Part 2 of a two-part Fishinar on Tropical Pacific Damselfishes!

Missed part 1? Watch it here. And be sure to check out all Tropical Pacific Fishinar recordings in our archives!

IMPORTANT: Note the time zone and make sure you adjust it as needed for your location!

Fish taught in this session are:

  • Indo-Pacific Sergeant, (Abudefduf vaigiensis)
  • Scissortail Sergeant, (Abudefduf sexfasciatus)
  • Pacific Half-and-half Chromis, (Pycnochromis iomelas)
  • Indian Half-and-half Chromis, (Pycnochromis fieldi)
  • Bicolor Chromis, (Chromis margaritifer)
  • Deep Reef Chromis (Chromis delta)
  • Blackbar Chromis, (Chromis retrofasciata)
  • Ambon Chromis, (Chromis amboinensis)
  • Darkfin Chromis, (Chromis atripes)
  • Ternate Chromis, (Chromis ternatensis)
  • Yellow-speckled Chromis (Chromis alpha)
  • Weber's Chromis, (Chromis weberi)
  • Pale-tail Chromis, (Chromis xanthura)
  • Spiny Chromis, (Acanthochromis polyacanthus)
  • Blue-green Chromis, (Chromis viridis)
  • Black-axil Chromis, (Chromis atripectoralis)
  • Yellow Chromis, (Chromis analis)