Inland marine waters of Washington and British Columbia GAFC Photography Contest

Tuesday, Jul 1, 2008, 5:36am
Event Type: Dives
Region: Pacific Coast (PAC: California - Alaska)

This July the SeaDoc Society is sponsoring an amateur underwater photography contest for the inland marine waters of Washington and British Columbia, an area often called the Salish Sea. The contest will be coupled with the Reef Environmental Education Foundation’s (REEF) Great Annual Fish Count and entry is free. Any diver who conducts and submits a REEF survey during the month of July will be eligible to submit one photograph taken during that survey. The number of entries per photographer is only limited by the number of REEF surveys conducted – conduct 10 surveys, submit 10 images. Photo categories will be linked to REEF fish and invertebrate groupings and will include divisions such as best rockfish, best sculpin, best echinoderm, best crustacean, most surveyed species in one photo and best picture of a diver conducting a REEF survey. All entrants will receive a Northwestern Seashore Life pocket field guide as well as a SeaDoc Society sticker. The winner of each category will get a SeaDoc Society hat and aluminum water bottle.

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