REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TWA

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
11Zone Code listGeographic ReportBermuda
1101Zone Code listGeographic ReportBermuda
11010Zone Code listGeographic ReportBermuda Non-BREAM Sites
11010001Geographic ReportMinnie BreslauerYes
11010002Geographic ReportHermesYes
11010003Geographic ReportMari CelesteYes
11010004Geographic ReportL'HerminieYes
11010005Geographic ReportConstellation and Montana WrecksYes
11010006Geographic ReportCaraquetYes
11010007Geographic ReportTauntonYes
11010008Geographic ReportCristobal ColonYes
11010009Geographic ReportAristoYes
11010010Geographic ReportBeaumaris CastleNo
11010011Geographic ReportRita ZovettaYes
11010012Geographic ReportPelinaion WreckYes
11010013Geographic ReportKateYes
11010015Geographic ReportWhalebone BayYes
11010016Geographic ReportAriel Sands, Cox BayYes
11010017Geographic ReportHall's Island, Harrington SoundYes
11010018Geographic ReportNorth RockYes
11010019Geographic ReportSouth West BreakerYes
11010020Geographic ReportNorth East BreakerYes
11010021Geographic ReportMills BreakerYes
11010022Geographic ReportThe CathedralYes
11010023Geographic ReportTarpon HoleYes
11010024Geographic ReportNorth CarolinaYes
11010025Geographic ReportAirplaneYes
11010026Geographic ReportBlanche KingYes
11010027Geographic ReportDarlingtonYes
11010028Geographic ReportVixenYes
11010029Geographic ReportCommissioner's Point, Ireland Island NorthYes
11010030Geographic ReportLartingtonYes
11010032Geographic ReportEastern Blue Cut / Blue HoleYes
11010033Geographic ReportXing DaYes
11010034Geographic ReportSnake PitYes
11010035Geographic ReportHog BreakerYes
11010036Geographic ReportMadianaYes
11010037Geographic ReportFlatts InletYes
11010038Geographic ReportDevonshire BayYes
11010039Geographic ReportJohn Smith's BayYes
11010040Geographic ReportTobacco Bay to Fort St. CatherineYes
11010041Geographic ReportChurch Bay, South ShoreYes
11010042Geographic ReportThree SistersYes
11010043Geographic ReportSouth West Reef areaYes
11010044Geographic ReportHarrington SoundYes
11010045Geographic ReportStag RocksYes
11010046Geographic ReportCatacombs, South ShoreNo
11010047Geographic ReportNonsuch Island-Castle Harbor sideYes
11010048Geographic ReportNonsuch Island-south sideYes
11010049Geographic ReportClearwaterYes
11010050Geographic ReportSouth Reef, Cooper's IslandYes
11010051Geographic ReportCastle Harbour, Cooper's IslandYes
11010052Geographic ReportBlue Grotto (Castle Harbour)Yes
11010053Geographic ReportMarriott Bay (Castle Harbour)Yes
11010054Geographic ReportConey IslandYes
11010055Geographic ReportSmugglers Reef, South ShoreYes
11010057Geographic ReportSomerset, Daniel's HeadYes
11010058Geographic ReportClarence Cove (Deep Bay by Spanish Point)Yes
11010059Geographic ReportKing TugYes
11010060Geographic ReportGuernet RockYes
11010061Geographic ReportBridge Hole, Harrington SoundYes
11010062Geographic ReportShark Hole, Harrington SoundYes
11010063Geographic ReportAbbotts Cliff, Harrington SoundYes
11010064Geographic ReportGreen Bay, Harrington SoundNo
11010065Geographic ReportPattons Point, Harrington SoundYes
11010066Geographic ReportHangover Hole, South ShoreYes
11010067Geographic ReportWarwick Long Bay, South ShoreYes
11010068Geographic ReportTabletopNo
11010069Geographic ReportTwo Wreck Reef, South ShoreYes
