Top 15 Reasons to Become a REEF Marine Conservation Intern


As a REEF Marine Conservation Intern, you will...

1. Participate in scientific diving and assist with important research


2. Engage and educate the public about important issues in marine conservation

3.  Scuba dive and conduct fish surveys that contribute to REEF's Volunteer Fish Survey Project

 (photo credit Paul Humann)

4. Learn dozens of fish species and advance up REEF's Survey Experience Levels

5. Present workshops and fish identification seminars to the public

6. Gain new SCUBA certifications with local dive shops and instructors

7. Contribute to the upkeep and development of REEF Headquarters

8. Gain essential data collection and managment skills

9. Develop key skills in managing day to day activities at a non-profit organization

10. Volunteer with other conservation-minded organizations

 11.  Participate in important invasive lionfish research, outreach and management

12. Meet and network with important figures in marine science, SCUBA diving, underwater photography, and conservation

13.  Explore the mangroves, seagrass beds, and coral reefs of the Florida Keys

14. Watch the beautiful sunset in Key Largo each night

15. Make friendships that will last a lifetime

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