Join REEF's Conservation Coordinator Ellie Place and REEF's Education Program Manager, Ellie Splain, as they let you know about some uncommon, elusive fish in the Tropical Western Atlantic that you can find combing the shore line in different locations - in ten feet of water or less!

Your time zone may vary - this is a live, online session that starts at 8pm Eastern time.

Fish taught in this Fishinar session:

  • Needlefish
  • Dusky Damselfish
  • Beaugregory
  • Night Sergeant
  • Pipefish
  • Rosy Blenny
  • Redlip Blenny
  • Goldline Blenny
  • Tessellated Blenny
  • Molly Miller
  • Triplefin
  • Greenbanded Goby
  • Clingfish
  • Puffcheek Blenny