REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TWA
Zone: Key West

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
34080001Geographic ReportWestern SamboYes
34080002Geographic ReportEastern SamboYes
34080003Geographic ReportRock KeyYes
34080004Geographic ReportSand KeyYes
34080005Geographic ReportMiddle SamboYes
34080006Geographic ReportPelican ShoalsYes
34080007Geographic ReportWidow FingersYes
34080008Geographic ReportEastern Dry Rocks ShallowYes
34080009Geographic ReportNine Foot StakeYes
34080010Geographic ReportJoe's TugYes
34080011Geographic ReportTen Fathom LedgeNo
34080012Geographic ReportCoral Heads, Mkr 50, Big Pine KeyYes
34080013Geographic ReportUSS Wilkes BarreYes
34080014Geographic ReportCayman SalvorYes
34080015Geographic ReportUSS SturtevantYes
34080016Geographic ReportTrinity CoveYes
34080017Geographic ReportFrench WreckYes
34080018Geographic ReportWestern Dry RocksYes
34080019Geographic ReportLost Reef/High RocksYes
34080020Geographic ReportCottrel (Stingray)Yes
34080021Geographic ReportThe AlexanderYes
34080022Geographic ReportAmerican ShoalYes
34080023Geographic ReportMarker 32 (Toppino Buoy) ShallowYes
34080024Geographic ReportLive Rock PileYes
34080025Geographic ReportContent KeyYes
34080026Geographic ReportEye of the Needle ReefYes
34080027Geographic ReportReef Drop-off (Fennel)Yes
34080028Geographic ReportHumps #1 ReefYes
34080029Geographic ReportHumps #2 ReefYes
34080030Geographic ReportHumps #3 ReefYes
34080031Geographic ReportThe Cable ReefYes
34080032Geographic ReportLCM WreckYes
34080033Geographic ReportUSS Curb WreckYes
34080034Geographic ReportGlory Hole #1Yes
34080035Geographic ReportGlory Hole #2Yes
34080036Geographic ReportHigh RocksYes
34080037Geographic ReportAll Alone ShrimpboatYes
34080038Geographic ReportBunsYes
34080039Geographic ReportSea BuoyYes
34080040Geographic ReportBall & ChainYes
34080041Geographic ReportOld Kedge LedgeYes
34080042Geographic ReportNew Kedge LedgeNo
34080043Geographic ReportStargazer (/sculpture/artificial reef)Yes
34080044Geographic ReportFKCC Training LagoonYes
34080045Geographic ReportFort Zachary TaylorYes
34080046Geographic ReportMarker I (Toppino's Reef)Yes
34080047Geographic ReportMarker II (Haystack)Yes
34080048Geographic ReportBoca Chica Beach Naval Air StationYes
34080049Geographic ReportMaryland ShoalsYes
34080050Geographic ReportMan KeyNo
34080051Geographic ReportPillarsYes
34080052Geographic ReportFKCC Research Diving SiteYes
34080053Geographic ReportGulfside ARM Site 1 (Steel I Beams)Yes
34080054Geographic ReportGulfside ARM Site 2A (Steel Ship)Yes
34080055Geographic ReportGulfside ARM Site 3 (Barge)Yes
34080056Geographic ReportGulfside ARM Site 4 (Large Rubble)Yes
34080057Geographic ReportGulfside ARM Site 5 (Small Rubble)Yes
34080058Geographic ReportSand near Gulfside ARM Site 3Yes
34080059Geographic ReportSigsbee IslandYes
34080060Geographic ReportGulfside ARM Site 2B (Steel Ship)Yes
34080061Geographic ReportClarence Higgs ParkNo
34080062Geographic ReportPickup SticksNo
34080063Geographic ReportCasa Caselles CondoYes
34080064Geographic ReportBertha St.No
34080065Geographic ReportBeach Club CondoNo
34080066Geographic ReportBig Pine ShoalNo
34080067Geographic ReportAmerican Shoal (AMS01)Yes
34080068Geographic ReportAmerican Shoal (AMS02)Yes
34080069Geographic ReportAmerican Shoal (AMS03)Yes
34080070Geographic ReportCasa Marina Pier and BeachYes
34080071Geographic ReportMile Marker 6 (Bayside)No
34080072Geographic ReportGeiger Key MarinaNo
34080073Geographic ReportWest High RocksYes
34080074Geographic ReportHammerhead Hill (RV Tiburon 06)Yes
34080075Geographic ReportBahia Honda State Park Beach (Big Pine Key)Yes
34080076Geographic ReportS + RS 840 - Key WestYes
34080077Geographic ReportS + RS 758Yes
34080078Geographic ReportS + RS 771Yes
34080079Geographic ReportS + RS 776Yes
34080080Geographic ReportS + RS 777Yes
34080081Geographic ReportS + RS 778Yes
34080082Geographic ReportS + RS 780Yes
34080083Geographic ReportS + RS 782Yes
34080084Geographic ReportS + RS 806Yes
34080085Geographic ReportS + RS 818Yes
34080086Geographic ReportS + RS 819Yes
34080087Geographic ReportS + RS 843Yes
34080088Geographic ReportS + RS 846Yes
34080089Geographic ReportS + RS 870Yes
34080090Geographic ReportS + RS 871Yes
34080091Geographic ReportS + RS F01Yes
34080092Geographic ReportS + RS F02Yes
34080093Geographic ReportS + RS F04Yes
34080094Geographic ReportWestern Sambos Deep (HV monitoring site)Yes
34080095Geographic ReportMarker 32 Deep (HV Monitoring Site)Yes
34080096Geographic ReportEastern Dry Rocks Deep (HV Monitoring Site)Yes
34080097Geographic ReportVandenberg (Hoyt Vandenberg Artificial Reef)Yes
34080098Geographic ReportNOAA Site - Stn A582Yes
