Join Amy Lee and learn about some of the most common Gobies and Blennies that you can find in the Sea of Cortez.

Species covered in this Fishinar:

  • Bluebanded Goby (Lythrypnus dalli)
  • Banded Cleaning Goby (Elacatinus digueti)
  • Widebanded Cleaning Goby (Elacatinus limbaughi)
  • Gorgeous Goby (Lythrypnus pulchellus)
  • Gecko Goby (Chirolepis zebra)
  • Secret Goby (Pycnomma semisquamatum)
  • Panther Goby (Barbulifer pantherinus)
  • Redhead Goby (Elacatinus puncticulatus)
  • Redlight Goby (Coryphopterus urospilus)
  • Redside Blenny (Malacoctenus hubbsi)
  • Redrump Blenny (Xenomedea rhodopyga)
  • Lizard Triplefin (Crocodilichthys gracilis)
  • Browncheek Blenny (Acanthemblemaria crockeri)
  • Bay Blenny (Hypsoblennius gentilis)
  • Sargassum Blenny (Exerpes asper)