Purpose of this toolkit 

This social media toolkit contains resources you can use to share information about REEF’s Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K with your friends and family. You can use the information below to post on your social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. You can be part of increasing awareness on REEF’s marine conservation efforts from the comfort of your home! 

How does a social media toolkit work? 

  1. Copy and paste the suggested social media posts, or develop your own customized posts using the information below, to share the 5K content. 
  2. Add the hashtags found below to your social media posts, and engage with us using your accounts. 
  3. Follow REEF on Facebook and Instagram and share our content. 
  4. Upload a photo to Instagram and Facebook and caption it with one of the suggested captions found below. NOTE: Instagram does not support hyperlinks in captions. You must add the link into your Bio (Click “Edit Profile” to add a website URL). Then, direct your followers to the link by adding “Click the link in my bio to read all about it!” to your caption.
  5. Keep on the lookout for more information regarding the Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K on REEF’s social media! 

Facebook: @REEF.org

Instagram: @reef_org 

Social Media Giveaway 

When you finish your 5K, help us celebrate with you! Please send us a race day photo, so we recognize your accomplishment and celebrate together virtually. Please share your photo with us at explorers@REEF.org, and if you share it on social media, please tag REEF and use the hashtags #REEFRace and #OceansForAll. 

Post a photo on Facebook or Instagram of you in your race swag or completing your 5K, tag REEF and two of your race buddies and you'll be automatically entered to win a REEF-themed giveaway! A winner will be chosen after October 4. 

Sample Social Media Posts

Join me for REEF’s first-ever Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K! Proceeds from my race registration will support REEF’s Oceans for All Fund, which provides support for individuals who have limited opportunities to experience the ocean through REEF’s programs. Join me in making our miles count Sept. 28 – Oct. 4 from anywhere in the world – register for the #FishOutofWater Virtual 5K today at www.REEF.org/5KRace! #REEFRace #OceansForAll 

During the week of Sept. 28 – Oct. 4 I’ll be participating in REEF’s Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K! I’ll be competing for the _____ Team from the ____ region. When you register for the #FishOutofWater Virtual 5K you’ll get to join a Virtual Fish Team from one of REEF’s 11 Volunteer Fish Survey Project regions of your choosing. Check out www.REEF.org/5KRace to see the other #VirtualFishTeams or to register today! #REEFRace #OceansForAll #______Team

Calling all ocean enthusiasts around the world! REEF’s Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K is your chance to get out and get active in your local community while making your miles count. Not only will proceeds from your registration go to the Oceans for All Fund to increase inclusive programming at REEF, but you’ll also receive limited edition #FishOutofWater race swag! Visit www.REEF.org/5KRace to register for the virtual 5K Sept. 28 – Oct. 4. #REEFRace #OceansForAll


When you use existing hashtags about REEF and the Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K  these posts will gain more visibility among like-minded individuals! Here are a few that you can use:

#REEFRace #OceansForAll #FishOutofWater #VirtualRace #REEF #MakeADifference 


Social Media Graphics

We've created some fun graphics for you to use when you post about the Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K on social media! Listed below are graphics for each of the Virtual Fish Teams, an online informative flyer, and a colorful text graphic. Choose one or multiple graphics to post on your own social media account. Don't forget to tag REEF and use the above hashtags.