REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: CIP
Zone: Lesser Sunda Islands/Nusa Tenggara Group

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
461Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouthern Lesser Sunda Archipelago
4611Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Timor
461101Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Batek
46110101Geographic ReportBatek EastYes
46110102Geographic ReportBatek NEYes
46110103Geographic ReportBatek NorthYes
461102Zone Code listGeographic ReportRote Island
46110201Geographic ReportHeli Ana NorthYes
46110202Geographic ReportHeli Ana NEYes
46110203Geographic ReportHeli Ana East TipYes
46110204Geographic ReportFish Wall (Rote Island)Yes
46110205Geographic ReportThree Rocks (Rote Island)Yes
46110206Geographic ReportPlateau (Rote Island)Yes
4612Zone Code listGeographic ReportSavu Group
4613Zone Code listGeographic ReportSumba
4614Zone Code listGeographic ReportTimor-Leste
461401Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Atauro
46140101Geographic ReportGreen Buoy / Haru InaYes
46140102Geographic ReportRed Buoy / Watu AiiYes
46140103Geographic ReportSouth JettyYes
46140104Geographic ReportOuter Reef / Haru UhuralaYes
46140105Geographic ReportAdara NearshoreYes
46140106Geographic ReportAdara LMMAYes
46140107Geographic ReportRaiketaYes
46140108Geographic ReportVila SouthYes
46140109Geographic ReportRaiketa OuterYes
462Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Lesser Sunda Archipelago
4621Zone Code listGeographic ReportAlor (incl. Buaya - Kepa - Ternate - Pura Islands)
462101Zone Code listGeographic ReportAlor
46210101Geographic ReportMucky Mosaic / Mosque / MouseYes
46210102Geographic ReportMini WallYes
46210103Geographic ReportRocky ChurchYes
46210107Geographic ReportTreetops, Alor-KecilYes
46210108Geographic ReportThe Cathedral (Alor)Yes
46210109Geographic ReportSavu Savu Resort House ReefYes
46210110Geographic ReportPancuran / Slugfest (Alor)Yes
46210111Geographic ReportMucky SchoolYes
462102Zone Code listGeographic ReportBuaya
46210201Geographic ReportCave Point - Buaya IslandYes
462103Zone Code listGeographic ReportKepa
462104Zone Code listGeographic ReportTernate / Reta
46210401Geographic ReportBabylon (Ternate / Reta)Yes
462105Zone Code listGeographic ReportPura
46210502Geographic ReportKarang Utara - Palau PuraNo
46210503Geographic ReportPlease use 46210110 (was Pancuran / Slugfest)No
46210504Geographic ReportClown ValleyYes
46210505Geographic ReportPak Yan's Village / Village of Happy Kids / Kampung Anak Senang / Tanjung Yan VillageYes
46210506Geographic ReportPleasant BoardroomYes
46210507Geographic ReportBig Foot (South Pura)Yes
46210508Geographic ReportSchool Out (Pura)Yes
46210509Geographic ReportSolong Bali Wall (Pura)Yes
46210510Geographic ReportSolong Bali Jetty (Pura)Yes
46210511Geographic ReportMandarin Wall (Coconuts)Yes
46210512Geographic ReportCoconut GroveYes
46210513Geographic ReportPura NW PointYes
46210514Geographic ReportClown CityYes
4622Zone Code listGeographic ReportPantar; Lembata/Kawula; Adonara; Solor; Komba Islands
462201Zone Code listGeographic ReportPantar
46220101Geographic ReportHot Property (Beangabang Bay)Yes
46220102Geographic ReportRibbon Eel Run (Beangabang Bay)Yes
46220103Geographic ReportWest End Reef (Beangabang Bay)No
46220104Geographic ReportRainbow Rock / Rainbow ReefNo
46220105Geographic ReportNew Jetty (Beangabang Bay)Yes
46220106Geographic ReportNorth Point (Beangabang Bay)Yes
46220107Geographic ReportWatu Balu / Batu Balu (Rusa)Yes
46220108Geographic ReportWatu ileYes
46220109Geographic ReportBeangabang Bay West SideYes
46220110Geographic ReportLapan (off Pantar)Yes
46220111Geographic ReportTanjung MunaYes
46220112Geographic ReportAnthias / Symphony #9 / Great Pantar WallYes
46220113Geographic ReportCrucifixion PointYes
46220114Geographic ReportBakalan / Bakalang JettyYes
