St. Vincent Field Survey 2008 Image Gallery

All Photos By Ned DeLoach. Copyright 2008. Subject to Terms of Use.

Some of the more spectacular finds of the 261 fish species documented during two weeks in St. Vincent by REEF surveyors in August 2008.

Blackfin CardinalfishBlackfin Cardinalfish Black BrotulaBlack Brotula Blackear BassBlackear Bass Cardinal SoldierfishCardinal Soldierfish Golden HamletGolden Hamlet
Lined SeahorseLined Seahorse Longsnout SeashorseLongsnout Seashorse PipehorsePipehorse Red Banner BlennyRed Banner Blenny Shortnose BatfishShortnose Batfish
SnakefishSnakefish Snapper Snake EelSnapper Snake Eel Snowy BassSnowy Bass Spotfin GobySpotfin Goby Yellowcheek BassletYellowcheek Basslet

A few of the invertebrates worth mentioning too!

Atlantic Long Arm OctopusAtlantic Long Arm Octopus Brown Stripe OctopusBrown Stripe Octopus
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