REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: CIP
Zone: Philippines

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
71Zone Code listGeographic ReportLuzon Region (incl. Batanes and Babuyan Islands)
7101Zone Code listGeographic ReportAnilao Area - Batangas Calumpan Peninsula and Maricaban Island
71010001Geographic ReportCathedral RockNo
71010002Geographic ReportEagle PointNo
71010003Geographic ReportMainitNo
71010004Geographic ReportKirby's Reef / Kirby's Rock (Caban Island)Yes
71010005Geographic ReportBeatrice RockNo
71010006Geographic ReportBethlehem / Better than Lembeh (Marcaban Island)Yes
71010007Geographic ReportBahura (Anilao)No
71010008Geographic ReportSepoc WallNo
71010009Geographic ReportMapatingNo
71010010Geographic ReportNelson's RockNo
71010011Geographic ReportArthur's Rock / Crystal Blue Resort House ReefYes
71010012Geographic ReportSecret Bay SouthYes
71010013Geographic ReportSecret Bay NorthYes
71010014Geographic ReportDarilaud / Daryl Laut (Caban Island)Yes
71010015Geographic ReportLayeg Layeg (Caban Island)Yes
71010016Geographic ReportAnilao PierYes
71010017Geographic ReportMinet Bubbles / Bubbles PointYes
71010018Geographic ReportSand ViewYes
71010019Geographic ReportSecret Garden (Buceo Anileo Beach and Dive Resort House Reef)Yes
71010020Geographic ReportTwin Rock (Planet Dive Resort)Yes
71010021Geographic ReportDead PalmYes
71010022Geographic ReportEl Sombrero East (Caban Island)Yes
71010024Geographic ReportKoalaYes
71010025Geographic ReportAnilao Beach Club House ReefYes
71010026Geographic ReportDive & Trek House ReefYes
71010027Geographic ReportEl Sombrero SW SideYes
71010028Geographic ReportHeidi's PointYes
71010029Geographic ReportSaimsimYes
71010030Geographic ReportRed RockYes
71010031Geographic ReportOlympicYes
7102Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto Galera (Mindoro)
71020001Geographic ReportGAL-42 BouldersYes
71020002Geographic ReportGAL-48Yes
71020003Geographic ReportGAL-55Yes
71020004Geographic ReportGAL-57Yes
71020005Geographic ReportGAL-56Yes
71020006Geographic ReportGAL-60Yes
71020007Geographic ReportWest EscarceoYes
71020008Geographic ReportManila ChannelYes
71020009Geographic ReportGAL-88Yes
71020010Geographic ReportLalaguna LagoonYes
71020011Geographic ReportSinandigan WallYes
71020012Geographic ReportDungon Wall / Dungon BeachYes
71020013Geographic ReportCoral CoveYes
71020014Geographic ReportKilima Beach / StepsYes
71020015Geographic ReportFantasea ReefNo
71020016Geographic ReportSabang PointYes
71020017Geographic ReportSabang WrecksYes
71020018Geographic ReportMontaniNo
71020019Geographic ReportSLL ReefNo
71020020Geographic ReportErnie's PointYes
71020021Geographic ReportCanyonsYes
71020022Geographic ReportThe Giant ClamsNo
71020023Geographic ReportWreck PointYes
71020024Geographic ReportBouldersYes
7103Zone Code listGeographic ReportVerde Island
71030001Geographic ReportVER-15Yes
71030002Geographic ReportVER-16Yes
71030003Geographic ReportVER-17Yes
71030004Geographic ReportVER-18Yes
71030005Geographic ReportVER-19Yes
71030006Geographic ReportNW Corner Verde IslandYes
71030007Geographic ReportVER-22Yes
71030008Geographic ReportVER-23Yes
71030009Geographic ReportThe Drop Off/Pinnacle (Verde Island)No
71030010Geographic ReportCoral Gardens (Verde Island)No
7104Zone Code listGeographic ReportTablas, Romblon, Sibuyan and surrounding islands
710401Zone Code listGeographic ReportTablas Island
71040101Geographic ReportBinocot BeachYes
71040102Geographic ReportHinag-Oman BayYes
71040103Geographic ReportBudiong Fish SanctuaryYes
71040104Geographic ReportOdiongan/Ferrol BoundaryYes
710402Zone Code listGeographic ReportRomblon Island
72Zone Code listGeographic ReportVisayas Region
7201Zone Code listGeographic ReportSamar Island
7202Zone Code listGeographic ReportLeyte Island (inc. Panaon and Sarangani/Limasawa Island)
72020001Geographic ReportSanta PazYes
72020002Geographic ReportOlly's WallYes
