Zone code 8503: Bonaire

TWA :: Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao

Zone CodeNameHave Coordinates?
85030002Calabas Reef (Divi Flamingo Resort)Yes
85030003Sampler (Klein)Yes
85030004Margate BayYes
85030005Alice In WonderlandYes
85030006Knife (Klein)Yes
85030007Karpata Reserve Site 1Yes
85030008Twin Rocks Reserve (North Reserve)Yes
85030009Jerry's Jam / Ebo's Special (Klein)Yes
85030010Forest (Klein)Yes
85030011The InvisiblesYes
85030012Calabas II (Carib)Yes
85030013KleinNo - report
85030014Bari ReefYes
85030015Hilma Hooker (Wreck)Yes
85030016Front Porch Bonaire (Sunset Beach)Yes
85030017Red SlaveYes
85030018Town PierYes
85030019Sharon's Serenity (Klein)Yes
85030020Carl's Hill / Punta P'abou (Klein)Yes
85030021Boca SlagbaaiYes
85030022Boca BartolYes
85030023Lighthouse PointYes
85030024Pink BeachYes
85030025Salt CityYes
85030026Angel CityYes
85030027The LakeYes
85030028Punt VierkantYes
85030029Windsock (Donkey Beach)Yes
85030030Hands Off (Klein)Yes
85030031Twixt (Klein)Yes
85030032Leonora's Reef (Klein)Yes
85030033Ebo's Reef (Klein)Yes
85030034La Machaca / Reef Scientifico (Captain Don's Habitat)Yes
85030035Petries PillarYes
850300361000 StepsYes
85030037Ol' BlueYes
85030039La Dania'sYes
85030042Playa FunchiYes
85030043Karpata Shore Dive (outside of no-dive zone)Yes
85030044Bachelor's BeachYes
85030045Tori's ReefYes
85030046Eighteenth PalmYes
85030047Rock Pile (Klein)Yes
85030048No Name Klein)Yes
85030049Salt PierYes
85030051Lac Bay 'Missing Pieces'Yes
85030052Munks Haven (Klein)Yes
85030054Willem Storen LighthouseYes
85030055Something SpecialYes
85030056Oil Slick LeapYes
85030057Weber's Joy/Witches HutYes
85030058Divi Tree / Monte's Divi (Klein)Yes
85030059Mi Dushi (Klein)Yes
85030060Southwest Corner (Klein)Yes
85030061Andrea IIYes
85030062Andrea IYes
85030063Nearest Point (Klein)Yes
85030065South Bay (Klein)Yes
85030066Small WallYes
85030067Playa BengeYes
85030068White SlaveYes
85030069Buddy's ReefYes
85030070Bon Bini Na KasYes
85030071Just a Nice Dive (Klein)Yes
85030073Carl's Hill Annex/Yellow Man (Klein)Yes
85030074Jeff Davis MemorialYes
85030075Bonaventure (Klein)Yes
85030076Red BerylYes
85030077The Windjammer WreckNo - report
85030078Vista BlueYes
85030079Joanne's Sunchi (Klein)No - report
85030082Sorobon/Blue Hole (East Coast)Yes
85030083Country GardensYes
85030084Baby Beach (East Coast)Yes
85030085Sweet DreamsYes
85030086Sabadeco DockYes
85030087200m south of Small Wall/ReefNetYes
85030088Green/Yellow SubmarineYes
85030089Club NauticoYes
85030091Boca Spelunk (East Coast)Yes
85030093Lac Bay MangrovesNo - report
85030094Bise MortoYes
85030095Jerry's Reef (Klein)Yes
85030096Jeanne's GloryYes
85030097Yellow HutYes
85030098Fish HutYes
85030099Jesse's PlaceYes
85030100Te Amo Beach/South of Plaza Marina Entrance/Bloody KneesYes
85030101Harbor VillageYes
85030102Hato BeachYes
85030103Power Generation Station Pilings / Desal PuthNo - report
85030104Lac Cai (East Coast, Lac Bay)Yes
85030105Taylor MaidYes
85030106Captain Don's Reef (Klein)Yes
85030107Hidden BeachYes
85030108Chez HinesYes
85030109Larry's Lair (inside Reserve)Yes
85030110Cha Cha Beach (Customs/South Pier)Yes
85030111Soft Coral GardenYes
85030112Gotta RegattaYes
85030113North Belnam/Corporal Meiss/Dick's PlaceYes
85030115Regatta HeadquartersYes
85030116Kalli's ReefYes
85030117Kitty'sNo - report
85030118White HoleYes
85030120Belmar Buoy/Sara's SmileYes
85030121South AquariusNo - report
85030122Old Doctor OfficeNo - report
85030123Washikemba (east coast)No - report
85030124SeahatchNo - report
85030126Drift CityYes
85030127Richard's RestaurantYes
85030128The RockYes
85030130Our Confidence wreck (Wanna Dive shop)Yes
85030131Moorings NW of Yellow SubmarineNo - report
85030132Carel's Vision (S of Nucove)No - report
85030133Please use 85030119 (was Chocogo)No - report
85030135South Bridge - East sideYes
85030136MariculturaNo - report
85030137Boy Scout (South of Yellow Sub)No - report
85030138Karpata Reserve Site TwoNo - report
85030139Karpata Reserve Site ThreeNo - report
85030140Lac Bay, Jibe CityNo - report
85030141Reef Balls (Bari Reef restoration)No - report
85030142Boca Slagbaai Reef BallsNo - report
85030143Spelunk Lighthouse (2mi SE of Boca Spelonk)No - report
85030144Boca Olivia (approx 5mi W of Boca Spelonk)No - report
85030145Peter's Head (East Coast, 1 km NW of Boca Onima)No - report
85030146My PlaceYes
85030147Playa Lechi aka Playa PabouYes
85030148North Windsock / Te Amo BeachYes
85030149Red Beryl NorthYes
85030150Esmeralda (Swimming Hole)Yes
85030151Fish Hut SouthYes
85030152English GardenYes
85030153Candy LandYes
85030154Boca Onima (East Coast)No - report
85030155Keepsake (Klein)No - report
85030157Fungi / Funchi Reef (East Side)Yes
85030158Windsock Beach - Wannadive Dive Shop House ReefYes
85030159Playa FransYes
85030160Wayaka IIYes
85030161Boka KatunaYes
85030162Venezuela ConsulateYes
85030163Eden Beach ResortYes
85030164Oceanfront ApartmentsYes
85030165Malmok LighthouseYes
85030166Slagbaai Park PreserveYes
85030167Bok'i mo Yenchi community pierYes
85030169Turtle City (East Side)Yes
85030170Valerie's Hill (Klein)Yes
85030171Ireland (SE side)Yes
85030172Sand Dollar ReefYes
85030173Andrea 1.5Yes
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