Poke your head under ledges, shine your light in between corals, peer into any cave, or explore crevices in Hawaii and you're bound to see at least one of these fish. Learn how to identify them and tell lookalikes apart.

IMPORTANT: Note the time zone and make sure you adjust it as needed for your location!

Photo of Brick Soldierfish (Myripristis amaena) by Janna Nichols.


Fish species included in this session are:

  • Longjaw / Saber Squirrelfish
  • Bluestripe / Tahitian Squirrelfish
  • Hawaiian Squirrelfish
  • Peppered Squirrelfish
  • Bigscale Soldierfish
  • Brick Soldierfish
  • Pearly / Epaulette Soldierfish
  • Common Bigeye / Glasseye
  • Hawaiian Bigeye
  • Redbarred Hawkfish
  • Twospot Hawkfish