72020003Geographic ReportSogod Bay House ReefYes
72020004Geographic ReportNapantaoYes
72020005Geographic ReportMarayagYes
72020006Geographic ReportSon-oka VillageYes
72020007Geographic ReportZacks Cove MPA Lamasowa IslandYes
72020008Geographic ReportAdrian's Cove MPA Lamasowa IslandYes
72020009Geographic ReportStanta Sofia MPAYes
72020010Geographic ReportTown Pier (Padre Burgos)Yes
72020011Geographic ReportCasa BlancaYes
72020012Geographic ReportLittle LembehYes
72020013Geographic ReportMaximum ClimaxYes
72020014Geographic ReportNapantao South MPAYes
72020015Geographic ReportNapantao NorthYes
72020016Geographic ReportVoltaire's Rock (north of Sogod Bay Resort)No
7203Zone Code listGeographic ReportBohol Island
72030001Geographic ReportMagic Oceans House ReefYes
72030002Geographic ReportParadise Garden (Bluestar Resort House Reef)Yes
72030003Geographic ReportVirgen East (Virgin)Yes
72030004Geographic ReportVirgen West (Virgin)Yes
72030005Geographic ReportTurtle PointYes
72030006Geographic ReportSnappers CaveYes
72030007Geographic ReportCavernYes
72030008Geographic ReportLumayagYes
72030009Geographic ReportDap-DapYes
72030010Geographic ReportWonder WallYes
72030011Geographic ReportMandarin Gardens (Bohol)No
72030012Geographic ReportMandarin Gardens 2 (Bohol)No
72030013Geographic ReportCoco South (Bohol)No
72030014Geographic ReportSeahorse Point (Bohol)No
72030015Geographic ReportLamanoc Island (off Bohol)No
720301Zone Code listGeographic ReportPanglao Island
72030101Geographic ReportAlona Beach House Reef - WreckYes
72030102Geographic ReportArco PointYes
72030103Geographic ReportDanao WallYes
72030104Geographic ReportDoljo PointYes
72030105Geographic ReportKalipayan Wall / KalipayanYes
72030106Geographic ReportDanao BeachYes
72030107Geographic ReportPamilacan Island Sanctuary SouthNo
72030108Geographic ReportPamilacan Island Sanctuary NorthYes
72030109Geographic ReportPamilacan Island Sanctuary SoutheastNo
72030110Geographic ReportAnanyana Beach (Backside of Panglao)Yes
72030111Geographic ReportLeuc WreckYes
72030112Geographic ReportPeak Performance Buoyancy (PPB)Yes
720302Zone Code listGeographic ReportBalicasag Island
72030201Geographic ReportDiver's Heaven / Rico's WallYes
72030202Geographic ReportBlack Forest / Royal GardenYes
72030203Geographic ReportCathedral WallYes
72030204Geographic ReportBalicasag Marine SanctuaryYes
72030205Geographic ReportAmbo PointYes
720303Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabilao Island
72030301Geographic ReportLa Estrella House ReefYes
72030302Geographic ReportLighthouse / Lighthouse 2 (Cabilao Island)Yes
72030303Geographic ReportCabilao Marine SanctuaryYes
72030304Geographic ReportGorgonianYes
72030305Geographic ReportFallen TreeYes
72030306Geographic ReportLoocYes
72030307Geographic ReportLighthouse 1 (Cabilao)Yes
72030308Geographic ReportSharks PointYes
7204Zone Code listGeographic ReportCebu Island
72040001Geographic ReportOslob Whale Shark StationYes
720401Zone Code listGeographic ReportMoalboal
72040101Geographic ReportPanagsama Beach House Reef / Sardine DiveYes
72040102Geographic ReportWhite BeachYes
72040103Geographic ReportTalisayYes
72040104Geographic ReportKasaiYes
72040105Geographic ReportTongo PointYes
72040106Geographic ReportSanctuary EastYes
72040107Geographic ReportCopton PointYes
72040108Geographic ReportBanlot PointNo
72040109Geographic ReportEyoy PointYes
72040110Geographic ReportDolphin HouseYes
72040111Geographic ReportGobie Point / Goby PointYes
72040112Geographic ReportBasdiotYes
72040113Geographic ReportWhite HouseYes
72040114Geographic ReportArigay PointYes
720402Zone Code listGeographic ReportPescador Island
72040201Geographic ReportPescador WestYes
72040202Geographic ReportPescador EastYes
72040203Geographic ReportNW Wall (Pescador Island)No
72040204Geographic ReportCathedral (Pescador)Yes
72040205Geographic ReportCoral Garden (Pescador)Yes
