYes
42020102Rain BarrelYes
42020104Inside Wycoff LedgeYes
42020105Hare RockYes
42020106Lovers / Little LoversYes
42020107Can RockYes
42020108Kidd RockYes
42020111Otter HarborYes
42020112Cuba ShipwreckYes
42020113Prince IslandNo - report
42020114Bat RockNo - report
42020115Pt. BennettYes
42020116Adam's CoveYes
42020117Tyleer BightYes
42020118Oil SpringYes
42020119Westcott ShoalsYes
42020120Judith Rock SouthYes
42020121Nifty RockYes
42020122Crab CityYes
42020123Abalone AlleyNo - report
420202Santa Rosa
42020201East End PinnaclesYes
42020202Scallop ReefYes
42020203East PointYes
42020204Rancho ViejoYes
42020205Rodes ReefYes
42020206Johnsons Lee (south)Yes
42020207Johnsons Lee (north)Yes
42020208Aggi WreckYes
42020210Eagle RockYes
42020211South Point/Chickasaw WreckYes
42020212Crown of England AnchorYes
42020213Aggi ShipwreckYes
42020214South Point WestYes
42020215Carrington Point CentralYes
420203Santa Cruz Island
42020301Alberts AnchorageYes
42020302Yellow BanksYes
42020304Potato RockYes
42020305Pelican BayYes
42020306Three SistersNo - report
42020307White RibbonNo - report
42020308Peacock WreckYes
42020309Willows CoveYes
42020310Bowens PointYes
42020312Black BayYes
42020313Gull IslandYes
42020314Drop-Off ReefYes
42020315Forney's CoveYes
42020316Scorpion Anchorage -East ScorpionYes
42020317Cuevo Valdez / Echo PointYes
42020318Big RockYes
42020319Little ScorpionYes
42020320Green GrottoYes
42020321Quail RockYes
42020322Cavern PointYes
42020323Prisoner's HarborYes
42020324Fry's HarborYes
42020325Travis RockNo - report
42020326Lobster Spot / Scorpion WallYes
42020327The TowersYes
42020328Yellow BanksYes
42020329Sandstone PointYes
42020330Middle AnchorageYes
42020331Coches Prietos AnchorageYes
42020332Painted Cave AnnexYes
42020333Diablo PinnacleYes
42020334West CoveYes
42020335Spelunkers / Adams CaveYes
42020336Potato HarborYes
42020337Cobra HeadYes
42020338Punta ArenaYes
42020339Grummen Guardian AirplaneYes
42020340Lady's Anchorage Santa Cruz IslandYes
42020341Platt's (Santa Cruz Island)Yes
42020342Hazzards / Hazzard WallYes
42020343Scorpion Anchorage / West Scorpion / Big ScorpionYes
42020344West Posa PointYes
42020345Kinton PointYes
42020346Fraser PointYes
42020347Pedro ReefNo - report
42020348Flame ReefYes
42020349East of Golfball (southside Santa Cruz Is)No - report
42020350Hungry Man Cove (nr E end, close to Smugglers Cove)Yes
42020351Fern GrottoYes
42020352Blue BanksYes
42020353Inside Painted Cave Marine PreserveYes
42020354Palm ParkYes
42020355Near Eagle RockYes
42020356Near Profile Point (Painted Cave Marine Preserve)Yes
42020357Diablo PointYes
42020358Fence LineNo - report
42020359Wizard's SleeveYes
42020360Donna's WallYes
42020361Whale RockYes
42020362Coches PrietosYes
42020363Cobble CaveYes
42020364Ten Fathoms / 10 FathomsYes
42020365Echo WallYes
42020366Tiny's LandingYes
42020367Seal Rocks (Santa Cruz)Yes
42020368Bump RockYes
42020369Coche CoveYes
42020370Five StonesYes
42020371The AntfarmYes
42020372Calico ReefNo - report
42020373Morse PointYes
42020374Yellow Bank Site 1Yes
42020375Yellow Bank Site 2Yes
42020376Yellow Bank Site 3Yes
42020377Wrench RockYes
42020380Emerald Gardens and CavesYes
42020381Pedro Point CavesYes
