REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: CIP
Zone: Southern Spice Islands (aka Maluku)

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
4401Zone Code listGeographic ReportAmbon
44010001Geographic ReportLain Lain (Lain Island)Yes
44010002Geographic ReportHukurila IIYes
44010003Geographic ReportPintu KotaYes
44010004Geographic ReportLaha Jetty / Laha 1 / Laha 1.5Yes
44010006Geographic ReportLaha 2Yes
44010008Geographic ReportAir Manis / Aer ManisNo
44010009Geographic ReportMagicNo
44010010Geographic ReportMaluku House ReefNo
44010011Geographic ReportBlue Duck JettyYes
44010012Geographic ReportKaca LengkungNo
44010013Geographic ReportBatu Badiri / Batu Bandiri / Standing RockYes
44010014Geographic ReportMiddle PointNo
44010015Geographic ReportHukurila CaveYes
44010016Geographic ReportLaha 3 / Rhino CityYes
44010017Geographic ReportBubble PointYes
44010018Geographic ReportPante NamaYes
44010019Geographic ReportHama HusuYes
44010020Geographic ReportKampung BaruYes
44010021Geographic ReportDive into Ambon House MuckYes
44010022Geographic ReportBaguala SlopeYes
44010023Geographic ReportBaguala Sea MountYes
44010024Geographic ReportHollywoodYes
44010025Geographic ReportACOM (Ambon City of Music)Yes
44010026Geographic ReportFrankie's Point / CornerYes
44010027Geographic ReportJetty Aer ManisNo
44010028Geographic ReportBatu LubangNo
44010029Geographic ReportTirta 2No
44010030Geographic ReportBubble Point 2No
44010031Geographic ReportHukurilaNo
44010032Geographic ReportNamaLatuNo
44010034Geographic ReportTower TawiriNo
44010035Geographic ReportALFA BarYes
44010036Geographic ReportHolland's Spot / Loving Cave(Ambon)Yes
44010037Geographic ReportPsychedelic RiseYes
44010038Geographic ReportAmahusu area incl. Beach and Jetty / Eerie Chicane / Eri PointYes
44010039Geographic ReportAmahusu PointYes
44010041Geographic ReportLeahari PointYes
44010042Geographic ReportHard Boiled / Batu Lumpar / Cara MistikYes
44010043Geographic ReportPulau Pombo / Pombo IslandYes
44010044Geographic ReportPom-Pombo / Pompon BooYes
44010045Geographic ReportYoram PointNo
4402Zone Code listGeographic ReportOther Lease Islands (incl Seram and Buru)
440201Zone Code listGeographic ReportBuru and adj. Islands
440202Zone Code listGeographic ReportSeram and adj. Islands
44020201Geographic ReportPular Tujuh SargasmYes
44020202Geographic ReportMakina MagicYes
44020203Geographic ReportHata Mata/Tanjung SialYes
44020204Geographic ReportFlying FishYes
44020205Geographic ReportBoano Slope / Reef / Wall (Boano Island)Yes
44020206Geographic ReportDon't Take the Coconuts (Asaudi Islands)Yes
44020207Geographic ReportAtunurus VillageYes
4403Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanda Islands (Bandaneira - Lontar -  Hatta)
440301Zone Code listGeographic ReportBandaneira
44030101Geographic ReportHotel Maulana Banda Molang JettyYes
44030102Geographic ReportLava FlowYes
44030103Geographic ReportTanjung BurungYes
44030104Geographic ReportTempat MalamNo
44030105Geographic ReportGunung Api SlopeYes
44030106Geographic ReportKraka Island / LighthouseYes
44030107Geographic ReportTrigger Happy (Kapal)Yes
44030108Geographic ReportGurung BandaYes
44030109Geographic ReportBatu Kapal (Bandaneira)Yes
44030110Geographic ReportPohon Miring (Bandaneira)No
44030111Geographic ReportPulau Pisang (Bandaneira)Yes
44030112Geographic ReportPulau Pisang (SW side)Yes
440302Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanda Lontar
44030201Geographic ReportTanjung NamaNo
44030202Geographic ReportTanjung Banda (Banda Lontar)Yes
440303Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Ai
44030301Geographic ReportKampung AiYes
44030302Geographic ReportSoutheast side of Pulau AiYes
440304Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Run
44030401Geographic ReportNailaka (Pulau Run)Yes
