Please join Janna Nichols for a presentation on the fishes and invertebrates of the sand and silt of the Salish Sea. The Salish Sea is composed of the waters of Puget Sound, and inland north up into British Columbia.

Fish and Invertebrate species Janna covers in this Fishinar:

  • Roughback Sculpin
  • Longspine Combfish
  • Eccentric Sand Dollar
  • Plainfin Midshipman
  • Pacific Staghorn Sculpin
  • Showy Snailfish
  • Squat Lobster
  • Pygmy Poacher
  • Bay Goby
  • Snake Prickleback
  • Orange Sea Pen
  • Pacific Sand Lance
  • Starry Flounder
  • Tube-dwelling Anemone
  • Giant Nudibranch
  • Big Skate
Link to Pacific Sand Lance Video