REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: SAS
Zone: Gray's Reef NMS

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
93020001Geographic ReportGray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary - unspecifieNo
93020003Geographic ReportStation 20 (Gray's Reef NMS Monitoring Site )Yes
93020004Geographic ReportGRNMS Southwest Ledge 1Yes
93020005Geographic ReportGRNMS Southwest Ledge 2 / The TerracesYes
93020006Geographic ReportGRNMS Southwest Ledge 3Yes
93020007Geographic ReportGRNMS Site R9Yes
93020008Geographic ReportGRNMS Site F3Yes
93020011Geographic ReportMay05_LAM9 - Tigershark LedgeYes
93020012Geographic ReportMay05_LAM6 - Hake LedgeYes
93020013Geographic ReportSpoonnoseYes
93020014Geographic ReportSkate CityYes
93020015Geographic ReportGoliath LedgeYes
93020016Geographic ReportJ-Reef LedgeYes
93020017Geographic ReportLiberty Ship DanielsYes
93020018Geographic ReportLauren's Ledge, Anchor LedgeNo
93020019Geographic ReportSite 51No
93020020Geographic ReportSite 64No
93020021Geographic ReportBarge OlympiaYes
93020022Geographic ReportScamp Ledge (V-8)No
93020023Geographic ReportHousing SiteYes
93020024Geographic ReportSand Dollar Ledge (V-17)No
93020025Geographic ReportV-10 (sand)No
93020026Geographic ReportMay05_LAM1Yes
93020027Geographic ReportMay05_LAM2Yes
93020028Geographic ReportMay05_LAM3Yes
93020029Geographic ReportMay05_LAM4Yes
93020030Geographic ReportMay05_LAM7Yes
93020031Geographic ReportMay05_LAM8Yes
93020032Geographic ReportMay05_LAM10, Ledge 16, 41 INYes
93020033Geographic ReportMay05_LAM11Yes
93020034Geographic ReportMay05_LAM12, Ledge 17Yes
93020035Geographic ReportMay05_LAM13Yes
93020036Geographic ReportMay05_LAM14Yes
93020037Geographic ReportMay05_LAM15Yes
93020038Geographic ReportMay05_LAM16Yes
93020039Geographic ReportMay05_LAM17Yes
93020040Geographic ReportSarah's Ledge (swim east)Yes
93020041Geographic ReportEast of Africa (swim W to Africa, E to ledge)Yes
93020042Geographic ReportFunny Face Fish (swim east)Yes
93020043Geographic ReportWicked Witch of the South (swim east)Yes
93020044Geographic ReportDonut HoleYes
93020045Geographic ReportPaul's Pancreatic ReefYes
93020046Geographic ReportHandlebar MustacheYes
93020047Geographic ReportTatonkaYes
93020048Geographic ReportPantherYes
93020049Geographic ReportThe Claw (swim west)Yes
93020050Geographic ReportSeagull Ledge (swim west)Yes
93020051Geographic ReportPop-a-TopYes
93020052Geographic ReportTrawl 13 (swim NW)Yes
93020053Geographic ReportWil's Liver (swim west or north)Yes
93020054Geographic ReportJigsaw ReefYes
93020055Geographic ReportSnapper BanksYes
93020056Geographic ReportMay05_SP12Yes
93020057Geographic ReportMay05_FS2Yes
93020058Geographic ReportMay05_R1Yes
93020059Geographic ReportMay05_LBM12Yes
93020060Geographic ReportMay05_SP8Yes
93020061Geographic ReportMay05_LAM18Yes
93020062Geographic ReportR2 Tower (outside sanctuary)No
93020063Geographic ReportR2 Hard Bottom (outside sanctuary)Yes
93020064Geographic ReportJ Reef Sand (outside sanctuary)Yes
93020065Geographic ReportMajor EventYes
93020067Geographic ReportMay05_LAM9Yes
93020068Geographic ReportGR4, 01 OUTYes
93020069Geographic Report05 INYes
93020070Geographic Report06 INYes
93020071Geographic Report25 INYes
93020072Geographic Report27 INYes
93020073Geographic Report02 OUTYes
93020074Geographic Report06 OUTYes
93020075Geographic Report41 OUTYes
93020076Geographic ReportFS15 InYes
93020077Geographic Report15 InYes