Zone code 9301: South Carolina


Zone CodeNameHave Coordinates?
93010001Bill Perry, SCNo - report
93010002Hebe, SCNo - report
93010003City of Richmond, SCNo - report
93010004Y/73 WreckYes
93010005T&A#9 WreckYes
93010006Indigo LedgesNo - report
93010007Anchor LedgesNo - report
93010008Researcher WreckYes
93010009Steelhouse DeckYes
93010010Lead Weight LedgesYes
93010011Gardens ReefYes
93010012Eric's Double LedgesNo - report
93010013Lil GardensNo - report
93010014Anchor WreckNo - report
93010015Comanche WreckYes
93010016Chamberlain's GulchNo - report
93010017105 ft LedgesNo - report
93010018Hole in WallNo - report
93010019Sugarbowl ReefNo - report
93010020Helen WreckNo - report
93010021Fred Day WreckYes
93010022Eagle's NestYes
93010023Charleston 60 ReefYes
93010024Train Wreck (subway cars)Yes
93010025105 BargeYes
93010026Barracuda AlleyYes
93010027The ShermanYes
93010028Eleven Mile Reef, Tugboat & Barge (Murrells Inlet)Yes
93010029The Governor (maybe Suwanne, Paddle Wheeler Wreck)Yes
93010030BP-25 Tanker Artificial ReefYes
93010031Area 51 DNR Artificial ReefNo - report
93010032Edisto 60 Reef - Army APCsYes
93010033Brown Reef (East of St. Helena Sound)Yes
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