46220115Geographic ReportThe Walls (Trewek / Treweng South Point)Yes
46220116Geographic ReportBatu PantarYes
46220117Geographic ReportBlack Rock (Pulau Kambing)Yes
46220118Geographic ReportMarisa Rock (Marisa)Yes
462202Zone Code listGeographic ReportLembata / Kawula
46220201Geographic ReportSizzlerYes
46220202Geographic ReportBacatan LedgesYes
46220203Geographic ReportEast NeiraYes
46220204Geographic ReportRadio ReefYes
46220205Geographic ReportLembata/Kawula Ferry PierYes
46220206Geographic ReportLamanipoNo
46220207Geographic ReportDindling LewalingYes
46220208Geographic ReportWatu Waratun / Wara Wuntun NorthYes
46220209Geographic ReportWatu Waratun / Wara Wuntun South / Padang PasirYes
46220210Geographic ReportWatu Waratun / Wara Wuntun Village / Wrassedemonium / Lava Flow / Black Sand WallYes
46220211Geographic ReportTakat PrauYes
46220212Geographic ReportNubbin PointYes
46220214Geographic ReportWatu Waratun / Wara Wuntun PointYes
46220215Geographic ReportBacatan WallYes
46220216Geographic ReportBacatan Wall 2Yes
46220217Geographic ReportTanjung WaiwowanYes
46220218Geographic ReportPandang PasirYes
46220219Geographic ReportThe CardinalYes
46220220Geographic ReportTanjung Bacatan / Bacatan WallYes
46220221Geographic ReportThe MangroveYes
462203Zone Code listGeographic ReportSolor
462204Zone Code listGeographic ReportAdonara
46220401Geographic ReportPoint between Kodih Kele & Sagu InletNo
46220402Geographic ReportTanjung WotanYes
46220403Geographic ReportIpet Dropoff and Ridge (off NE Adonara)Yes
46220404Geographic ReportRay's Rush HourYes
462205Zone Code listGeographic ReportKomba Volcano
46220501Geographic ReportKomba Korner (Komba Volcano)Yes
46220502Geographic ReportKomba WaterfallNo
4623Zone Code listGeographic ReportFlores - Besar (and adj. islands)
462301Zone Code listGeographic ReportFlores
46230101Geographic ReportMaumere PierNo
46230102Geographic ReportFish Market - MaumereYes
46230103Geographic ReportTanjung Gedong WestNo
46230104Geographic ReportGedong BayYes
46230105Geographic ReportGedong WallNo
46230106Geographic ReportSerbete ReefYes
46230107Geographic ReportPertamina PierNo
46230108Geographic ReportRiung (Flores)Yes
46230109Geographic ReportPulau Kalong (off Flores)Yes
46230110Geographic ReportPulau Pasir Rita - EastYes
46230111Geographic ReportPulau Pasir Rita - NE CornerYes
46230112Geographic ReportPulau Pasir Rita - WestYes
46230113Geographic ReportKelambu Bay ChannelYes
46230114Geographic ReportKelambu Bay North EndYes
46230115Geographic ReportBatu BogaYes
46230116Geographic ReportKura BajaYes
46230117Geographic ReportKura Baja BayYes
46230118Geographic ReportKura BesiYes
46230119Geographic ReportGili Bodo SW sideYes
462302Zone Code listGeographic ReportBesar
46230201Geographic ReportLebantour No
46230202Geographic ReportPulau Besar - West Wall No
46230203Geographic ReportMaragajongYes
46230204Geographic ReportPomana KecilYes
46230205Geographic ReportPulau Babi / The CrackYes
46230206Geographic ReportGosong BoniYes
462303Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Raja
46230301Geographic ReportIkan Mudah DuaNo
4624Zone Code listGeographic ReportRinca and Komodo (and adj. islands)
462401Zone Code listGeographic ReportNusa Kode area
46240101Geographic ReportCrinoid CanyonYes
46240102Geographic ReportCannibal Rock / Nurdin SpiritYes
46240103Geographic ReportRodeo RockYes
46240104Geographic ReportPelican Head / Disaster BayYes
46240105Geographic ReportWhite BeachYes
46240106Geographic ReportTorpedo AlleyYes
46240107Geographic ReportYellow Wall (of Texas)Yes
46240108Geographic ReportDevil's CornerYes
46240109Geographic ReportBouldersYes
46240110Geographic ReportPisangYes
462402Zone Code listGeographic ReportRinca
46240201Geographic ReportLoh Buaya WestYes
46240202Geographic ReportTengah No
46240203Geographic ReportKomodo Walk / Dragon WalkYes
46240204Geographic ReportWainiluYes
46240205Geographic ReportWainilu Kecil (small east island)Yes
