Get out your magnifying glasses and join REEF Director of Science Christy Semmens as she covers some of the Dwarf and Pygmy Gobies that you will see while diving in Fiji!

Your time zone may vary - this is a live, online session that starts at 8pm Eastern time.

Fish taught in this session:

  • Creamback Dwarfgoby
  • Ear-spot Dwarfgoby
  • Greybeard Pygmygoby
  • Caesiura Pygmygoby
  • Terry's Dwarfgoby
  • Cave Pygmygoby
  • Nasal Pygmygoby
  • Port-hole Pygmygoby
  • Pale Pygmygoby
  • Comet Dwarfgoby
  • Shimada Dwarfgoby / Sigillata Dwarfgoby
  • Red & Whitespotted Dwarfgoby
  • Striped Dwarfgoby
  • Honey-bee Pygmygoby
  • Bigeye Pygmygoby
  • Ringeye Pygmygoby
  • Yellow-Red Pygmygoby