72040206Geographic ReportSE Wall (Pescador Island)Yes
720403Zone Code listGeographic ReportSumilon Island
72040301Geographic ReportSumilon Guard HouseNo
72040302Geographic ReportLighthouse (Sumilon)No
72040303Geographic ReportCottage Point (Sumilon Island)No
72040304Geographic ReportBarracuda (Sumilon Island)Yes
720404Zone Code listGeographic ReportCalanggaman / Capitancillo Islands
72040401Geographic ReportBlack Coral Point (Calanggaman Island)Yes
72040402Geographic ReportNW Corner Calanggaman IslandYes
72040403Geographic ReportCapitancillo (Capitancillo Island)Yes
720405Zone Code listGeographic ReportGato Island
72040501Geographic ReportWest Wall Gato Island / NW GatoYes
72040502Geographic ReportEast Wall Gato Island / SE GatoYes
72040503Geographic ReportSouth GatoYes
720406Zone Code listGeographic ReportMalapascua Island incl. Monad Shoal
72040601Geographic ReportDeep RockYes
72040602Geographic ReportDeep SlopeYes
72040603Geographic ReportBantigueYes
72040604Geographic ReportMonad ShoalYes
72040605Geographic ReportBugtong BatoYes
72040606Geographic ReportLighthouse (Malapascua Island)No
72040607Geographic ReportChocolate IslandYes
72040608Geographic ReportNorth PointYes
72040609Geographic ReportDakit Dakit (Malapascua Island)Yes
7205Zone Code listGeographic ReportNegros Island
720501Zone Code listGeographic ReportDauin (South of Dumaguete)
72050101Geographic ReportMainitYes
72050102Geographic ReportSan Miguel NorthYes
72050103Geographic ReportSan Miguel TiresYes
72050104Geographic ReportSan Miguel Reef SouthYes
72050105Geographic ReportAtlantis Dumaguete House ReefYes
72050106Geographic ReportSahara ReefYes
72050107Geographic ReportSahara DeepNo
72050108Geographic ReportPuntaNo
72050109Geographic ReportCeresNo
72050110Geographic ReportShallow CarsNo
72050111Geographic ReportCars / Car WreckNo
72050112Geographic ReportDauin NorteYes
72050113Geographic ReportDauin SurYes
72050114Geographic ReportGinama-anYes
72050115Geographic ReportMasaplod NorteNo
72050116Geographic ReportPyramidsNo
72050117Geographic ReportMasaplod Sur (South)Yes
72050118Geographic ReportBahura / Northern Bahura (Dumaguete Mandarinfish Dive)No
72050119Geographic ReportPura Vida House Reef / Luca SanctuaryYes
72050120Geographic ReportTalisayYes
72050121Geographic ReportVIP House ReefYes
72050122Geographic ReportNain NorthNo
72050123Geographic Reportinvalid location (dupe with 72050118)No
72050124Geographic ReportMarinaYes
72050125Geographic ReportBulakYes
72050126Geographic ReportAlysiaNo
720502Zone Code listGeographic ReportApo Island
72050201Geographic ReportLargahanYes
72050202Geographic ReportBaluarteNo
72050203Geographic ReportChapel PointYes
72050204Geographic ReportKatipananYes
72050205Geographic ReportRock Point WestYes
72050206Geographic ReportCoconut PointNo
72050207Geographic ReportCogon PointNo
72050208Geographic ReportMamsa PointNo
72050209Geographic ReportKan-uranNo
72050210Geographic ReportMarine SanctuaryNo
72050211Geographic ReportRock Point EastNo
720503Zone Code listGeographic ReportSiquijor Island
72050301Geographic ReportMai-tiNo
72050302Geographic ReportPaliton Wall South / Paliton 1Yes
72050303Geographic ReportPaliton Wall North / Paliton 2Yes
72050304Geographic ReportTambisanNo
72050305Geographic ReportStaghorn PointYes
7206Zone Code listGeographic ReportPanay Island
720601Zone Code listGeographic ReportBorocay Island
72060101Geographic ReportDiniwidNo
72060102Geographic ReportBalinghaiNo
72060103Geographic ReportAngol PointNo
73Zone Code listGeographic ReportMindanao Region
7301Zone Code listGeographic ReportZamboanga Peninsula
7302Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Mindanao
73020001Geographic ReportAgutayan Island / White Island Marine SanctuaryYes
73020002Geographic ReportSunset Beach (near Lugait) / Rendo's ReefYes
73020003Geographic ReportBanaug Pinnacle / Mantangale House ReefYes
73020004Geographic ReportSipaca BatoYes
73020005Geographic ReportMantangale MuckYes