34080099Geographic ReportNOAA Site - Stn 4912Yes
34080100Geographic ReportNOAA Site - Stn 4282Yes
34080101Geographic ReportNOAA Site - Stn 4002Yes
34080102Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn E041Yes
34080103Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 0161Yes
34080104Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 0651Yes
34080105Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 0171Yes
34080106Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn E141Yes
34080107Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 0571Yes
34080108Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 3391Yes
34080109Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 3381Yes
34080110Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 4211Yes
34080111Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 0461Yes
34080112Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 3201Yes
34080113Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 0512Yes
34080114Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 0682Yes
34080115Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 4252Yes
34080116Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 3192Yes
34080117Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 0102Yes
34080118Geographic ReportRC ReefYes
34080119Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 0761Yes
34080120Geographic ReportMarriott Beachside HotelYes
34080121Geographic ReportThirteen Foot HumpYes
34080122Geographic ReportSquid RowYes
34080123Geographic ReportEmitinaYes
34080124Geographic ReportDisney WorldYes
34080125Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13482Yes
34080126Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13472Yes
34080127Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13802Yes
34080128Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13942Yes
34080129Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13732Yes
34080130Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13562Yes
34080131Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13702Yes
34080132Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13712Yes
34080133Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13592Yes
34080134Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13612Yes
34080135Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13501Yes
34080136Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13602Yes
34080137Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13582Yes
34080138Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13572Yes
34080139Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13592Yes
34080140Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14242Yes
34080141Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14382Yes
34080142Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13912Yes
34080143Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14652Yes
34080144Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14662Yes
34080145Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14502Yes
34080146Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14512Yes
34080147Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14252Yes
34080148Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14262Yes
34080149Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13812Yes
34080150Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14672Yes
34080151Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14682Yes
34080152Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14492Yes
34080153Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13822Yes
34080154Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14342Yes
34080155Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14422Yes
34080156Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13892Yes
34080157Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13902Yes
34080158Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14182Yes
34080159Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14012Yes
34080160Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14022Yes
34080161Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14272Yes
34080162Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14172Yes
34080163Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 14432Yes
34080164Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13772Yes
34080165Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13782Yes
34080166Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13612Yes
34080167Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13632Yes
34080168Geographic ReportNOAA Site-Stn 13622Yes
34080169Geographic ReportNOAA Site - Stn 13792Yes
34080170Geographic ReportFKNMS OfficeYes