Join REEF's Director of Science Christy Semmens as she teaches some tips and tricks to find and ID some unique fishes in Brazil.

Your time zone may vary - this is a live, online session that starts at 8pm Eastern time.

Here's the list of fish that's covered in this session:

  • Rocas Gregory, Stegastes rocasensis
  • Yellowtip Damselfish (aka Black and Yellow Damselfish), Stegastes pictus
  • Bluespotted Damselfish, Stegastes fuscus
  • Brazilian Chromis (aka Jubauna Reeffish), Chromis jubauna
  • Noronha Cleaner Goby, Elacatinus phthirophagus
  • Barber Goby (aka Widestripe Goby), Elacatinus figaro
  • Coney x Creolefish Hybrid, Menephorus sp.
  • Yellowstriped Grunt, Haemulon squamipinna (with comparison to Smallmouth Grunt, Haemulon chrysargyreum)
  • Tuiupiranga Parrotfish, Sparisoma tuiupiranga
  • Redeye (aka Gray) Parrotfish, Sparisoma axillare
  • Reef Parrotfish, Sparisoma amplum
  • Saddled Parrotfish, Sparisoma frondosum
  • Fourspot Parrotfish, Scarus zelindae
  • Greenback (aka Greenlip) Parrotfish, Scarus trispinosus
  • Noronha Wrasse, Thalassoma noronhanum
  • Brazilian Wrasse, Halichoeres brasiliensis (with comparison to Puddingwife, Halichoeres radiatus)
  • Streamer Wrasse, Clepticus brasiliensis