Join REEF's Director of Science, Christy Semmens, as she covers some common parrotfish found in the Tropical Pacific! 

Your time zone may vary - this is a live, online session that starts at 8pm Eastern time.

List of fish taught during this session:

  • Pacific Bullethead Parrotfish
  • Palenose Parrotfish
  • Yellowbar Parrotfish
  • Yellow-barred Parrotfish
  • Yellowfin Parrotfish
  • Tricolor Parrotfish
  • Swarthy Parrotfish
  • Spotted Parrotfish
  • Bleeker's Parrotfish
  • Steephead Parrotfish
  • Redlip Parrotfish
  • Bridled Parrotfish
  • Bluebarred Parrotfish
  • Bluepatch Parrotfish
  • Greensnout Parrotfish
  • Chameleon Parrotfish
  • Violetlined Parrotfish
  • Dark-capped Parrotfish
  • Pacific Longnose