REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: CIP
Zone: Micronesia (incl. Marianas; Palau; Guam; Federated States; Marshall Isl.)

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
81Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Mariana Islands
8101Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Group Northern Mariana Islands
8102Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouthern Group Northern Mariana Islands
810201Zone Code listGeographic ReportSaipan
81020101Geographic ReportGrotto in SaipanNo
81020102Geographic ReportEagle Ray cityNo
810202Zone Code listGeographic ReportTinian and Aguijan
81020201Geographic ReportFleming WallNo
81020202Geographic ReportTwin CoralNo
81020203Geographic ReportDump CoveNo
81020204Geographic ReportTinian GrottoNo
810203Zone Code listGeographic ReportRota
81020301Geographic ReportSenhanom Cave / Rota HoleYes
81020302Geographic ReportSub Chaser 1 (at Coral Garden)No
81020303Geographic ReportA-FrameNo
81020304Geographic ReportCable RunNo
81020305Geographic ReportCoral GardenYes
81020306Geographic ReportEast HarborNo
81020307Geographic ReportFireworksNo
81020308Geographic ReportFrench TunnelNo
81020309Geographic ReportHarnom PointNo
81020310Geographic ReportHobbit HouseNo
81020311Geographic ReportJerry's ReefNo
81020312Geographic ReportJoanne's Reef / Johanne's ReefYes
81020313Geographic ReportLiyang Rai / King's CaveNo
81020314Geographic ReportPearlman TunnelNo
81020315Geographic ReportPinatang Park / Pinatang ReefYes
81020316Geographic ReportPona PointNo
81020317Geographic ReportSailigai Tunnel / Sailigai ArchYes
81020318Geographic ReportSenhanom Wall / Senhanom ReefYes
81020319Geographic ReportShoun MaruNo
81020320Geographic ReportSmuggler Ships of IlekNo
81020321Geographic Report7 ScrewsNo
81020322Geographic ReportSnake EyesNo
81020323Geographic ReportSub Chaser 2No
81020324Geographic ReportSongton Reef (Sunset Villa)No
81020325Geographic ReportTable TopNo
81020326Geographic ReportTakatoshi PointNo
81020327Geographic ReportTurtle RidgeNo
81020329Geographic ReportFirst Point (south side of Wedding Cake Mtn.)Yes
82Zone Code listGeographic ReportGuam
8201Zone Code listGeographic ReportGuam
82010001Geographic ReportPati PointNo
82010002Geographic ReportScuba CutNo
82010003Geographic ReportRitidian PointNo
82010004Geographic ReportNapoleon CutNo
82010005Geographic ReportOctopus ReefNo
82010006Geographic ReportThe TunnelNo
82010007Geographic ReportDouble ReefNo
82010008Geographic ReportThe PinnacleNo
82010009Geographic ReportNorthern CavesNo
82010010Geographic ReportTanguisson BeachNo
82010011Geographic ReportGun BeachNo
82010012Geographic ReportBig BlueNo
82010013Geographic ReportHilton WallNo
82010014Geographic ReportPalace WallNo
82010015Geographic ReportAgana BayNo
82010016Geographic ReportAsan CutNo
82010017Geographic ReportCamel RockNo
82010018Geographic ReportPiti Bomb HolesYes
82010019Geographic ReportPiti StingraysNo
82010020Geographic ReportPiti ChannelNo
82010021Geographic ReportAmphitheaterNo
82010022Geographic ReportLuminaoNo
82010023Geographic ReportBlue & WhiteYes
82010024Geographic ReportRMS ScotiaNo
82010025Geographic ReportThe WallNo
82010026Geographic ReportBlue Hole (Guam)Yes
82010027Geographic ReportCreviceNo
82010028Geographic ReportBarracuda RockNo
82010029Geographic ReportSharks PitYes
82010030Geographic ReportOld Wive's BeachNo
82010031Geographic ReportDadi BeachNo
82010032Geographic ReportRizal BeachNo
82010033Geographic ReportHap's ReefNo
82010034Geographic ReportCemetery WallNo
82010035Geographic ReportAmtrakNo
