Last year, as part of the Volunteer Fish Survey Project, we had the "20 in 2020 Challenge" - where divers and snorkelers conducted and submitted 20 or more surveys during the year.

This year, we're stepping it up a bit and are launching the annual "Super Surveyor Challenge". You'll need 25 or more surveys conducted and submitted during the year.

How it works:

  • Surveys must be conducted and submitted during 2021 (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31)
  • Surveys may be from a single REEF survey region or multiple REEF regions combined
  • Surveys can be done by diving or snorkeling
  • Everyone who completes the Super Surveyor Challenge will get a special decal and be entered to win the random Grand Prize Drawing
  • We will track survey counts at the start of each month and add the new names to the list below

New to REEF surveying? You don't have to be an expert to get started. Anyone can participate in the Volunteer Fish Survey Project; no matter if you know little to nothing about fish ID, are an expert at fish ID, or anything in between. Get started by viewing a quick video:

Challenge Completed!

  • Peter Leahy
  • Cassandra Neal
  • Rocio Bunker
  • Ron Wolfe
  • Ed Gullekson
  • Dennis Bensen
  • Herb Gruenhagen
  • Mona & Gary Wirth
  • Kara Curry
  • Brad Giles
  • Chuck Curry
  • Dave Grenda
  • Rhoda Green
  • Patricia Richardson
  • MJ Farr
  • Judith Cucco
  • Robin Webster
  • Alice Ribbens
  • Leslie Kopietz
  • Joseph Mangiafico
  • Marta Zahalak
  • Perry Webster
  • Karen Bogart
  • Connie Bogan
  • Kathie Comerford
  • Kristi Draper
  • Donald McCoy
  • Don Gordon
  • Frank Krasovec
  • Carrie Neal
  • William Ribbens
  • Marsha Davis
  • Eddie Roa