11010070Geographic ReportMorgan's Point shorelineYes
11010071Geographic ReportSalt KettleYes
11010072Geographic ReportSandyhole, South ShoreYes
11010073Geographic ReportWalsingham PondYes
11010074Geographic ReportWalsingham SinkholeYes
11010075Geographic ReportDockyard-Cruise Ship PierYes
11010076Geographic ReportDeep Mooring, South ShoreYes
11010077Geographic ReportPoint Boiler Reefs, Cooper's IslandYes
11010078Geographic ReportLittle ReefNo
11010079Geographic ReportWatch Hill Park ReefYes
11010080Geographic ReportPollockshield Wreck/Elbow Beach, South ShoreYes
11010081Geographic ReportEvans BayYes
11010082Geographic ReportVirginia MerchantYes
11010083Geographic ReportAngelfish ReefNo
11010084Geographic ReportHog Bay / Brown's BayYes
11010085Geographic ReportBermudian TugYes
11010086Geographic ReportArgus Bank TowerYes
11010087Geographic ReportChampagne BreakerYes
11010088Geographic ReportBurt IslandYes
11010089Geographic ReportBay Islands and Bailey's Bay, North ShoreYes
11010090Geographic ReportFerry ReachYes
11010091Geographic ReportCastle Harbor Airport ShorelineYes
11010092Geographic ReportShelly Bay, North ShoreYes
11010093Geographic ReportLodge Pt. to Gray's Br., Ireland Island SouthYes
11010094Geographic ReportCooper's Island EastYes
11010095Geographic ReportTuckers Town Castle HarbourYes
11010096Geographic ReportTuckers Town South ShoreYes
11010097Geographic ReportSt. George Oil DocksYes
11010098Geographic ReportEd's ReefYes
11010099Geographic ReportNeil's B.D.Yes
11010100Geographic ReportRosy Razor ReefYes
11010101Geographic ReportBadlandsYes
11010102Geographic ReportDredgerYes
11010103Geographic ReportGrotto Bay, Castle HarbourYes
11010104Geographic ReportLionfish ReefYes
11010105Geographic ReportTom Woods BayYes
11010107Geographic ReportFossil WreckYes
11010108Geographic ReportAstwood Cove, South ShoreNo
11010109Geographic ReportNorth Shore Outer ReefYes
11010110Geographic ReportNorth Shore Inner ReefYes
11010111Geographic ReportBoiler Reef, South ShoreYes
11010112Geographic ReportMerrill Beach, South ShoreNo
11010113Geographic ReportAlexandra Battery, St GeorgesYes
11010114Geographic ReportEastern Blue Cut at BeaconNo
11010115Geographic ReportCavello Bay to Watford Bridge, SomersetYes
11010117Geographic ReportLion's CageNo
11010118Geographic ReportGarden Eel ReefYes
11010119Geographic ReportWest Whale Bay to Pompano BeachYes
11010120Geographic ReportGet Lost ReefNo
11010121Geographic ReportEagleYes
11010122Geographic ReportHungry BayYes
11010123Geographic ReportTriton WreckYes
11010124Geographic ReportFan ClubNo
11010125Geographic ReportCaesar WreckYes
11010126Geographic ReportGrape BayYes
11010127Geographic ReportDevonshire Dock, North ShoreNo
11010128Geographic ReportSpanish PointNo
11010129Geographic ReportThree Hills ShoalsNo
11010130Geographic ReportWestern Blue CutYes
11010131Geographic ReportBarracuda ReefYes
11010132Geographic ReportHeinz ReefNo
11010133Geographic ReportPaget IslandNo
11010134Geographic ReportSW1No
11010135Geographic ReportDockyard DrydockNo
11010137Geographic ReportAmmunitions Pier, Morgan's PointNo
11010138Geographic ReportWitchwardNo
11010141Geographic ReportGrouper GullyYes
11010142Geographic ReportMurdoch's MeadowsYes
11010143Geographic ReportWestern Rim ReefNo
11010144Geographic ReportNorth West Rim ReefNo