462403Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Padar
46240301Geographic ReportPillarsteenNo
46240302Geographic ReportTaman Rahasia (Padar)Yes
46240303Geographic ReportThree Sisters (off Pulau Padar)Yes
46240304Geographic ReportSecret PadarYes
46240305Geographic ReportPadar BayNo
46240306Geographic ReportPasir PutihYes
46240307Geographic ReportSecret GardenYes
46240308Geographic ReportPadar ReefYes
46240309Geographic ReportTanjung PadarYes
46240310Geographic ReportPink Beach (Padar Island SW)Yes
462404Zone Code listGeographic ReportKomodo
46240401Geographic ReportPink Beach KomodoYes
46240402Geographic ReportBatu Bolong NorthNo
46240403Geographic ReportTatawa KecilYes
46240404Geographic ReportLehok Sera PointYes
46240405Geographic ReportGerman FlagYes
46240406Geographic ReportManta AlleyYes
46240407Geographic ReportTeluk DaratYes
46240408Geographic ReportLehok Sera WreckYes
46240409Geographic ReportKarang Makassar / Gili MakassarYes
46240410Geographic ReportGolden PassageYes
46240411Geographic ReportGLD BayYes
46240412Geographic ReportBatu MontjoYes
46240413Geographic ReportTakat Makassar (NE side of Pulau Karangan)Yes
46240414Geographic ReportSabita (Komodo)Yes
46240415Geographic ReportLoh Sera / LehokseraYes
46240416Geographic ReportTakat Makassar (Pulau Karangan west side)Yes
462405Zone Code listGeographic ReportGili Lawa
46240501Geographic ReportStaghorn ForestNo
46240502Geographic ReportCristal / Crystal Rock (north of Gili Lawa Laut)Yes
46240503Geographic ReportCastle RockYes
46240504Geographic ReportToko TokoNo
46240505Geographic ReportTeluk PasirYes
46240506Geographic ReportEl TorroNo
46240507Geographic ReportCoral GardenYes
46240508Geographic ReportShotgunYes
46240509Geographic ReportAquarium / Fish Bowl (Gili Lawa Laut)Yes
46240510Geographic ReportDarat Passage / Darat Reef (Gili Lawa Darat)Yes
462406Zone Code listGeographic ReportKomodo NP Small Islands
46240601Geographic ReportSiaba Besar East sideYes
46240602Geographic ReportSebayor KecilYes
46240603Geographic ReportSiaba Besar Island WestYes
46240604Geographic ReportTatawa Besar IslandYes
46240605Geographic ReportMauanYes
46240606Geographic ReportBatu BolongYes
46240607Geographic ReportKarang Makasar / Takat MakasarYes
46240608Geographic ReportSiaba KecilYes
46240609Geographic ReportSeven Seas Secret (Tatawa Besar)Yes
46240610Geographic ReportPengah Kecil / Pulau Patupengah / Batu TengahYes
46240611Geographic ReportSabolan KecilYes
46240612Geographic ReportPulau PapagarangYes
462407Zone Code listGeographic ReportGili Motang and Baleh
46240701Geographic ReportBaleh SouthYes
46240702Geographic ReportBaleh NorthYes
46240703Geographic ReportLady MotaYes
4625Zone Code listGeographic ReportSumbawa - Banta - Sangeang - Moyo
462501Zone Code listGeographic ReportSumbawa
46250101Geographic ReportTanjung TohohNo
46250102Geographic ReportTanjung SeiYes
46250103Geographic ReportUnusual Suspects / Fuzzy BottomYes
46250104Geographic ReportPulau UlarYes
46250105Geographic ReportTaman SapeYes
46250106Geographic ReportN'Doko 2 and 3Yes
462502Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanta
46250201Geographic ReportStar WarsNo
46250202Geographic ReportLittle WorldNo
46250203Geographic ReportGPS PointNo
46250204Geographic ReportCrittersYes
46250205Geographic ReportCircusYes
46250206Geographic ReportWest PointYes
46250207Geographic ReportK2Yes
46250208Geographic ReportRoller CoasterYes
46250209Geographic ReportSpanish StepsYes
46250210Geographic ReportTanduk RusaYes
46250211Geographic ReportGili Banta BayNo
46250212Geographic ReportBay on NE Gili BantaYes
462503Zone Code listGeographic ReportSangeang
46250301Geographic ReportBlack Magic No
46250302Geographic ReportTekno Reef No
46250303Geographic ReportBlack DunesNo
46250304Geographic ReportBlack Forest / Hot Rocks / The BubblesYes
46250305Geographic ReportBohon MarahYes
