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When diverse experiences are brought together and amplified, they become a movement, a force for change. You are invited to be a part of this movement and join the conversation as we speak about the importance of listening, understanding, and amplifying the voices and experiences of underrepresented minorities in marine conservation.

Join us on Wednesday, May 11, for “Oceans for All: Exploring Diverse Experiences in Marine Conservation” where we will celebrate the voices, experiences, and  contributions of five diverse leaders in marine conservation. Take this opportunity to engage and connect with our panelists and other individuals in the community to highlight career paths for aspiring young people and emerging leaders from minority groups as we work together to cultivate a culture of belonging and  inclusion for the next generation of ocean stewards.

This is part of a series of educational opportunities focused on supporting diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in marine conservation throughout the REEF Oceans for All initiative. Check out our Oceans for All page for more information. 

Colin Howe
PhD candidate, Penn State University

Colin Howe is a tropical marine biologist who has spent a decade studying Caribbean coral reef ecosystems. His research as a PhD candidate involves studying coral microbiology and evolution to gain a holistic understanding of coral health and physiology. In addition to research, Colin finds motivation in meeting ambitious and passionate early career scientists. He is committed to mentoring new scientists and working towards increasing accessibility to all STEM fields.

Anthony Brown
Vice President of Finance, Aquarium of the Pacific

Anthony has introduced a number of initiatives to support the Aquarium of the Pacific’s vision to serve as a gathering place where people with diverse backgrounds could come to meet and share ideas to solve ocean and atmosphere related issues.  In 2020, Brown led the Aquarium to develop its African American Scholar Program, which recognizes Scholars from underrepresented groups who are pursuing careers in aquaria.. Brown has been quoted saying, “The program is more than financial support to these well deserving scholars. It is an opportunity for the Aquarium to engage with these students with meaningful opportunities to promote their careers in a field where they are underrepresented.” 

Janelle Layton
Master's Student, Oregon State University

Studying Fisheries Science, Janelle works with Dr. Scott Heppell on the Grouper Moon Project. Her research is concentrated on the impacts of increasing temperatures on Nassau Grouper by understanding differences in both bioenergetic activity and gene expression of heat shock proteins. Janelle completed her B.S. at Hampton University, studying Marine and Environmental Science with minors in Biology and Spanish. She thoroughly enjoys the research she is currently involved in but is constantly aiming to expand her knowledge and skill sets.

Tiffany Duong
Writer, Explorer, and Motivational Speaker

Tiffany holds degrees from UCLA and the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School. Inspired by an epic scuba diving trip to the Galapagos, Tiffany left corporate law to campaign for our oceans and planet. Now, she wears many hats (climate education, environmental journalism, blue economy finance, expedition media, coral restoration, etc.) but has two simple goals -- to champion collaborative solutions to the world’s biggest problems and to tell stories that move people. Above all, she believes that we can and must do better. 

John D. Reinbott
Marine Biologist

As someone who has had an affinity for the marine world from a young age, JD has dedicated his life to conserving the numerous ecosystems and organisms found within the ocean. This self-proclaimed coral nerd has worked extensively on restoration projects around the globe but finds the most rewarding aspect of such to be the community-based engagement that is needed to allow these initiatives to succeed. Recently, JD has focused his attention on highlighting the need for further representation of the LGBTQIA+ community within the realm of marine science to ensure that diversity is celebrated both above and below the surface.