11010145Geographic ReportEastern Rim ReefNo
11010146Geographic ReportGreys Bridge to Black Bay, Ireland Island SouthYes
11010147Geographic ReportTuckers Town BayNo
11010148Geographic ReportBurchalls CoveNo
11010149Geographic ReportEly's Harbor, Bethel's Flat BreamNo
11010150Geographic ReportGibbets to Penhurst Shoreline, North ShoreNo
11010151Geographic ReportMangrove Bay, SomersetNo
11010152Geographic ReportMain Terrace Reef, South ShoreYes
11010153Geographic ReportTrunkfish WreckYes
11010154Geographic ReportCowgroundsNo
11010155Geographic ReportWest Coast Boaz IslandYes
11010156Geographic ReportPinnaclesNo
11010157Geographic ReportBlack Bay to Cockburn Cut, Ireland Island SouthYes
11010158Geographic ReportSnorkel Park, Ireland Island NorthYes
11010159Geographic ReportPhotographer's DreamYes
11010160Geographic ReportChub HeadsNo
11010161Geographic ReportEly's Harbour - Mangrove and SeagrassNo
11010163Geographic ReportFairylands - Mangroves and SeagrassNo
11010164Geographic ReportRandom ReefYes
11010165Geographic ReportFrat Nuit WreckYes
11010167Geographic ReportHorseshoe Bay, South ShoreNo
11010168Geographic ReportParsons Bay, Ireland Island SoundYes
11010169Geographic ReportHMS Malabar, Ireland Island NorthYes
11010170Geographic ReportVickers Bay, South ShoreYes
11010171Geographic ReportArches, St Davids IslandYes
11010172Geographic ReportSandys Boat Club, Mangrove BayYes
11010173Geographic ReportFranks Bay, SouthamptonYes
11010174Geographic ReportWest Whale Bay to LandmarkYes
11010175Geographic ReportLandmark, SouthamptonYes
11010176Geographic ReportHarrington Sound Primary School Public Dock to PatYes
11010177Geographic ReportHarrington Sound Primary School Public Dock to WhiYes
11010178Geographic ReportDaniel's Head to Methelin Bay, SomersetYes
11010179Geographic ReportDevil's FlatYes
11010180Geographic ReportBoaz Island - east coastYes
11010181Geographic ReportAquarium - Harrington Sound SideYes
11010182Geographic ReportFoureyeYes
11010183Geographic ReportSennet ReefYes
11010184Geographic ReportEagle Ray BommiesYes
11010185Geographic ReportWest Side Road Methelin BayNo
11010186Geographic ReportWillow BankNo
11010187Geographic ReportStonewall Wreck Judie's SpotYes
11010188Geographic ReportBIOS Patch ReefYes
11010189Geographic ReportBIOS Rim ReefYes
11010190Geographic ReportBIOS Terrace ReefYes
11010191Geographic ReportJudie's ReefYes
11010192Geographic ReportHyaena ReefYes
11010193Geographic ReportManilla WreckYes
11010194Geographic ReportLizzie's ReefYes
11010195Geographic ReportLast Beach, Cooper's Island RoadYes
11010196Geographic ReportCavello Bay to Tatem Point, Somerset Yes
11010197Geographic ReportCable/WirelessYes
11010198Geographic ReportMardi GrasYes
11010199Geographic ReportThe DumplingsYes
11010200Geographic ReportHourglass ReefYes
11010201Geographic ReportMarshall's IslandYes
11010202Geographic ReportSmith Island (Smith's Sound)Yes
11010203Geographic ReportHeinz's SecretYes
11010204Geographic ReportConvict BayYes
11010205Geographic ReportHorseshoe Island / Town CutYes
11010206Geographic ReportSea Venture FlatsYes
11010207Geographic ReportNiobe Corinthian WreckYes
11010208Geographic ReportQuey's Breaker / QueykerYes
11010209Geographic ReportDarrell's Island / Darrel IslandYes
11010210Geographic ReportPride RockYes
11010211Geographic ReportRainbow ReefYes
11010212Geographic ReportBlue Hole Park Yes
