NE GAFC: Carrying Cove (New Brunswick) Survey Dives

2017 GAFC at Carrying Cove (94010007)

Our Sixth Annual GAFC will be held on Saturday, July 22 at New River Beach. (New Brunswick)

High Tide is at 11:22 with a Tidal Range of 20.7 feet. (ADT, using Dipper Harbour West)

The entry time to do the least amount of walking would be approximately 10:20. For a one hour dive.

Meet and greet at 10:05 to review species recorded at the site and to be in the group picture. 

After the dive(s) we will compare sighting while enjoying water and snacks as well as some swag.

You can do another dive if desired.

This location is for divers of all abilities, as it is usually a spot for check outs.

For more info please contact: