How does a virtual book club work?

After you join REEF's Into the Blue Book Club you'll be invited to our private Facebook group. Joining the Facebook group is the best way to stay up to date with the group and join in the conversation. REEF staff will post updates on meetings, and any member of the group can post discussion questions, share thoughts on the books as we're reading them, and get to know your fellow REEF members!

All meetings will be held virtually via Zoom. Members will receive regular email updates with information on the chosen books, meeting date reminders, and discussion questions. 

What kind of books will we be reading?

Generally, books with a marine science or ocean theme will be chosen for each meeting. Books within the realm of citizen science, environmental conservation, diving and marine-related activities may also be chosen. 

Who picks the books and discussion questions?

Members of the book club are free to give suggestions on well-suited books for the club. To ease planning and preparation of each meeting, REEF staff members will make the final decision on each book choice. 

Along with each book, REEF staff will also prepare discussion questions and topics for each virtual meeting. If members have any suggestions or feedback regarding discussion topics we welcome any recommendations or ideas. 

Is there a fee to join?

Nope! Into the Blue Book Club is free and open to anyone to join! The only cost will come from purchasing the chosen books. Price and accessibility of each book will be taken into consideration before choosing a book. 

How do I join?

All you need to do is fill out some general contact information on our registration page so we can send you email updates, and then join the Into the Blue Book Club Facebook so you can receive regular updates on all things related to the book club. If you have any questions or need any help, please email at books@REEF.org or call 305-852-0030.