REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TWA
Zone: Dominica

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
71120001Geographic ReportSoufriere PinnacleYes
71120002Geographic ReportCoral GardensYes
71120003Geographic ReportScott's Head PinnacleYes
71120004Geographic ReportScott's Head Drop OffYes
71120005Geographic ReportChampagne ReefYes
71120006Geographic ReportCanefield Tug (Fond Cole')Yes
71120007Geographic ReportCanefield BargeNo
71120008Geographic ReportPointe Guignard CavesYes
71120009Geographic ReportDanglebens NorthYes
71120010Geographic ReportCastle Comfort LodgeYes
71120013Geographic ReportSwiss CheeseYes
71120014Geographic ReportWest BankNo
71120015Geographic ReportL'Abym Wall (Soufriere)Yes
71120016Geographic ReportGaletteNo
71120017Geographic ReportAnchorage HotelNo
71120018Geographic ReportRodney's RockYes
71120019Geographic ReportNose ReefNo
71120020Geographic ReportRina's HoleNo
71120021Geographic ReportSalisbury Falls (Lauro Reef)Yes
71120022Geographic ReportWhale Shark ReefYes
71120023Geographic ReportToucarie BayYes
71120024Geographic ReportDouglas BayNo
71120025Geographic ReportMero's ReefYes
71120026Geographic ReportFresh Spring (E of Scottshead)No
71120027Geographic ReportMountain TopNo
71120028Geographic ReportSuburbsYes
71120029Geographic ReportThe RidgeNo
71120030Geographic ReportTrunk ReefNo
71120031Geographic ReportBrain/Nose DriftNo
71120032Geographic ReportBrain Coral ReefNo
71120033Geographic ReportReef Balls (off Castaways)Yes
71120034Geographic ReportEast Caribbean DiveNo
71120035Geographic ReportHarald's Beach / DouDou Reef (Salisbury Beach)Yes
71120036Geographic ReportDolphin ResortNo
71120037Geographic ReportFive Fingers RockNo
71120038Geographic ReportMaggie's PointYes
71120039Geographic ReportBarry's DreamYes
71120040Geographic ReportDouglas PointYes
71120041Geographic ReportShore Dive at CastawaysNo
71120042Geographic ReportCastaways ReefYes
71120043Geographic ReportWitches Point/La Sorciere/Caribs LeapYes
71120044Geographic ReportRose GardenYes
71120045Geographic ReportSunshine ReefYes
71120046Geographic ReportTous Sable at Scotts Head BayYes
71120047Geographic ReportScotts Head PointNo
71120048Geographic ReportCachacrou / Craters EdgeYes
71120049Geographic ReportCondoYes
71120050Geographic ReportVillageYes
71120051Geographic ReportLost HorizonsNo
71120052Geographic ReportDes FousNo
71120053Geographic ReportSolomonNo
71120054Geographic ReportNature Island DiveYes
71120055Geographic ReportBatalie BayYes
71120056Geographic ReportWreck Dives (Debbie Flo and Doorwest)Yes
71120057Geographic ReportFfutsatola ReefNo
71120058Geographic ReportSulphur SpringsNo
71120059Geographic ReportPiaNo
71120060Geographic ReportSharks MouthNo
71120061Geographic ReportAnchor PointNo
71120062Geographic ReportOne Finger RockNo
71120063Geographic ReportToucari Bay PointNo
71120064Geographic ReportToucari CavesYes
71120065Geographic ReportCape CapuchinNo
71120066Geographic ReportBolder HeavenNo
71120067Geographic ReportPole To PoleNo
71120068Geographic ReportRose GardenYes
71120069Geographic ReportSecret Arch ReefNo
71120070Geographic ReportSunshine ReefYes
71120071Geographic ReportPoint RondeNo
71120072Geographic ReportHot GullyNo
71120073Geographic ReportSecret Beach ReefNo
71120074Geographic ReportCoco ReefNo
71120075Geographic ReportCannon SiteNo
71120076Geographic ReportTube ReefNo
71120077Geographic ReportAnse GrandeNo
71120078Geographic ReportLonely RockNo
71120079Geographic ReportPoint BreakNo
71120080Geographic ReportNadine WreckYes
71120081Geographic ReportDanglebens PinnaclesYes
71120082Geographic ReportCoral Gardens NorthNo
71120083Geographic ReportLauro ReefYes
71120084Geographic ReportCoral covered rock (L @ beach) (Douglass BayNo
71120085Geographic ReportToucarie Bay (South Shore)No
71120086Geographic ReportCallibishiYes
71120087Geographic ReportSouth of ColihautYes
71120088Geographic ReportChampagne Beach SouthNo
71120089Geographic ReportSoufriere Drift the Wall to Witches PointNo
71120090Geographic ReportPoint GuignardYes
71120091Geographic ReportCoral Gardens SouthYes
71120092Geographic ReportChampagne Reef NorthYes
71120093Geographic ReportBuddy's Front Porch / Fort Young HotelYes
71120094Geographic ReportCruise Ship Pier (Dominica)Yes
71120095Geographic ReportCanefield CliffsNo
71120096Geographic ReportToreau CliffsNo
71120097Geographic ReportMissing LinkNo
71120098Geographic ReportSea Fantasea / Sea Fan CityNo