42020382AthensNo - report
42020384Painted Cave Yes
42020385Sea Lion PinnacleYes
420204Anacapa Island
42020401Cat RockYes
42020402Rat RockYes
42020403Coral Reef (Anacapa Sea Cove - West)Yes
42020404Happy Dog RockYes
42020405Surveyor's RockYes
42020406Lighthouse / Landing Cove PointYes
42020407Landing Cove / Landing Cove ArchYes
42020408East Fish CampYes
42020409West End Anacapa -south sideYes
42020410West End Anacapa - north sideYes
42020411Underwater IslandYes
42020412Arch Rock (Santa Cruz Island)Yes
42020413Goldfish BowlYes
42020414Portuguese Rock (Sailboat Cove)Yes
42020415Cathedral CoveYes
42020416Admiral's CoveYes
42020417Winfield ScottYes
42020418Frenchy's CoveYes
42020419Middle reef - Backside AnacapaYes
42020420Garden SpotYes
42020421Gunsight ReefYes
42020423Seabass Reef (Anacapa Island)No - report
42020424Underwater Arch at Sea Lion Haulout (southside of island)Yes
42020425The Caverns (Anacapa)Yes
42020426Landing Cove (Anacapa)Yes
42020427Parallel ReefsYes
42020428Bat CaveYes
42020429Far WestYes
42020430Landslide (West Anacapa)Yes
42020431Upper AquariumNo - report
42020432Lower AquariumNo - report
42020433Winfield Scott OutsideYes
42020435Trash Dump / Garbage CoveYes
42020436Coral PinnacleYes
42020437Randy's New SiteYes
42020438Fish BowlNo - report
42020439Twin Bay PointYes
4203Southern Channel Islands
420301Santa Barbara
42030102Landing Cove North BuoyYes
42030103Landing Cove South BuoyYes
42030104South East Side SBIYes
42030105Sutil IslandYes
42030106Elephant Seal CoveYes
42030107Sea Lion RookeryYes
42030108Cat CanyonYes
42030109Hidden ReefYes
42030110Arch Reef / Santa Barbara ArchYes
42030111Shearwater PointYes
42030112Ray RidgeNo - report
42030113Cat Plateau, SE SBIYes
42030114Maytag Point SE Sutil IslandYes
42030115Graveyard CaynonYes
42030116DeckersNo - report
42030117Southeast ReefYes
42030118Arch PointYes
420302Catalina Island
42030200Catalina Island General Area - no site specifiedNo - report
42030201Casino PointYes
42030202U/W Snorkel Park (Lover's Cove - Avalon)Yes
42030203Toyon BayYes
42030204Farnsworth BanksYes
42030205Hen RockYes
42030206Pirates CoveYes
42030207Torqua SpringsYes
42030208Long Point, CatalinaYes
42030209Guano Rock / Bird RockYes
42030210Big Fishermans CoveYes
42030211Hamilton CoveYes
42030212Two Harbors (Isthmus Cove)Yes
42030213Land's EndYes
42030214Parson's LandingYes
42030215Middle QuarryYes
42030216Lion's HeadYes
42030217Campus by the SeaNo - report
42030218Ship RockYes
42030219Gallagher's CoveYes
42030220Italian GardensYes
42030221Yellowtail PointYes
42030222Eagle ReefYes
42030223Blue CavernsYes
42030224Black PointYes
42030225Indian RocksYes
42030226Red BluffsYes
42030227Doctor's CoveYes
42030228USC Preserve -Cataline IslandYes
42030229Sea Fan GrottoYes
42030230Eel Rock / Eel CoveYes
42030231Little GeigerNo - report
42030232Little Gibraltar PointYes
42030233Twin RocksYes
42030234Please use 42030235 (was West Quarry)No - report
42030235West QuarryYes
42030236Howlands Landing (near two harbors)Yes
42030237Goat HarborYes
42030238Rippers CoveYes
42030239Empire Landing (Catalina Island)Yes
42030240Blue CarYes
42030241Africa WestYes
42030242Big Geiger ReefYes