82010036Geographic Report11 Mile ReefNo
82010037Geographic ReportFish BowlNo
82010038Geographic ReportAnae CavesNo
82010039Geographic ReportCoral GardensNo
82010040Geographic ReportPete's ReefNo
82010041Geographic ReportBlack Coral KingdomNo
82010042Geographic ReportNathan's DentNo
82010043Geographic ReportTwin Drop-offNo
82010044Geographic ReportFouha BayNo
82010045Geographic ReportUmatec BeachNo
82010046Geographic ReportToguon BayNo
82010047Geographic ReportBile BayNo
82010048Geographic ReportCocos WestNo
82010049Geographic ReportCocos EastNo
82010050Geographic ReportGlory PointNo
82010051Geographic ReportInarajanNo
82010052Geographic ReportTagachangNo
82010053Geographic ReportPago Bay Marine LabNo
82010054Geographic ReportFish Eye Marine ParkYes
82010055Geographic ReportHilton Guam Resort and Spa House BeachNo
820101Zone Code listGeographic ReportApra Harbor
82010101Geographic ReportAmerican TankerYes
82010102Geographic ReportBarge ReefNo
82010103Geographic ReportCabras WallNo
82010104Geographic ReportCoke Bottle ReefNo
82010105Geographic ReportFamily BeachNo
82010106Geographic ReportFinger ReefYes
82010107Geographic ReportFuel PierNo
82010108Geographic ReportGab Gab IYes
82010109Geographic ReportGab Gab IIYes
82010110Geographic ReportHidden ReefNo
82010111Geographic ReportHourglass ReefNo
82010112Geographic ReportKitsugawa MaruNo
82010113Geographic ReportOuthouse BeachNo
82010114Geographic ReportSan LuisNo
82010115Geographic ReportSea PlaneNo
82010116Geographic ReportSeabee JunkyardNo
82010117Geographic ReportSMS CormoranYes
82010118Geographic ReportSpanish StepsNo
82010119Geographic ReportSponge ReefNo
82010120Geographic ReportSumay IINo
82010121Geographic ReportSurprise ReefNo
82010122Geographic ReportTokai MaruYes
82010123Geographic ReportTugNo
82010124Geographic ReportVal BomberNo
82010125Geographic ReportVeckis ReefNo
82010126Geographic ReportWestern ShoalsYes
83Zone Code listGeographic ReportPalau
8301Zone Code listGeographic ReportPalau
83010001Geographic ReportSam's Tours PierYes
83010002Geographic ReportSt. Cardinal's #1 (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010003Geographic ReportSt. Cardinal's #2 (Inner lagoon) Yes
83010004Geographic ReportChandelier Cave (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010005Geographic ReportShort Drop Off (SE of Koror)Yes
83010006Geographic ReportNeco's Bay / Wall (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010007Geographic ReportPincher's Lagoon (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010008Geographic ReportDisney Lake (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010009Geographic ReportRembrandt's (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010010Geographic ReportNgedebus Coral GardenYes
83010011Geographic ReportFairylandYes
83010012Geographic ReportNew Drop OffYes
83010013Geographic ReportTurtle Cove Yes
83010014Geographic ReportIro Wreck (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010015Geographic ReportGerman Channel Yes
83010016Geographic ReportBlue Corner-south Yes
83010017Geographic ReportBig Drop Off (Ngemelis Island)Yes
83010018Geographic ReportBlue Holes (Palau)Yes
83010019Geographic Report1/2 a Day Wreck / Hafa AdaiYes
83010020Geographic ReportBarnum's WallYes
83010021Geographic ReportUlong ChannelYes
83010022Geographic ReportSandy Bar / Sandy ParadiseYes
83010023Geographic ReportSiaes TunnelYes
83010024Geographic ReportNgemeli's WallNo
83010025Geographic ReportGerman WallYes
83010026Geographic ReportGerman Coral GardenNo
83010027Geographic ReportJake's Seaplane (near runway)No
