Which fish are you?

When you register for the Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K, you can choose to join a Virtual Fish Team from one of our Volunteer Fish Survey Project regions. At the end of the race week, we'll highlight the results of each Virtual Fish Team.

Click on the fish icons below to see more about each fish's race "personality."



California - Garibaldi 

-- Slow and steady wins the race
-- Has headphones in so no one talks to them
-- Acts like the water cooler belongs to them

Photo credit: Janna Nichols


Central Indo-Pacific - Clown Triggerfish

-- Always late
-- Took 2 hours to pick out the perfect outfit
-- Spends more time taking pictures than actually running

Photo credit: Paul Humann


South Pacific - Fire Dartfish

-- HAS to run with their significant other 
-- Picks out the best workout music
-- Never looks sweaty 

Photo credit: Jeff Haines


Eastern Atlantic & Mediterranean - Ornate Wrasse

-- Runs 20 miles before you even get out of bed
-- On a health kick only eating greens
-- Name brands only please 

Photo credit: Marco Santos 



Indian Ocean & Red Sea - Powderblue Surgeonfish

-- Stops to pet dogs
-- Prefers taking their time to enjoy nature
-- Dances across the finish line

Photo credit: Paul Humann



Northeast US & Canada - Sea Raven

-- Gets dropped off at the finish line
-- Walking to my fridge counts as exercise, right?
-- Pre-race meal: pizza

Photo credit: Bob Michelson



Pacific Northwest - Wolf Eel

-- Not entirely sure what a 5K is
-- Only here for the free snacks
-- What day is the race again?

Photo credit: Tom Nicodemus 



South Atlantic States - Atlantic Spadefish

-- Only competes so they can socialize
-- Teamwork makes the dream work
-- High fives everyone as they pass

Photo credit: Daryl Duda



Tropical Eastern Pacific - Giant Hawkfish

-- Their mom forced them to compete
-- Just wants to go home
-- Face-timing their friend the whole time

Photo credit: Christy Semmens 



Tropical Western Atlantic - Indigo Hamlet

-- Pretty athletic (can do at least 1 sit up)
-- Saves a bunch of at-home workouts but never does them
-- Spends $50 on a pair of running socks

Photo credit: Carlos Estape 



Hawaii - Potter's Angelfish

-- Carries backpack with unlimited supplies
-- Just wants everyone to have fun
-- Shows up 2 hours early so they can get good parking

Photo credit: Jim Spears 




The REEF Volunteer Fish Survey Project was developed to allow volunteer SCUBA divers and snorkelers to collect and report information on marine fish populations as well as selected invertebrate and algae species in temperate reef areas. The data are collected using a fun and easy standardized method and are housed in a publicly-accessible database on REEF's website. These data are used by a variety of resource agencies and researchers. If you'd like to learn more about the REEF Volunteer Fish Survey Project or become a REEF volunteer fish surveyor, visit our webpage