11010213Geographic ReportMustard HillYes
11010214Geographic ReportTobacco BayYes
11012Zone Code listGeographic ReportBREAM Sites Years 1-3
11012001Geographic ReportBREAM 1001 Chub Head InnerYes
11012002Geographic ReportBREAM 1002 ExclamationYes
11012003Geographic ReportBREAM 1003 Gargoyle OuterYes
11012004Geographic ReportBREAM 1004 North ChannelYes
11012005Geographic ReportBREAM 1005 Baileys CrescentYes
11012006Geographic ReportBREAM 1006 Outer Baileys FlatYes
11012007Geographic ReportBREAM 1007 Inner Baileys FlatYes
11012008Geographic ReportBREAM 1008 Hog Breaker RimYes
11012009Geographic ReportBREAM 1009 Baileys MouthYes
11012010Geographic ReportBREAM 2010No
11012011Geographic ReportBREAM 2011 Kate RimYes
11012012Geographic ReportBREAM 2012 E Blue CutYes
11012013Geographic ReportBREAM 2013 LartingtonYes
11012014Geographic ReportBREAM 2014 Watchhill ParkYes
11012015Geographic ReportBREAM 2015 Western Ledge FlattsYes
11012016Geographic ReportBREAM 2016 Chub HeadYes
11012017Geographic ReportBREAM 2017 Chub Head30Yes
11012018Geographic ReportBREAM 2018 W Ledge Flatts RimYes
11012019Geographic ReportBREAM 2019 Little Head ParkYes
11012020Geographic ReportBREAM 2020 NASA Point EYes
11012021Geographic ReportBREAM 2021 Marley ReefYes
11012022Geographic ReportBREAM 2022 Sonesta RimYes
11012023Geographic ReportBREAM 2023 Taunton/Northeast RimYes
11012024Geographic ReportBREAM 2024 N. Rock Conch GroundsYes
11012025Geographic ReportBREAM 2025 Devil's RimYes
11012026Geographic ReportBREAM 2026 Airplane Wreck/E. of Chub CutYes
11012027Geographic ReportBREAM 2027 Pompano RimYes
11012028Geographic ReportBREAM 2028 Bear PawYes
11012029Geographic ReportBREAM 2029 Chub Cut RimYes
11012030Geographic ReportBRAEM 2020 Governors HouseYes
11012031Geographic ReportBREAM 2031 Shelly BayYes
11012032Geographic ReportBREAM 2032 W of SW BreakerYes
11012033Geographic ReportBREAM 2033 East WallYes
11012034Geographic ReportBRAEM 2034 Grey's BridgeYes
11012035Geographic ReportBREAM 2035 Margarets BayYes
11012036Geographic ReportBREAM 2036 Ely's T1Yes
11012037Geographic ReportBREAM 2037 Ely's T2Yes
11012038Geographic ReportBREAM 2038 Sonesta30Yes
11012039Geographic ReportBREAM 2039 LandmarkYes
11012040Geographic ReportBREAM 2040 Hog BayYes
11012041Geographic ReportBREAM 2041 Ft. St. CatherinesYes
11012042Geographic ReportBREAM 2042 WalsinghamYes
11012043Geographic ReportBREAM 2043 Aerial SandsYes
11012044Geographic ReportBREAM 2044 Aerial Sands 30Yes
11012045Geographic ReportBREAM 2045 Devil's TongueYes
11012046Geographic ReportBREAM 2046 Eel HeadYes
11012047Geographic ReportBREAM 2047 Eva's ReefYes
11012048Geographic ReportBREAM 2048 BoomerangYes
11012049Geographic ReportBREAM 2049 Northeast RimYes
11012050Geographic ReportBREAM 2050 Eastern RimYes
11012051Geographic ReportBREAM 2051 Mills 30Yes
11012052Geographic ReportBREAM 2052 Ely's T5Yes
11012053Geographic ReportBREAM 2053 Ely's T4Yes
11012054Geographic ReportBREAM 2054 Brackish PondYes
11012055Geographic ReportBREAM 2055 Brackish T3Yes
11012056Geographic ReportBREAM 2056 Shelly Bay ShoalsYes
11012057Geographic ReportBREAM 2057 Brackish T2Yes
11012058Geographic ReportBREAM 2058 Green Flat T4Yes
11012059Geographic ReportBREAM 2059 CraterYes
11012060Geographic ReportBREAM 2060 3 Hill Shoals WYes
11012061Geographic ReportBREAM 2061 Drop-offYes
