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Tagging Methods

- Video of the tagging procedure, including release (Windows Media file, click here)

- Pictures of the tagging process:

fishing_on_aggregation.jpg (47571 bytes)   weighing_fish_before_tagging.jpg (39661 bytes)   surgery.jpg (45708 bytes)   surgery_w_floy_ready_to_go.jpg (53106 bytes)   taking_blood_and_finclip.jpg (44970 bytes)   Phil_taking_blood.jpg (72082 bytes)

- Pictures of tagged fish following surgery:
acoustic_tag_with_floy_spawningcoloration.jpg (29766 bytes)   acoustic_tagged_visiting_cleaning_station.jpg (52595 bytes)   double_floytagged.jpg (60606 bytes)   double_floytagged2.jpg (68690 bytes)   floy_tagged.jpg (46317 bytes)

Vemco VR2 Hydrophone Array

- Video of VR2 mooring network, including deployment (Windows Media file, click here)

- Picture of VR2 hydropones in situ:
mooring_on_ubolt.jpg (59676 bytes)   hydro_mooring_at_distance.jpg (25675 bytes)   hydro_on_line.jpg (16071 bytes)   hydro_mooring_floats.jpg (14903 bytes)   brad_inspecting_mooring.jpg (112498 bytes)   bradley_retrieving_hydro.jpg (27644 bytes)   downloading_hydro_in_field.jpg (44759 bytes)

- Map depicting VR2 mooring locations on Little Cayman
hydro_locations.jpg (77865 bytes)

VR100 Mobile Tracking

- Video of the 'tow bell' used to tow the VR100 hydrophone (Windows Media file, click here)

- Picture of the VR100 receiver
vr100.jpg (40425 bytes)   scott_checking_vr100.jpg (38797 bytes)

Home Sites of the Fish We Tagged

- Map depicting the home sites of grouper we've tagged:
homesite_map.jpg (263907 bytes)