Join Janna Nichols and Ellie Place on the first of a four part series on how to find and identify the invertebrates you can see on your dives in the Pacific Northwest. This is a great introductory course, as well as a review for more experienced surveyors. All are welcome!

This session will cover Porifera, Cnidaria and Annelida.


  • Chimney Sponge
  • Cloud Sponge
  • Yellow Boring Sponge


  • Fish-eating Anemone
  • Plumose Anemone
  • Strawberry Anemone
  • Tube-dwelling Anemone
  • White-spotted Anemone
  • Moon Jelly
  • Lion's Mane Jelly
  • Orange Cup Coral
  • Orange Sea Pen
  • Pink Hydrocoral
  • Orange Zoanthid


  • Fringed Tube Worm
  • Northern Feather Duster Worm