Based on Maui, Maggie Sutrov is a professional artist and a teaching artist. You can find more about her at Maggie loves helping people form a deeper connection with the natural world through drawing and painting. She is also a keen advocate for the skills developed through the act of drawing, such as our powers of observation--perfect for learning and identifying marine animals! This session will be geared toward beginners, so no artistic skills are necessary.

Instructor: Maggie Sutrov

Suggested Materials:

  • pencil (4B if you like a darker line, 2B works great too)
  • drawing or watercolor paper 
  • eraser (white kind)
  • extra fine Sharpie or other permanent marker
  • color of your choice (Pentel water soluble markers, and brush tip pen markers)
  • Pentel Aquash brush pen (to use with marker colors)

Google Drive folder of photos to draw from (also contains Maggie's contact info)

View the recording here (675MB .mp4 download - it might take awhile!)