Join Amy Lee, REEF Trips Program and Communication Manager, as she covers some of the most common wrasse throughout the CIP region - Part 2!

Your time zone may vary - this is a live, online session that starts at 8pm Eastern time.

Fish taught in this session:

  • Slingjaw Wrasse
  • Latent Slingjaw Wrasse
  • Redbreasted Wrasse
  • Humphead Wrasse
  • Floral Wrasse
  • Tripletail Wrasse
  • Cheek-lined Wrasse
  • Ringtail Wrasse
  • Twospot Wrasse
  • Doublespot Wrasse
  • Pinstriped Wrasse
  • Chiseltooth Wrasse
  • Tubelip Wrasse
  • Blackeye Thicklip
  • Barred Thicklip