42030243Arrow PointYes
42030244Cape Cortes / Cape of CortezYes
42030245Iron Bound CoveYes
42030246Johnson's RocksYes
42030247Old Rock QuarryYes
42030248Can DumpYes
42030249Old Crane / Crane PointYes
42030250Empire BeachYes
42030251Black RockYes
42030252Deadmans (Catalina) / Schaefer'sYes
42030253Rusty PipesYes
42030254Fraggle RockYes
42030256Nooks and CranniesYes
42030257Little FarnsworthYes
42030258Garibaldi ReefNo - report
42030259Cactus CoveYes
42030260West Point / West EndYes
42030261Lulu ReefYes
42030262Stony PointYes
42030263Foul PointYes
42030265Reflector CoveYes
42030266Valiant ShipwreckYes
42030267Intake PipesYes
42030268Chalk Cliff CoveYes
42030269Pedestal RockYes
42030270Descanso BeachYes
42030271Whale RockYes
42030272Seal Rocks (Catalina Island)Yes
42030274Miracle PinnacleYes
42030275East of Stuart CoveYes
420303San Nicholas
420304San Clemente Island
42030401Pyramid HeadYes
42030402Pyramid PointNo - report
42030403Pyramid CoveYes
42030404Window PaneYes
42030405BlockhouseNo - report
42030406Little WindowNo - report
42030407Castle RockNo - report
42030408East of Middle LightNo - report
42030409Little FlowerYes
42030410Fish HookYes
42030412Half BoilersNo - report
42030413Inside LCINo - report
42030414Froggy RocksNo - report
42030415China Point PlateauNo - report
42030416Calico CoveYes
42030418Bat Ray CityNo - report
42030419Proud BirdYes
42030420Northwest HarborYes
42030421Wilson CoveYes
42030422West CoveNo - report
42030423Wilson Cove PierYes
42030424Wilson Cove Pier SouthYes
42030425South Wilson CoveYes
42030426Dune Point San Clemente IslandYes
42030427Nosc Pier SouthYes
42030428Nosc Pier NorthYes
42030429Bill's Big Hairy CrackYes
42030430East Wall #2Yes
42030431East Wall #1 / East End WallYes
42030433Petter's RockYes
42030434The GarageYes
42030435Twin Peaks (East Side)Yes
42030436Twin Peaks (West Side)Yes
42030437Neptune's WallYes
42030438Octopus GardenYes
42030439Little Arch / Pyramid ArchYes
42030440Arch PinnacleYes
42030441Cliffs of InsanityYes
42030442Danny's Dive Inn / Sun Point AmphitheaterYes
42030443Mosquito WallYes
42030444Perry's CaveYes
42030445Black CavernsYes
42030446Two CavesYes
42030447Scream WallYes
42030448Little Finger WallYes
42030449China Hat Yes
42030450Inside Boiler Yes
42030451Inside Boiler 2Yes
42030452West DisneylandYes
42030453Bat Ray CoveYes
42030454Soupfin ReefYes
42030455Runway Point Yes
42030456Runway SouthYes
420305Sutil Island
42030501The NotchYes
4204S Point Hueneme - N Point Fermin (LA County)
420401Leo Carillo State Beach
42040101Leo Carillo SouthYes
42040102Leo Carillo NorthYes
420402Point Dume
420403Coral Beach
420404Malibu Beach
42040401Las Flores (Dukes)Yes
42040402Amarillo Beach (North Pepperdine)Yes
42040403Puerco BeachYes
42040404Malibu CoveYes
42040405Escondido Beach (South)Yes
42040406Escondido Beach (Middle)Yes
42040407Escondido Beach (North)Yes
42040408Escondido B4 (Paradise Cove Pier)/(Wooden House)Yes
42040409Paradise Cove (South)Yes
42040410Paradise Cove (Middle)Yes
42040411Las Tunas State BeachYes
42040412120 Reef (120 deg heading out of Old Marine Land, S edge Cobblebeach)Yes
420405Santa Monica Bay (Topanga Beach - Manhattan State Park)
42040501Star of Scotland WreckYes
