Celebrate World Oceans Day by learning about the bouquet of fishes found in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary! This unique offshore area in the Gulf of Mexico holds some special surprises, like the Mardi Gras Wrasse.

Photo: Mardi Gras Wrasse by Joyce Burek

IMPORTANT: Note the time zone and make sure you adjust it as needed for your location!

Species included in this session:

  • Reef Butterflyfish (Chaetodon sedentarius)
  • Longsnout Butterflyfish (Chaetodon aculeatus)
  • Purple Reeffish (Chromis scotti)
  • Sunshinefish (Chromis insolata)
  • Creolefish (Paranthias furcifer)
  • Rock Hind (Epinephelus adscensionis)
  • Yellowmouth Grouper (Mycteroperca interstitialis)
  • Redspotted Hawkfish (Amblycirrhitus pinos)
  • Seaweed Blenny (Parablennius marmoreus)
  • Unicorn Filefish (Aluterus monoceros)
  • Wrasse Basslet (Liopropoma eukrines)
  • Golden Smooth Trunkfish (Lactophrys triqueter)
  • Tusked Goby (Risor ruber)
  • Mardi Gras Wrasse (Halichoeres burekae)

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