Digging Deeper into Caribbean Fish Part 2

More on updates made to Reef Fish Identification Book - 4th Edition.

Sorry there is no Cheat Sheet for this session. Fish taught include:

  • Longfin vs. Dusky Damselfish
  • Cocoa vs. Beaugregory Damselfish
  • Florida Barred Hamlet
  • Tan Hamlet and Tan Hamlet Type 2
  • Freckled Cardinalfish
  • Dusky Cardinalfish vs Sponge Cardinalfish
  • Striped Cardinalfish
  • Spotted Soapfish
  • Slope Soapfish
  • Blue Croaker vs Reef Croaker
  • Island? Seahorse
  • Oceanic Manta Ray
  • Caribbean Manta Ray