Zone code sas: sas

Zone CodeNameHave Coordinates?
9SOUTH ATLANTIC STATES (North Carolina thru Georgia)
93Southeast US (North Carolina/Hatteras Canyon thru Georgia)
9301South Carolina
93010001Bill Perry, SCNo - report
93010002Hebe, SCNo - report
93010003City of Richmond, SCNo - report
93010004Y/73 WreckYes
93010005T&A#9 WreckYes
93010006Indigo LedgesNo - report
93010007Anchor LedgesNo - report
93010008Researcher WreckYes
93010009Steelhouse DeckYes
93010010Lead Weight LedgesYes
93010011Gardens ReefYes
93010012Eric's Double LedgesNo - report
93010013Lil GardensNo - report
93010014Anchor WreckNo - report
93010015Comanche WreckYes
93010016Chamberlain's GulchNo - report
93010017105 ft LedgesNo - report
93010018Hole in WallNo - report
93010019Sugarbowl ReefNo - report
93010020Helen WreckNo - report
93010021Fred Day WreckYes
93010022Eagle's NestYes
93010023Charleston 60 ReefYes
93010024Train Wreck (subway cars)Yes
93010025105 BargeYes
93010026Barracuda AlleyYes
93010027The ShermanYes
93010028Eleven Mile Reef, Tugboat & Barge (Murrells Inlet)Yes
93010029The Governor (maybe Suwanne, Paddle Wheeler Wreck)Yes
93010030BP-25 Tanker Artificial ReefYes
93010031Area 51 DNR Artificial ReefNo - report
93010032Edisto 60 Reef - Army APCsYes
93010033Brown Reef (East of St. Helena Sound)Yes
9302Gray's Reef NMS
93020001Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary - unspecifieNo - report
93020003Station 20 (Gray's Reef NMS Monitoring Site )Yes
93020004GRNMS Southwest Ledge 1Yes
93020005GRNMS Southwest Ledge 2 / The TerracesYes
93020006GRNMS Southwest Ledge 3Yes
93020007GRNMS Site R9Yes
93020008GRNMS Site F3Yes
93020011May05_LAM9 - Tigershark LedgeYes
93020012May05_LAM6 - Hake LedgeYes
93020014Skate CityYes
93020015Goliath LedgeYes
93020016J-Reef LedgeYes
93020017Liberty Ship DanielsYes
93020018Lauren's Ledge, Anchor LedgeNo - report
93020019Site 51No - report
93020020Site 64No - report
93020021Barge OlympiaYes
93020022Scamp Ledge (V-8)No - report
93020023Housing SiteYes
93020024Sand Dollar Ledge (V-17)No - report
93020025V-10 (sand)No - report
93020032May05_LAM10, Ledge 16, 41 INYes
93020034May05_LAM12, Ledge 17Yes
93020040Sarah's Ledge (swim east)Yes
93020041East of Africa (swim W to Africa, E to ledge)Yes
93020042Funny Face Fish (swim east)Yes
93020043Wicked Witch of the South (swim east)Yes
93020044Donut HoleYes
93020045Paul's Pancreatic ReefYes
93020046Handlebar MustacheYes
93020049The Claw (swim west)Yes
93020050Seagull Ledge (swim west)Yes
93020052Trawl 13 (swim NW)Yes
93020053Wil's Liver (swim west or north)Yes
93020054Jigsaw ReefYes
93020055Snapper BanksYes
93020062R2 Tower (outside sanctuary)No - report
93020063R2 Hard Bottom (outside sanctuary)Yes
93020064J Reef Sand (outside sanctuary)Yes
93020065Major EventYes
93020068GR4, 01 OUTYes
9302006905 INYes
9302007006 INYes
9302007125 INYes
9302007227 INYes
9302007302 OUTYes
9302007406 OUTYes
9302007541 OUTYes
93020076FS15 InYes
9302007715 InYes
9303North Carolina
93030001Cassimir WreckYes
93030002City of Houston (off Cape Fear), NCNo - report
93030005Six Mile Ledge/Six Mile BargesYes
93030006Laqua CenterYes
93030007John D GillYes
93030008Topsail BeachNo - report
930300098.7 miles SW of Frying Pan TowerNo - report
93030010AR 370 Alexander RamseyYes
93030011Five Mile LedgeYes
93030012Radio Island JettyYes
93030013U-352 WreckYes
93030014Indra WreckYes
93030015Schurz WreckYes
93030016Papoose (bow section)Yes
93030017AR-386 Hyde Dredge WreckYes
9303001823 Mile LedgeYes
93030019Sharktooth LedgeYes
930300208 Mile LedgeNo - report
93030021Naeco Wreck sternYes
93030022Naeco Wreck bowNo - report
93030023Nancy LeeNo - report
93030024Socony WreckNo - report
93030025Coast Guard Cutter Spar Moorehead City NCNo - report
93030026USS MonitorNo - report
93030027Frying Pan Light TowerYes
93030028AR305 Aeolus WreckYes
93030029W.E. Hutton (Morehead City, NC)Yes
93030030AR 382No - report
93030031Caribsea (Beaufort Inlet)No - report
93030032Atlas (Beaufort Inlet)Yes
93030033Suloide (Beaufort Inlet)No - report
93030034Normannia (Beaufort Inlet)No - report
93030035Lobster Wreck (Beaufort Inlet)No - report
93030036Box Wreck or Rock Pile (Both names acceptable)No - report
93030037Tamaulipas or Far East Tanker (Bow)No - report
93030038Tamaulipas or Far East Tanker (Stern)No - report
93030039Ashkabad (Beaufort Inlet)No - report
93030040Portland (Beaufort Inlet)No - report
93030041AR 345 Titan Wreck (Beaufort Inlet)No - report
93030042Caswell BeachYes
93030043R.R. Stone Tug wreckYes
93030044Liberty ShipNo - report
93030045Lobster RockYes
93030047AR-320 Buoy / Clifton Moss ReefYes
93030048Wreck of the Greg MicKey (Menhaden wreck)Yes
93030049Sue's LedgeNo - report
93030050Old Dredge WreckYes
93030051Stacey's Ledge (37 miles E. of Wrightsville Beach)No - report
93030052Rosin Wreck (SS Runa)No - report
93030053Army Tugs / J.J.F. Tugboat / The TrampYes
93030054210 RockYes
93030055HMT BedfordshireYes
93030056Ledge east of Frying Pan TowerYes
9304Georgia (except GRNMS)
93040001Navy Tower M2R2Yes
93040002Unnamed coastal siteYes
93040003Live bottom near R2 towerYes
93040004Anchor Ledge (adjacent to GRNMS)Yes
93040005Anchor Ledge 2Yes
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