44030402Geographic ReportTanjung Noret (Run Island)Yes
44030403Geographic ReportNorth Nailaka (Pulau Run)Yes
440305Zone Code listGeographic ReportSuanggi
44030501Geographic ReportSuanggi NE cornerYes
44030502Geographic ReportSuanggi SE cornerYes
44030503Geographic ReportSuanggi W sideYes
44030504Geographic ReportSuanggi NorthYes
44030505Geographic ReportJackpot / Ping Pong (Suanggi)No
440306Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Hatta / Pulau Rozengain
44030601Geographic ReportKarang Hatta (Hatta Island)Yes
44030602Geographic ReportHatta Wall (Hatta Island)Yes
44030603Geographic ReportKarang Saaru WestYes
44030604Geographic ReportKarang Saaru EastYes
4404Zone Code listGeographic ReportKai Islands; Watubela and Gorong Archipelagos
44040001Geographic ReportKoon Timor (Scheiss Platz) Palau KoonYes
44040002Geographic ReportKarang SakitYes
44040003Geographic ReportKasiui Wall (Kasiui / Kasirui Island SE corner)Yes
44040004Geographic ReportKurkap SeamountYes
44040005Geographic ReportKasiui East SideYes
44040006Geographic ReportKasiui JettyYes
44040007Geographic ReportPulau TioorYes
44040008Geographic ReportPulau UranYes
44040009Geographic ReportPunto Pio (Kurkap)Yes
44040010Geographic ReportKurkap Atoll NorthYes
44040011Geographic ReportToo Many Fish (Pulau Koon)Yes
44040012Geographic ReportMadu Madorang (Pulau Madorang)Yes
44040013Geographic ReportPulau Wonin (Tiga Saudara / Three Sisters)Yes
44040014Geographic ReportIloa Kampang (Pulau Manggur - Tiga Saudara / Three Sisters)Yes
44040015Geographic ReportBui (Pulau Kaimeer)Yes
4405Zone Code listGeographic ReportAru and Tanimbar Islands
440501Zone Code listGeographic ReportTanimbar Islands
44050101Geographic ReportVaiwar Slope (Vaiwar Island)Yes
44050102Geographic ReportNgursituli West (Pulau Selu)Yes
44050103Geographic ReportNgursituli North (Pulau Selu)Yes
44050104Geographic ReportPelican Reef (Waliaru Island)Yes
44050105Geographic ReportSnake Shenanigans (Pulau Maru)Yes
44050106Geographic ReportTanjung Nituwahan (Pulau Molu)Yes
44050107Geographic ReportKalbur Barat (island north of Pulau Molu)Yes
4406Zone Code listGeographic ReportLeti - Sermata - Dai and Babar Islands
44060001Geographic ReportPelangi 1 / Rainbow (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060002Geographic ReportPelangi 2 (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060003Geographic ReportShip to Dai (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060004Geographic ReportTo Dai For (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060005Geographic ReportEndey's Garden (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060006Geographic ReportTanjung Dai (Dai Island)Yes
44060007Geographic ReportTanjung Kampung (Dai Island)Yes
44060008Geographic ReportDai Wall (Dai Island)Yes
440601Zone Code listGeographic ReportBabar/Wetan/Dawera/Daweloor Islands
44060101Geographic ReportA Bit Far Rock (SW of Dawera Island)Yes
44060102Geographic ReportDawera Wall (NW Dawera Island)Yes
44060103Geographic ReportSHD - Pulau Dawera North sideYes
44060104Geographic ReportSponge Delight (Dawera Island)Yes
44060105Geographic ReportDragon Wall (Dawera Island)Yes
44060106Geographic ReportTanjung Dragon (Dawera Island)Yes
440602Zone Code listGeographic ReportLeti / Sermata / Meatimiarang Islands
44060201Geographic ReportTg Panelu (Kalapa - Sermata Group)Yes
44060202Geographic ReportAtoll - SE Point (Meatimiarang)Yes
4407Zone Code listGeographic ReportDamar, Nila, Terbang, Utara, Serua
44070001Geographic ReportDusbough / Dusborgh NE Tip (N. Nila Island)Yes
44070002Geographic ReportDusbough West Tip (N. Nila Island)Yes
44070003Geographic ReportDusbough Tengah (N. Nila Island)Yes
44070004Geographic ReportTerbang Utara / Terbang Ridge (North Terbang)Yes
44070005Geographic ReportTerbang Selatan North Point / Wall (South Terbang)Yes