420406South Santa Monica Bay (Manhattan Beach - Pt. Vincente)
42040601RAT Beach (Redondo and Torrance Beach)Yes
42040602Malaga CoveYes
42040604Flat RockYes
42040605Rocky PointYes
42040606Lunada BayYes
42040607Redondo Beach Submarine CanyonYes
42040608Christmas Tree CoveYes
42040609Palawan wreckYes
420407Rancho Palos Verde (Pt. Vincente - White Point)
42040701Abalone CoveYes
42040702Long Point (old Marineland)Yes
42040703Royal Palms PipelineYes
42040704Inspiration PointYes
42040705Pt. Vincente Fishing AccessYes
42040706Point VincenteYes
42040707Palos Verde PeninsulaNo - report
420408West San Pedro (White Point - N. Point Fermin)
42040801White PointYes
4205S Point Fermin - N Dana Point
420501Long Beach
42050101Long Beach Navy Base MoleYes
42050102Olympic WreckYes
42050103Cabrillo BeachYes
420502Huntington Beach
42050201Eureka Oil PlatformYes
42050202Ellen / Elly Oil PlatformYes
420503Newport Beach
42050301Newport HarborNo - report
420504Laguna Beach
42050400Laguna Beach General Area - no site specifiedNo - report
42050401Fisherman's CoveYes
42050402Crescent BayYes
42050403Diver's CoveYes
42050404Shaws CoveYes
42050405Cress StreetNo - report
42050406Crystal Cove State Park - Reef PointYes
42050407Woods CoveYes
42050408Montage / Treasure Island / Goff IslandYes
42050409Crystal Cove State Park - Historic DistrictYes
42050410Crystal Cove State Park – Crystal HeightsYes
42050411Heisler ParkYes
42050412Bluebird Canyon RoadYes
42050413Salt CreekYes
42050414Picnic Point ReefYes
42050415Mussel CoveYes
4206S Dana Point - N La Jolla
420601Swamis (Encinita area)
42060101Pipes - Cardiff Campground, San Elijo State BeachYes
42060102Swami's Beach, EncinitasYes
42060103Agua Hedionda West BasinNo - report
42060104North bird Rock (La Jolla)Yes
42060105Cardiff Outflow PipesYes
420602Del Mar
42060200Del Mar General Area - no site specifiedNo - report
42060201Torrey Pines Reef #2Yes
42060202Corona BreakwaterNo - report
42060203Little CoronaNo - report
42060204Del Mar Boat Basin - Camp PendletonYes
420603La Jolla
42060300La Jolla General Area - no site specifiedNo - report
42060301La Jolla CanyonNo - report
42060302Marine RoomNo - report
42060303Wipeout BeachNo - report
42060304Shell BeachYes
42060305Boomer's BeachYes
42060306La Jolla ShoresYes
42060307Hospital PointYes
42060308Scripps Canyon (La Jolla Canyon Sumner Branch East)Yes
42060309La Jolla Cove- general areaYes
42060310Quast RockYes
42060311God's RockYes
42060312Caves at La Jolla CoveNo - report
42060313Scripps PierYes
42060314Goldfish Pt. (b/t La Jolla Caves & Emerald Cove)No - report
42060315La Jolla Cove Yellow BuoyNo - report
42060316Mia's ReefYes
42060318Children's Pool Beach / Casa MainYes
42060319South CasaYes
42060320Ghost Forest / Point La JollaYes
42060321Wind n Sea Beach (Westbourne to Nautilus)Yes
42060322Westbourne to Belvedere St.Yes
42060323Marine StreetYes
42060324Dike Rock - Scripps State Marine Conservation AreaYes
42060325West of Bird Rock, 1 mileYes
42060326Coast Blvd. ParkYes
42060327Big Rock Reef (south La Jolla State Marine Reserve)Yes
42060328Sunglass Rock (submerged rocks 1/4 mile N of Scripp's Pier)Yes
420604San Clemente
42060401Seal RockNo - report