11012062Geographic ReportBREAM 2062 3 Hill Shoals EYes
11012063Geographic ReportBREAM 2063 Whale BoneYes
11012064Geographic ReportBREAM 3064North Rock (NR)MPAYes
11012065Geographic ReportBREAM 3065 Snake Pit (SP) MPAYes
11012066Geographic ReportBREAM 3066 Creole Canyon (EBC) EBC MPAYes
11012067Geographic ReportBREAM 3067 Eastern Blue Cut (EBC) MPAYes
11012068Geographic ReportBREAM 3068 Diadema Plateau (SWB)Yes
11012069Geographic ReportBREAM 3069 SW BreakerYes
11012070Geographic ReportBREAM 2070No
11012071Geographic ReportBREAM 3071 Conch Rock (NR)Yes
11012072Geographic ReportBREAM 3072 Angelfish Pass (EBC)Yes
11012073Geographic ReportBREAM 3073 Snapper Point (Snake Pit)Yes
11012074Geographic ReportBREAM 2074No
11012075Geographic ReportBREAM 2075 Mini Snake Pit (SP)Yes
11012076Geographic ReportBREAM 2076 Muck ReefNo
11014Zone Code listGeographic ReportBREAM Sites Year 4
11014076Geographic ReportBREAM 4076 Crescent Buoy 12AYes
11014077Geographic ReportBREAM 4077 White Flats EastYes
11014078Geographic ReportBREAM 4078 Spaceship RidgeYes
11014080Geographic ReportBREAM 4080 Foggy ReefYes
11014081Geographic ReportBREAM 4081 Hogfish CauldronYes
11014082Geographic ReportBREAM 4082 Grid ReefYes
11014083Geographic ReportBREAM 4083 Bardock's FollyYes
11014084Geographic ReportBREAM 4084 Hog BreakerYes
11014085Geographic ReportBREAM 4085 Mari BowingYes
11014086Geographic ReportBREAM 4086 Salty HoleYes
11014087Geographic ReportBREAM 4087 100 Grunt ReefYes
11014088Geographic ReportBREAM 4088 Slimy Sucker ReefYes
11014089Geographic ReportBREAM 4089 Scooby Snack ShoalsYes
11014090Geographic ReportBREAM 4090 Four Glasses ReefYes
11014091Geographic ReportBREAM 4091 Cowground SouthYes
11014092Geographic ReportBREAM 4092 Reel Sticky ReefYes
11014093Geographic ReportBREAM 4093 Dark Slime ReefYes
11014094Geographic ReportBREAM 4094 Goat PointYes
11014095Geographic ReportBREAM 4095 Coralicious ReefYes
11014096Geographic ReportBREAM 4096 Lemon Meringue ReefYes
11014097Geographic ReportBREAM 4097 Oil Docks EastYes
11014098Geographic ReportBREAM 4098 Creepy ReefYes
11014099Geographic ReportBREAM 4099 Lumpy Bumpy ReefYes
11014100Geographic ReportBREAM 4100 Lartington 30Yes
11014101Geographic ReportBREAM 4101 Urchin CityYes
11014102Geographic ReportBREAM 4102 Trifling Sandhole ReefYes
11014103Geographic ReportBREAM 4103 Ominous ReefYes
11014104Geographic ReportBREAM 4104 Bad Bottom ReefNo
11014105Geographic ReportBREAM 4105 Spittal PondYes
11014106Geographic ReportBREAM 4106 Southlands 30Yes
11014107Geographic ReportBREAM 4107 Kate 30Yes
11019Zone Code listGeographic ReportBREAM Sites 2009
11019001Geographic ReportBREAM 9001 Constellation/Montana MPAYes
11019002Geographic ReportBREAM 9002 Lartington MPAYes
11019003Geographic ReportBREAM 9003 Cristobal Colon MPAYes
11019004Geographic ReportBREAM 9004 North Rock MPAYes
11019005Geographic ReportBREAM 9005 South West Breaker MPAYes
11019006Geographic ReportBREAM 9006 Airplane MPAYes
11019007Geographic ReportBREAM 9007 Kate MPAYes
11019008Geographic ReportBREAM 9008 Snake Pit MPAYes
11019009Geographic ReportBREAM 9009 Eastern Blue Cut MPAYes
11019015Geographic ReportBREAM 9015 North Carolina MPAYes
11019016Geographic ReportBREAM 9016 Blanche King MPAYes
11019017Geographic ReportBREAM 9017 Marie Celeste MPAYes
11019018Geographic ReportBREAM 9018 Tarpon Hole MPAYes