Zone code 9303: North Carolina


Zone CodeNameHave Coordinates?
93030001Cassimir WreckYes
93030002City of Houston (off Cape Fear), NCNo - report
93030005Six Mile Ledge/Six Mile BargesYes
93030006Laqua CenterYes
93030007John D GillYes
93030008Topsail BeachNo - report
930300098.7 miles SW of Frying Pan TowerNo - report
93030010AR 370 Alexander RamseyYes
93030011Five Mile LedgeYes
93030012Radio Island JettyYes
93030013U-352 WreckYes
93030014Indra WreckYes
93030015Schurz WreckYes
93030016Papoose (bow section)Yes
93030017AR-386 Hyde Dredge WreckYes
9303001823 Mile LedgeYes
93030019Sharktooth LedgeYes
930300208 Mile LedgeNo - report
93030021Naeco Wreck sternYes
93030022Naeco Wreck bowNo - report
93030023Nancy LeeNo - report
93030024Socony WreckNo - report
93030025Coast Guard Cutter Spar Moorehead City NCNo - report
93030026USS MonitorNo - report
93030027Frying Pan Light TowerYes
93030028AR305 Aeolus WreckYes
93030029W.E. Hutton (Morehead City, NC)Yes
93030030AR 382No - report
93030031Caribsea (Beaufort Inlet)No - report
93030032Atlas (Beaufort Inlet)Yes
93030033Suloide (Beaufort Inlet)No - report
93030034Normannia (Beaufort Inlet)No - report
93030035Lobster Wreck (Beaufort Inlet)No - report
93030036Box Wreck or Rock Pile (Both names acceptable)No - report
93030037Tamaulipas or Far East Tanker (Bow)No - report
93030038Tamaulipas or Far East Tanker (Stern)No - report
93030039Ashkabad (Beaufort Inlet)No - report
93030040Portland (Beaufort Inlet)No - report
93030041AR 345 Titan Wreck (Beaufort Inlet)No - report
93030042Caswell BeachYes
93030043R.R. Stone Tug wreckYes
93030044Liberty ShipNo - report
93030045Lobster RockYes
93030047AR-320 Buoy / Clifton Moss ReefYes
93030048Wreck of the Greg MicKey (Menhaden wreck)Yes
93030049Sue's LedgeNo - report
93030050Old Dredge WreckYes
93030051Stacey's Ledge (37 miles E. of Wrightsville Beach)No - report
93030052Rosin Wreck (SS Runa)No - report
93030053Army TugsYes
93030054210 RockYes
93030055HMT BedfordshireYes
93030056Ledge east of Frying Pan TowerYes
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