73020006Geographic ReportParaisoYes
73020007Geographic ReportAquarium (Duka Resort)Yes
73020008Geographic ReportSanta InezYes
7303Zone Code listGeographic ReportDavao Region
7304Zone Code listGeographic ReportSOCCSKSARGEN
7305Zone Code listGeographic ReportCaraga
7306Zone Code listGeographic ReportARMM (mainland Mindanao)
7307Zone Code listGeographic ReportSulu Archipelago
7308Zone Code listGeographic ReportCamiguin Island
73080001Geographic ReportMantigue IslandYes
73080002Geographic ReportCabuan Yes
73080003Geographic ReportGiant Clam Sanctuary / Cantaan Clam Garden / Kabila BeachYes
73080004Geographic ReportVolcan House ReefYes
73080005Geographic ReportKey Lambect West (White Island)Yes
73080006Geographic ReportGypsy RoverNo
73080007Geographic ReportBlue Lagoon RightNo
73080008Geographic ReportBlue Lagoon LeftNo
7309Zone Code listGeographic ReportDinagat Island
7310Zone Code listGeographic ReportSiargao Island
74Zone Code listGeographic ReportPalawan Region
7401Zone Code listGeographic ReportTubbataha Reef
74010001Geographic ReportSeafan Alley (North Atoll)No
74010002Geographic ReportWashing Machine (North Atoll)Yes
74010003Geographic ReportShark Airport / Sharky Shallows (North Atoll)Yes
74010004Geographic ReportEast Face (North Atoll)No
74010005Geographic ReportSouth Park (North Atoll)No
74010006Geographic ReportGorgonian Channel (North Atoll)Yes
74010007Geographic ReportAmos Rock (North Atoll)Yes
74010008Geographic ReportRanger Station 1 / 2 / 3 (North Atoll)Yes
74010009Geographic ReportMalayan Wreck / Malayan Point / Malayan Wall (North Atoll)Yes
74010010Geographic ReportTerraces (North Atoll)No
74010011Geographic ReportT Wreck (South Atoll)No
74010012Geographic ReportBlack Rock - North Face (South Atoll)Yes
74010013Geographic ReportBlack Rock / Black Rock East Face (South Atoll)Yes
74010014Geographic ReportDelsan Wreck (South Atoll)Yes
74010015Geographic ReportDelsan Corner (South Atoll)No
74010016Geographic ReportStaghorn Point / South Point (South Atoll)Yes
74010017Geographic ReportLighthouse Wall (South Atoll)No
74010018Geographic ReportLighthouse Cove (South Atoll)No
74010019Geographic ReportKo-ok (South Atoll)No
74010020Geographic ReportEiger Wall (South Atoll)No
74010021Geographic ReportWall Street (North Atoll)Yes
74010022Geographic ReportTriggerfish City (South Atoll)Yes
74010023Geographic ReportSW Wall (South Atoll)Yes
74010024Geographic ReportD. Schubba (North Atoll)No
74010025Geographic ReportEast Wall (Jessie Beazley Reef)Yes
74010026Geographic ReportSouthwest Corner (Jessie Beazley Reef)Yes
74010027Geographic ReportNE Wall / Northeast Corner (North Atoll)Yes
74010028Geographic ReportGorgonia Wall (North Atoll)Yes
74010029Geographic ReportBlack Rock South (South Atoll)Yes
7402Zone Code listGeographic ReportCulion, Busuanga, Colon and other Islands
74020001Geographic ReportTeru Kaze MaruYes
74020002Geographic ReportKogyo MaruYes
74020003Geographic ReportOkikawa MaruYes
74020004Geographic Report7 Islands Marine Park / Siete PecadosYes
74020005Geographic ReportMorazan MaruYes
74020006Geographic ReportOlympia MaruYes
74020007Geographic ReportLusong GunboatYes
74020008Geographic ReportCoral GardenYes
74020009Geographic ReportAkitsushimaYes
74020010Geographic ReportBarracuda LakeYes
74020011Geographic ReportTwin PeaksYes
7403Zone Code listGeographic ReportEl Nido area (Palawan)
74030001Geographic ReportSouth Entalula IslandYes
74030002Geographic ReportSouth Miniloc IslandYes
74030003Geographic ReportDillimacad / Helicopter IslandYes
74030004Geographic ReportWest to North Entalula IslandYes
74030005Geographic ReportPaglugaban RockYes
74030006Geographic ReportDilumacad / Helicopter TunnelYes
7404Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto Princesa area
74040001Geographic ReportMaris RockYes
74040002Geographic ReportSilica ReefYes
74040003Geographic ReportFinger ReefYes
74040004Geographic ReportBadjao ReefYes