44070006Geographic ReportTerbang Selatan EastYes
44070007Geographic ReportNildesperandum (west side) - Sea MountYes
44070008Geographic ReportTanjung Tulwomnausi Point (Nila island)Yes
44070009Geographic ReportTerbang Utara (North Terbang west side)Yes
44070010Geographic ReportPurple Haze (South Terbang west side)Yes
44070011Geographic ReportThe Opera House Yes
44070012Geographic ReportDamar WallYes
44070013Geographic ReportDamar BeachYes
44070014Geographic ReportTerbang Selatan WestYes
44070015Geographic ReportDusborgh Atoll (near Nila)Yes
44070016Geographic ReportBommie Beach / Pulau Nila (Nila)Yes
44070017Geographic ReportNilsdesperandum SouthYes
44070018Geographic ReportNilsdesperandum NorthYes
44070019Geographic ReportTanjung Keke (Serua Island)Yes
44070020Geographic ReportKeke Reef Right (Serua Island)Yes
44070021Geographic ReportKeke Reef Left (Serua Island)Yes
44070022Geographic ReportTerbang Selatan SW SideYes
44070023Geographic ReportTerbang Utara NW SideYes
44070024Geographic ReportKeke West (Keke, off Serua)Yes
44070025Geographic ReportFluffy Wall (NE Serua)Yes
44070026Geographic ReportMagic CornerNo
4408Zone Code listGeographic ReportWetar/Reong/Nyata/Romang
440801Zone Code listGeographic ReportWetar / Reong
44080101Geographic ReportTanjung Maluang / Reong North PointYes
44080102Geographic ReportMasuk SungaiYes
44080103Geographic ReportBay of Reong (Wetar)Yes
44080104Geographic ReportPulau Reong South SlopeYes
44080105Geographic ReportLarry's Tower (Wetar Island)Yes
44080106Geographic ReportDinding Utara (North Wall - Reong)Yes
44080107Geographic ReportDinding Timur (East Wall - Reong)Yes
44080108Geographic ReportTidak Ada Syabandar / There is No Harbormaster (Reong)Yes
44080109Geographic ReportNunukae / Tanjung Nunukai (Wetar)Yes
44080110Geographic ReportPulau Reong (north side)Yes
44080111Geographic ReportSnowYes
44080112Geographic ReportBlack SandsYes
44080113Geographic ReportSouth Wall (Reong)Yes
44080114Geographic ReportNE Wall (Reong)Yes
44080115Geographic ReportCotton Wood CanyonYes
44080116Geographic ReportExploring WetarYes
440802Zone Code listGeographic ReportNyata / Romang / Maopora / Telang
44080201Geographic ReportKarang TimorNo
44080202Geographic ReportDinding SelatanYes
44080203Geographic ReportPulau Maopora East TipYes
44080204Geographic ReportRumah KudaYes
44080205Geographic ReportRomang Southern TipYes
44080206Geographic ReportHose F (Romang Island)Yes
44080207Geographic ReportChicken Run (Romang Island)Yes
44080208Geographic ReportNyata (NE side)Yes
44080209Geographic ReportCrack House / Grouper Arch (near west point of Nyata)Yes
44080210Geographic ReportNyata UtaraYes
44080211Geographic ReportNyata LighthouseYes
44080212Geographic ReportPulau Laut west sideYes
44080213Geographic ReportPulau Telang north sideYes
44080214Geographic ReportGlorious Garden (Pulau Nyata)Yes
4409Zone Code listGeographic ReportOther Barat Daya Islands (excl Wetar)
4410Zone Code listGeographic ReportGunungapi
44100001Geographic ReportIkan BanyakYes
44100002Geographic ReportKarang SelatanNo
4411Zone Code listGeographic ReportLucipara and Mai (Turtle Group)
44110001Geographic ReportKarang TimorNo
4412Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsolated Banda Sea Islands
441201Zone Code listGeographic ReportGili Manuk
44120101Geographic ReportPohon Kelapa / Manuk Barat (Gili Manuk)Yes
44120102Geographic ReportBig Ridge / Gili Gili Ridges (Gili Manuk)Yes
44120103Geographic ReportTanjung Kelapa / Tanjung Manuk (Gili Manuk)Yes
44120104Geographic ReportEight Wonders / South Ridge (Manuk Island)Yes
44120105Geographic ReportManuk Cliff (Manuk Island)Yes
44120106Geographic ReportRed Cliff (Gili Manuk)Yes
44120107Geographic ReportPlateau BaratYes
44120108Geographic ReportBubble Reef (Manuk Island)No