42060402State beach Campground entryNo - report
4207S La Jolla - Tijuana
420701Mission Beach
42070100Mission Beach General Area - no site specifiedNo - report
42070101Ruby EYes
42070102HMCS YukonYes
42070103Hospitality Point (Mission Bay)Yes
42070104El RayYes
42070105NOSC TowerYes
42070106Ingraham Street BridgeNo - report
42070107Bonita Cove (Mission Bay Park)No - report
42070108Mission Beach Artificial Reef (b/t Ingraham St. Bridge & NOSC)No - report
42070109Mariners Basin (Mission Bay)Yes
42070110Mission Point from beachNo - report
42070111Mission Point Southside of jettyNo - report
42070112SDOF White Seabass Pens - Mission BayYes
42070113Mission Point off Bayside LaneYes
42070114Mission Bay Inlet (along parking lot)Yes
42070115South Mission Beach (North side of Jetty)Yes
42070116Ventura Cove (Mission Bay)Yes
420702Point Loma
42070200Pt. Loma General Area - no site specifiedNo - report
42070201Pt. Loma Kelp BedsYes
420702042000 TimesYes
42070205New Hope ReefYes
42070206Kelp Cabo Reef (Point Loma)No - report
42070207Ancient Sea CliffsNo - report
42070208Three Fingers ReefYes
42070209Train Wheels / The CrackYes
42070210Sunset Cliffs Pt. LomaNo - report
42070211Pt. Loma - general rocky reefsNo - report
42070212Dragon Head WallYes
42070213Lazy Days WreckYes
420702143 Hole (SW of Point Loma)Yes
42070215Broomtail ReefYes
42070216Kinane PassYes
42070217Main Channel Point Loma Kelp BedsYes
42070219Green TankYes
42070220Point Loma Main Wall Yes
42070221Point Loma Dino Head Yes
42070222NRAD WestYes
42070223New Hope Rock (Pt. Loma Kelp Beds)Yes
42070224Seven Fathoms - 7 Fathoms (Point Loma)No - report
42070225Table Tops - Point LomaNo - report
42070226Goat Point - Point LomaNo - report
42070228N-ROD (not N-RAD)Yes
42070229Brian's BoulderYes
42070230Conner's CanyonYes
42070231Sea Bass CityYes
42070232Lost CityYes
42070233Callie's WindowsYes
42070234Point Loma Sewage Outfall PipeNo - report
42070235Chelsea Lee ReefYes
42070236Rod's RidgeYes
420703S. of Pt. Loma - US Border (incl. San Diego Bay and Imperial Beach)
42070301SDOF White Seabass Pens - San Diego BayYes
42070302High Seas WreckYes
42070303Wreck of the Hogan (1919 Navy Destroyer) Yes
420704Tanner and Cortes Banks
42070401Cortes Mid BankYes
42070402Cortes Banks East Canyon Yes
42070403Cortes Banks Canyon 5 Yes
51Northern Alaska Coast (Canadian Border to Cape Prince of Wales)
52Western Alaska Coast (Cape Prince of Wales to Naknek)
53Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Chain (Naknek to Cape Douglas)
54Kodiak and adjacent Islands
5401Kodiak Island
54010001Shahafka Cove (mission Beach)Yes
54010002Mill Bay BeachYes
54010003Ram site - Fort AbercrombieYes
54010004VFW (access code required)Yes
54010005Pillar Creek Yes
54010006Cliff PointYes
54010007Viesoki IslandYes
54010008Inner HumpbackYes
54010009Pinnacle outside Long IslandYes
54010010Outer HumpbackYes
55South Central Alaska (Cape Douglas - Yakutat Bay)
5501Cook Inlet - Cape Douglas to Port Chatham inc. Homer
55010001Homer SpitYes
55010002Ferry DockYes
55010003Yukon IslandYes
55010005Jakolof BayYes
55010006Tutka BayYes
55010007Kasitsna bayYes
5502Port Chatham to Aialik Cape
