Reef Environmental Education Foundation is excited to announce an opportunity to partner with classroom teachers for the 2023-2024 school year. Thanks to the Coastal Partnership Initiative (CPI) grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, we can offer your class FREE REEF Virtual Field Trips, Colorful Fish Identification Cards for your students, and marine life curriculum for you to use as a classroom resource.

Available for Grades 3 through High School, program offerings include: 

1. Becoming Citizen Scientists- Students discover marine habitats and common marine species of the Florida Keys. They then conduct a mock fish identification and abundance survey on a newly discovered reef where they will explain variations of fish characteristics, identify 12-16 fish families, and discuss how citizen science benefits scientists, research, and coastal communities.

2. Protecting Our Oceans from Invasive Species- Students work through a series of hands-on activities to understand and describe how lionfish have become an invasive species and the problems they are causing to native ecosystems. They then observe and compare multiple lionfish prey species and evaluate the impacts of invasive species on ecosystems.