83010029Geographic ReportFern's Dropoff / Turtle WallYes
83010030Geographic ReportWonder ChannelYes
83010031Geographic ReportClam CityYes
83010032Geographic ReportNgerechong OutsideYes
83010033Geographic ReportDenges PassYes
83010034Geographic ReportHelmet / Depth Charger Wreck Yes
83010035Geographic ReportLighthouse ChannelYes
83010036Geographic ReportMandarinfish LakeYes
83010037Geographic ReportUlong House Reef (Aggressor Anchorage)Yes
83010038Geographic ReportAlexis Coral GardenYes
83010039Geographic ReportSiaes CornerYes
83010040Geographic ReportDexter's Wall / Ngemelis Coral GardenYes
83010041Geographic ReportPalau Pacific Resort House ReefYes
83010042Geographic ReportChuyo Maru Shipwreck (Malakal Harbor)Yes
83010043Geographic ReportWest Wall PeleliuYes
83010044Geographic ReportOrange Beach PeleliuYes
83010045Geographic ReportCamp Beck LagoonYes
83010046Geographic ReportTurtle WallYes
83010047Geographic ReportVirgin Blue HoleYes
83010048Geographic ReportBento BuoyYes
83010049Geographic ReportNgerchong InsideYes
83010050Geographic ReportJellyfish LakeYes
83010051Geographic ReportUlong Island Lunch SpotYes
83010052Geographic ReportEinstein Coral GardenYes
83010053Geographic ReportJake's ChannelYes
83010054Geographic ReportCemetery ReefYes
83010055Geographic ReportSoft Coral ArchYes
83010056Geographic ReportUlong Wall (Ulong Island)No
83010057Geographic ReportSea Passion HotelYes
83010058Geographic ReportPalau Royal ResortYes
83010059Geographic ReportCanyonsNo
8302Zone Code listGeographic ReportDeep South Palau (Sonsorol, Puna Anna, Merir, Helen Reef)
83020001Geographic ReportNorth Helen Reef (inside lagoon)Yes
83020002Geographic ReportSouth Wall Helen Reef (outside lagoon)Yes
83020003Geographic ReportMerirNo
83020004Geographic ReportHelen Reef West Wall (outside lagoon)Yes
83020005Geographic ReportHelen Reef ChannelYes
83020006Geographic ReportHelen Reef West (inside lagoon)Yes
84Zone Code listGeographic ReportFederated States of Micronesia
8401Zone Code listGeographic ReportYap Islands
84010001Geographic ReportStammtischNo
84010002Geographic ReportMi'l / Miil ChannelYes
84010003Geographic ReportVertigoYes
84010004Geographic ReportBuena VistaYes
84010005Geographic ReportYap CavernsYes
84010006Geographic ReportTelegraph ReefYes
84010007Geographic ReportSlow N EasyYes
84010008Geographic ReportO'Keefe's ReefNo
84010009Geographic ReportAliko ReefNo
84010010Geographic ReportSpanish WallsYes
84010011Geographic ReportMagic KingdomYes
84010012Geographic ReportLionfish WallNo
84010013Geographic ReportGoofnuw ChannelYes
84010014Geographic ReportGoofnuw Mini-wallNo
84010015Geographic ReportCabbage PatchYes
84010016Geographic ReportGilman WallYes
84010017Geographic ReportNorth Pass (just N of Tradewind)No
84010018Geographic ReportO'Keefe's PassageNo
84010019Geographic ReportGapou ReefNo
84010020Geographic ReportHide & SeekNo
84010021Geographic ReportPealak CornerNo
84010022Geographic ReportMa MangrovesNo
84010023Geographic ReportRainbow Reef (Mandarinfish Site)No
8402Zone Code listGeographic ReportChuuk (Truk) Islands
8403Zone Code listGeographic ReportPohnpei Islands
8404Zone Code listGeographic ReportKosrae Island
85Zone Code listGeographic ReportMarshall Islands
8501Zone Code listGeographic ReportRatak Chain
8502Zone Code listGeographic ReportRalik Chain
850201Zone Code listGeographic ReportKwajalein Atoll
85020101Geographic ReportEmon Beach (Kwajalein Atoll)Yes
85020102Geographic ReportNorth Point (Kwajalein Atoll)Yes
85020103Geographic ReportSki Boat Area (Kwajalein Atoll)Yes