5503Aialik Cape to Cape Puget (including Resurrection Bay and Seward)
55030002Fox Island WreckYes
55030003Boulder CityYes
55030004Hidden TreasureYes
55030005SharktoothNo - report
55030006Lowell PointNo - report
55030007The BallfieldNo - report
55030008Seward Sea Life CenterNo - report
55030009Humpy CoveNo - report
55030010Mary's RockNo - report
55030011Barwell IslandNo - report
55030012The GrottoNo - report
5504Prince William Sound (Cape Puget to Point Whitshed inc. Whittier)
55040001Smitty?s CoveYes
55040002Kittywake RookeryNo - report
55040003Paulson CoveNo - report
55040004Culross PassageYes
55040005Eshamy Bay Site #1Yes
55040006Eshamy Bay Site #2Yes
5505Point Whitshed to Yakutat Bay (including Yakutat Bay)
56Southeast Alaska (Yakutat Bay to Canadian Border)
5601Yakutat Bay to Pt. Bishop (including Juneau)
56010001Princess KathleenYes
56010002Princess Sophia, Vanderbilt ReefYes
56010003Ann Coleman WallYes
56010004Adlersheim LodgeYes
56010005BirdNo - report
56010006Auke Rec Dive ParkYes
56010007Lena CoveYes
56010008Amalga Harbor - Kayak RampYes
56010009Amalga Harbor - Big IslandYes
56010010Amalga Harbor - Cabin DiveYes
56010011Larry's Secret wall No - report
56010012Barlow Cove No - report
56010013Ropeswing CoveNo - report
56010014Mayflower IslandYes
56010015Auke Bay Boat HarborYes
56010016Tee Harbor Yes
56010017Juneau Waterfront No - report
56010018Sheep Creek No - report
56010019Shrine of Saint ThereseYes
56010020Douglas Cold Storage DockYes
56010021Intermediate Vessel FloatYes
56010022Lightering DockYes
56010023False Outer PointYes
56010024Eagle Beach Kayak RampYes
56010025Sunshine CoveYes
5602Chichagof Island
56020001Sea Lion Wall (Inian Islands - Icy Strait)Yes
56020002Susan's Hooters (Inian Islands - Icy Strait)No - report
56020003Wall of Life (Inian Islands - Icy Strait)Yes
56020004Inian WallNo - report
56020005Gaff Rock (Inian Islands)No - report
56020006Basket Bay Point (Chatham Strait)Yes
56020007Basket Bay WallYes
56020008Sergius RockYes
56020009South Inian Pass ReefYes
56020010Suloia RockYes
5603Baranof Island inc. Sitka
56030001Magic Island Underwater AreaYes
56030002Rob PointYes
56030003Point BrownYes
56030004St. Lazaria IslandYes
56030005Patterson Bay (Chatham Strait)Yes
56030006Vancouver Rock (south tip of Baranof)No - report
56030007Wooden Island (south tip of Baranof)Yes
56030008Kelp PatchYes
56030009Baranof Rock (Baranof Warm Springs)No - report
56030010Sugarloaf PointNo - report
56030011Dusky Boulder ShootYes
56030012South Whale IslandYes
56030013Makhnati RockYes
560300146 Mile Rock / Kulichkof RockYes
56030015Rogers RockNo - report
56030016Sitka HarborNo - report
5604Admiralty Island
56040002Point GambierYes
5605Point Bishop to Cape Fanshaw
5606Kupreanof Kuiu and Mitkof Islands
5607Prince of Wales and adjacent Islands
56070001Point StanhopeYes
56070002Grindall Island RockYes
5608Cape Fanshaw to Alaska Canada Border
56080001Misery IslandYes
56080002Foggy Bay RockYes
56080003Foggy PointYes
5609Revillagigedo and adjacent Islands (including Ketchikan)
56090001Washington Monument RockYes
56090002Mountain PointYes
56090003Tad's Back YardYes
56090004Refuge CoveYes
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