REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TWA
Zone: Marathon

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
34050001Geographic ReportSombrero Reef / LightYes
34050002Geographic ReportSamantha's LedgeYes
34050003Geographic ReportJoanie's ReefYes
34050004Geographic ReportCoffins PatchYes
34050005Geographic ReportLooe Key - EastYes
34050006Geographic ReportLooe Key - ResearchYes
34050007Geographic ReportHerman's HoleYes
34050008Geographic ReportPot HolesYes
34050009Geographic ReportLucille's ReefYes
34050010Geographic ReportJoanie's RockYes
34050011Geographic ReportRusty'sYes
34050012Geographic ReportPorkfishYes
34050013Geographic ReportDelta ShoalsYes
34050014Geographic ReportLong Key State ParkYes
34050015Geographic ReportR/V ThunderboltYes
34050016Geographic ReportIvory WreckNo
34050017Geographic ReportHermans BehindYes
34050018Geographic ReportHorseshoe Reef (near Marathon)Yes
34050019Geographic ReportPillar PatchYes
34050020Geographic ReportLobsters LedgeYes
34050021Geographic ReportBargeYes
34050022Geographic ReportBoom LedgeYes
34050023Geographic ReportThe GapYes
34050024Geographic ReportDonut ReefYes
34050025Geographic ReportAdelaide Baker Wreck SiteYes
34050026Geographic ReportNewfound Harbor SPAYes
34050027Geographic ReportNewfound Open/Captain's CoralYes
34050028Geographic ReportNo Name ReefYes
34050029Geographic ReportKey Colony LedgeYes
34050030Geographic ReportCaptain MorganYes
34050031Geographic ReportKiss and Grunt ReefNo
34050032Geographic ReportHammer's LedgeNo
34050033Geographic ReportStake ReefNo
34050034Geographic ReportMarker 18Yes
34050035Geographic ReportShark HarborNo
34050036Geographic ReportThe WristNo
34050037Geographic ReportUnnamed ReefNo
34050038Geographic ReportSquirrelfish ReefNo
34050039Geographic ReportVaca Fore ReefNo
34050040Geographic ReportJammersNo
34050041Geographic ReportBridge PilesNo
34050042Geographic ReportLost & FoundNo
34050043Geographic ReportPigeon Key BeachNo
34050044Geographic ReportBHA01Yes
34050045Geographic ReportBHA02Yes
34050046Geographic ReportCannon (Duck Key)No
34050047Geographic ReportLloyd's LedgeNo
34050048Geographic ReportSmathers Beach Key WestNo
34050049Geographic ReportBigpine Sunshine Keys ChannelNo
34050050Geographic ReportElbow Reef (Duck Key)No
34050051Geographic ReportIndependenceYes
34050052Geographic ReportS+RS 656Yes
34050053Geographic ReportS + RS 670Yes
34050054Geographic ReportS + RS 680Yes
34050055Geographic ReportS + RS 682Yes
34050056Geographic ReportS + RS 683Yes
34050057Geographic ReportS +RS 705Yes
34050058Geographic ReportS + RS 706Yes
34050059Geographic ReportS + RS 708Yes
34050060Geographic ReportS + RS 710Yes
34050061Geographic ReportS + RS 712Yes
34050062Geographic ReportS + RS 731Yes
34050063Geographic ReportS + RS 732Yes
34050064Geographic ReportS + RS 734Yes
34050065Geographic ReportS + RS 735Yes
34050066Geographic ReportNOAA Site - Stn 8072Yes
34050067Geographic ReportNOAA Site - Stn 5842Yes
34050068Geographic ReportNOAA Site - Stn 6022Yes
34050069Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn E181Yes
34050070Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 0991Yes
34050071Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 1141Yes
34050072Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 3091Yes
34050073Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 1091Yes
34050074Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 0481Yes
34050075Geographic ReportVaca Cut BridgeYes
34050076Geographic ReportBarbuda LaneYes
34050077Geographic ReportRamrod Key Ocean SideYes
34050078Geographic ReportCalusa Beach, Bahia Honda SPYes
34050079Geographic ReportLoggerhead Beach, Bahia Honda SPYes
34050080Geographic ReportMissouri Key BridgeYes
34050081Geographic ReportTropical Rock (near Marathon)No
34050082Geographic ReportBig RedYes
34050083Geographic ReportLittle FaithfulYes
34050084Geographic ReportSummerland Key CanalYes
34050085Geographic ReportEast WasherwomanYes
34050086Geographic ReportPretty Joe RockYes
34050087Geographic ReportLittle Russel KeyYes
34050088Geographic ReportHenry’s LightNo
34050089Geographic ReportAaron’s LedgeNo
34050090Geographic ReportConch-a-LotNo
34050091Geographic ReportMote Coral NurseryYes
34050092Geographic ReportHorseshoe Pit (Big Pine Key)Yes
34050093Geographic ReportDustan Rocks (Marathon)Yes
34050094Geographic ReportBarbara's ReefNo
34050095Geographic Report40/60 - Edge of NightNo
34050096Geographic ReportDay AfterNo
34050097Geographic ReportJoe's ReefNo
34050098Geographic ReportThe ChannelsNo
34050099Geographic ReportThe HookNo
34050100Geographic ReportThe Day BeforeNo
34050101Geographic ReportLook Before You LeapNo
34050102Geographic ReportSombrero Beach (Southwest Point)Yes
34050103Geographic ReportHero's ReefYes