46250306Geographic ReportBonto Muck Dive / Bontoh Bay / Bonto ReefYes
46250307Geographic ReportMike's ReefYes
46250308Geographic ReportLighthouse Reef / Black MagicYes
46250309Geographic ReportBlack DiamondYes
46250310Geographic ReportThe Ledge (Sangeang Island)Yes
46250311Geographic ReportHoly Cow (Sangeang Island)Yes
46250312Geographic ReportMenjeng Wall (Sangeang)Yes
46250313Geographic ReportSangeang WestYes
462504Zone Code listGeographic ReportMoyo and Satonde Islands
46250401Geographic ReportKarang UtuyaNo
46250402Geographic ReportMoyo ReefYes
46250403Geographic ReportBlack RockYes
46250404Geographic ReportJake's ReefYes
46250405Geographic ReportSatondaYes
46250406Geographic ReportAngel RidgeYes
46250407Geographic ReportAngel ReefYes
46250408Geographic ReportPanjang ReefYes
4626Zone Code listGeographic ReportLombok
46260001Geographic ReportSenggigi / Sangigi Beach (Lombok)Yes
46260002Geographic ReportMedana Bay (Lombok Island)Yes
462601Zone Code listGeographic ReportGili Islands
46260101Geographic ReportTurtle Haven (Gili Trawangan)Yes
46260102Geographic ReportHalik (Gili Trawangan)Yes
46260104Geographic ReportEastside Beach (Gili Trawangan)Yes
46260105Geographic ReportGili Meno NE sideYes
46260106Geographic ReportGili Meno SE sideYes
46260107Geographic ReportDeep TurboYes
46260108Geographic ReportShark PointYes
46260109Geographic ReportHidden ReefYes
46260110Geographic ReportBounty WreckYes
46260111Geographic ReportGili Air SE sideYes
4627Zone Code listGeographic ReportBali
462701Zone Code listGeographic ReportEast Bali (incl. Nusa Penida; E. of Singjara - Kuta)
46270101Geographic ReportMangrove Point (Nusa Lembongan)Yes
46270102Geographic ReportGiant Trevally (Nusa Penida)Yes
46270103Geographic ReportWall Bay (Nusa Penida)Yes
46270104Geographic ReportMesati / MelastiYes
46270105Geographic ReportSidem MacroYes
46270106Geographic ReportGili TepekongYes
46270107Geographic ReportGili MimpangYes
46270108Geographic ReportManta PointYes
46270109Geographic ReportJetty, Amok BayYes
46270110Geographic ReportBlue Lagoon Drop OffYes
46270112Geographic ReportBlue LagoonYes
46270113Geographic ReportTemple, Blue LagoonYes
46270114Geographic ReportTanjun JabunYes
46270115Geographic ReportWhite Sand BeachYes
46270116Geographic ReportTulamben Drop OffYes
46270117Geographic ReportCoral Garden (Tulamben)Yes
46270118Geographic ReportUSAT Liberty Ship Wreck / USS LibertyYes
46270119Geographic ReportCrystal BayYes
46270120Geographic ReportUse 46270108 (duplicate)No
46270121Geographic ReportSeraya Secrets / Seraya MacroYes
46270122Geographic ReportBulakan ReefYes
46270123Geographic ReportBatu BelahYes
46270124Geographic ReportBatu NitiYes
46270125Geographic ReportEmeraldYes
46270126Geographic ReportBig TreeYes
46270127Geographic ReportBulaken SlopeYes
46270128Geographic ReportPantai LaharYes
46270129Geographic ReportTukad LinggahYes
46270130Geographic ReportBatu KelebitYes
46270131Geographic ReportSegaraYes
46270132Geographic ReportJuponYes
46270133Geographic ReportS.D. (Nusa Penida)Yes
46270134Geographic ReportPed / Puraped North (Nusa Penida)Yes
46270135Geographic ReportPyramid / Jemeluk Bay Pyramids (Amed)Yes
46270136Geographic ReportJemeluk Bay East Wall (Amed)Yes
462702Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Bali (W. of Kuta - Singara)
46270201Geographic ReportTaman Sari Bali ResortYes
46270202Geographic ReportBajul Bay (Pemuteran / Menjangan)Yes
46270203Geographic ReportPulau Menjangan Drop OffYes
46270204Geographic ReportPOS 1 / Jetty Post 1 (Menjangan)Yes
46270205Geographic ReportUnderwater Cave (Menjangen)Yes
46270206Geographic ReportPOS 2 / Jetty Post 2 / Position 2 (Menjangen)Yes
46270207Geographic ReportEel Garden / NW tip of Menjangen IslandYes
46270208Geographic ReportNapoleon Reef (Pemuteran)Yes
46270209Geographic ReportClose Encounter (Pemuteran)Yes
46270210Geographic ReportBiowreck / Biorock (Pemuteran)Yes
46270211Geographic ReportDream WallNo